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The Review

Cheap and cheerful, Casa Atitlan Hostel appears to be an afterthought of a hostel adapted to subsidise the restaurant downstairs. Nevertheless, affordable rooms and reasonable location ensure a steady flow of backpackers all keen to kick back and enjoy the beautiful vistas in a calm and laid-back surrounding.

The Location

San Pedro is easily manageable on foot, and while the hostel is not exactly in the centre of the town, it is surrounded by restaurants and some of the best bars in the area.

Rooms and Bathrooms

There are three dorm rooms, which appear to have been designed as privates, but now feature three or four single beds catering for the recent influx of backpackers in the past years. The mattresses are good, although more care could be taken when fitting the covers, as they very easily come away from the bed. Most rooms do not feature lockers, although the owner assured us he "is working on it." In the couple of rooms where lockers are available, these are lockable draws in a dressing table. These are suitable for your passport or camera and will just about fit a netbook but not a laptop.

The rooms are all en suite and, aside from them having hot water, are very poor. First, they are very small, and with an absence of a shower curtain and hooks for towels/clothes, the whole room gets soaked. Secondly, the lock to the bathroom in our room not only didn't work, but the door itself also didnt close properly and kept swinging open.

Common Spaces

The only real communal area is the roof terrace, onto which three of the private rooms open. The roof terrace features excellent views of the lake and the surrounding mountains and is perfect to kick back after a long day hiking. This area is large and features a number of wooden seats. You are welcome to chill at one of the tables in the open-air restaurant downstairs and you will probably find yourself eating here a couple of times, if only for convenience. The menu is large and varied and the food is reasonable. The smoothies are delicious and not to be missed.

Wi-Fi is available for free throughout the hostel. Connection speed ranges from excellent (adequate to just about stream TV programmes) to slow, depending on the time of day.


Cheap and affording beautiful views of the surrounding landscape, Casa Atitlan is a viable option in San Pedro. The hostel staff are friendly but it appears that their main priority is the restaurant rather than the running of their hostel. Although the hostel attracts a friendly and cosmopolitan crowd, the small dorms and lack of common spaces could make it difficult to make new friends. If, like most, you plan on spending a couple of weeks in San Pedro taking advantage of the cheap accommodation and excellent Spanish schools, this could be the place for you.
by Elgrumpygringo Staff Reviewer
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7th Avenue San Pedro, San Pedro La Laguna (San Pedro), Guatemala
77218319 or 43157207
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Cafe Atitlan has a great location right in the heart of everything. It is a more quiet hostel and has a very settled ambiance. It is not a raging party house where you will meet a stack of people; it is a very relaxed and settled environment. The party is always right round the corner if that is what you are looking for, and what is best is that you have somewhere quiet to come back to, relax, and get a decent nights sleep. The Location Cafe Atitlan is right in the heart of the main walkway throughout San Pedro La Laguna. It is central to all of the bars, cafes, and action within the town. Rooms and Bathrooms Cafe Atitlan is located out the back of the Cafe Atitlan restaurant. They have three levels of rooms, with the dorm rooms on the first two levels. They have two different types of dorms for different prices -- dorm rooms with a private bathroom and dorm rooms with shared bathrooms outside of the room. The shared bathroom is quite large, modern, and clean, so they are perfectly good to use if you are looking at the cheaper option. The showers are also equipped with hot water. Common Spaces The main common space in Cafe Atitlan is the rooftop terrace, which is quite spacious and contains a lot of tables and chairs with umbrellas where you can sit and enjoy the view of the mountains and the lake. You can access free Wi-Fi from here and any other point within the hostel at your convenience. On the second floor, you will find a small table and some chairs that can offer you a bit of peace and quiet indoors out of the sun. They also have a bookshelf on this floor with some books that you can read or trade. If you would like to eat a meal, they have a great cafe with good quality and well-priced food -- you can sit here and hang out and enjoy a more social atmosphere if you like. They do not have a communal kitchen here, so this is the easiest option for meals during your stay at the hostel. Summary This hostel would be an especially good choice if you are studying and need a chilled-out environment to concentrate.

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