Glenfinnan Sleeping Car



Glenffinnan Railway Station, Glenffinnan, Fort William, The Highlands, Scotland
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+44 (0)1397 722295
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This is an incredibly unique hostel in a beautiful location. It's located right next to the train station, so it's super easy to find too. Be sure to book ahead and let them know what train you are arriving on to make sure someone is there to check you in. The hostel is very small and there aren't other accommodations nearby, so reservations are essential! There is no staff that stay at the hostel, but they are close by if needed. The hostel is built in an old railroad car. It's spotlessly clean and has a beautiful modern kitchen. There is a community room in the end of the railroad car made up of old train car seats around tables. The sleeping rooms are absolutely tiny, so everyone hangs out in the community area and the hostel has a nice, friendly feel. The beds are railroad couchettes, mostly 2 beds to a compartment, and you can barely turn around in your sleeping compartment but they are comfortable. The shower and bathroom are very clean. Sinks are labeled "don't drink the water" but the water is fine. The labels are from the days when the train car was in use. The sleeping rooms don't lock and the hostel itself also isn't locked, but there don't seem to be any problems. The area is very rural and staff is around during the day when trains are stopping at the station. Next to the hostel is a small restaurant, also built into a railroad car. The food is good and reasonably priced, but they aren't open in the evening. There are also a couple of more expensive places within walking distance. If you plan to cook your own food, bring it with you as there doesn't seem to be anywhere nearby to buy groceries. This hostel is an absolute must-visit for any railroad fans and a nice stay for hikers or anyone wanting a few quiet days in rural Scotland.
Sharon Bussert

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