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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Árnes Hostel" at Gnúpverjahreppur.)


Gnúpverjahreppur, Selfoss, South, Iceland
64.006070, -20.265660 (accuracy not guaranteed)
354-4866048 / 8612645
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Location Although Selfoss is listed in the mailing address for this hostel, the place is more than twenty miles east of the actual town. To reach the village of Arnes, take Route 32 about four miles east of Route 30. The hostel is on the north side of the road behind a large restaurant. The Hostelling International logo should be visible as you approach. Amenities This is a decent, family-run hostel, and you can often find the staff in the nearby restaurant if you need anything. You check in at the restaurant. There are no dorm rooms available, so this hostel is not a great a bargain for the solo traveler. Rooms themselves are limited to only a few beds per room with a sink, which does give the traveler a much better sense of privacy. The common room is rather comfy, although TV reception is not great this far out in the country. The kitchen functions well, but make sure to lift the lid on the stove to get full access to the burners. If you have wet clothes, there is a clothesline behind the adjacent house for drying them out. Shattered plastic clothespins may force you to make do if you have a lot of clothes to dry out. Food can be found at the nearby restaurant or the grocery store one block further. Atmosphere If you can't stand peace and quiet to the point where all you hear is the ticking of a clock, you probably shouldn't stay here. It can actually be that quiet, although the occasional vacationing family may arrive to provide some company. But if that kind of solitude works for you, this hostel can be a great place to recharge your batteries, perhaps as you take in a pickup game of soccer beneath the shadow of Mt. Hekla. Attractions One reason this hostel may be so quiet is its distance from Iceland's attractions. Having said that, you should note that these attractions lie in all directions from the hostel, making it a strategic way station for a self-guided tour of southwestern Iceland. To the north is Skaholt church, and beyond that the Golden Circle attractions Gulfoss and Geysir. To the east lies Hekla, and further still Thorsmork National Park. To the west beyond Selfoss are the Floi Nature Preserve and Gryla, which lies just outside the town of Hveragerdi. Summary Iceland is not a cheap vacation for most, so every penny counts. This hostel is more expensive for the solo traveler, but still slightly better than a hotel or motel. It is not certain what other accommodations are even available in this small town! All in all, this is a decent hostel and probably the best value for small families who want a very quiet way station between the attractions of the Golden Circle and other places like Hekla and Thorsmork.
Pete Alwin

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