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The Review

Trudy Suites Hostel is located on the Main Street in Utila, just ten minutes' walking from the harbour. Like most of the hostels there, it also offers diving classes and collaborate with Underwater Vision, which is one of the island’s main and most famous diving schools.

The Location

As mentioned, the hostel is located on Main Street a few minutes from the harbour and about fifteen minutes' tuk tuk ride from the airport. Next to the hostels there are many other hostels and diving schools, a few supermarkets, and many local restaurants.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The hostel is very big and has a lot of rooms. It mostly offers four-bed dorms, in bunks, and has the option for private rooms. Rooms are located in the main structure and also on the opposite side of the road. There is not air con in the room but only fans, and it can get quite hot at night. Also, the space is very limited and with the backpacks on the floor it is almost impossible to move. In addition, there are only a few plagues for electricity, next to the floor, so for those staying in the upper bunks it is a bit hard. Lastly, no lockers are available, but CCTV are all over the place. Toilets are shared by each floor and hot water is only available at times. Cleanliness is taken seriously both for rooms and bathrooms, and common areas.

Common Spaces

Common spaces are by far the best characteristic of this hostel. It is a large diving resort with a big area with sand, palm trees, and sun beds where guests can relax during the day and evening. There is also a bar with tables and hammocks where to drink or have meals. It is a great hangout place and it is very easy to meet other fellow travelers there. There are many events organized such as movie nights, sushi nights, trivia, or similar events that help to mingle with others. There is not a real beach but the sand faces the water from the dock and it is possible to go for a swim or dive into the water. It has a beach volleyball court available for guests to use.

The hostel also has a shared kitchen on the other side of the road but it is very badly equipped, small and dirty. Nobody seems to take care of the kitchen and not even cutleries are available (you need to go and ask the bar). While the entire hostel always seems clean, the kitchen is definitely not. In general the vibe is great and social during the day, with many people chilling around the bar or playing beach volley in the afternoon. At nighttime, after 10 p.m. it gets very quiet as many people go diving early in the morning


In conclusion it is a great hostel, especially for the common areas. Rooms are below average, but the large space with sand, sun beds, and hammocks around the bars make a difference. Unfortunately, they don’t offer free drinking water and Wi-Fi seems to be extremely slow, if it works at all. It is a good choice for those that enjoy to stay in a sociable environment and interact a lot with the staff and the other travelers .
by Manu Staff Reviewer

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  Trudy Suites Hostel allows you as much or as little as you like of the two things Utila is about -- diving and drinking. Featuring a lively bar with a free pool table, large communal areas, and thrice-daily scuba boat departures, you need to look no further on the island than this sandy oasis. The Location As it is located a ten-minute walk from the ferry dock, there are admittedly better-located hostels in Utila. Having said this, the hostel is very easy to find by turning right off the dock onto Main Street. Main Street itself is crammed with hostels, bars, and restaurants; wherever you stay on the island, you will never be more than a fifteen-minute stroll away from anything. Rooms and Bathrooms The dorm rooms are very small, with four beds per room. Due to the absence of working lockers, people tend to leave their valuables lying around, leaving a question mark over security. It should be noted, though, that we never heard of any problems during our stay. The wooden beds are sturdy and pretty comfortable, although there is very little headroom in the bottom bunk. This, in spite of the efforts of the fans, mean that it can get a little stuffy in the rooms at night. There are two bathrooms both with a shower. On the face of it, this appears to be inadequate for the number of people in the hostel, but we never experienced any backlog in the mornings. Believe us, though, even if you do, those showers are well worth the wait. With piping-hot water any time of day or night at pressure, these showers are among of the best we encountered in three months traveling around Central America. Common Spaces The open-air bar is located beneath the office and is one of the first things you see when you arrive at the hostel. Drinks prices are reasonable and there is a substantial food menu, often featuring a BBQ. The bar contains a pool table and television. This area then opens up onto a sandy area where you can sunbathe, laze in the hammocks, or play a game of volleyball on the adjacent volleyball court. The hostel borders onto the sea, and although it doesn't have a beach, it does feature a small port from where you can snorkel, sunbathe, or jump off for a refreshing cool in the clear blue seawater. There are no kitchen facilities available, but you can order food from the bar at prices similar to the local restaurants. Summary While simultaneously laid back and lively, Hostel Trudy is an excellent option for whatever you want to do on Utila. As it offers an array of diving courses (most including free accommodation during your course), the Underwater Vision School is one of the most reputable on the island. Whatever your plans, the friendly staff will be happy to accommodate. This isn't to say that the hostel is all about diving. With excellent common spaces to kick back in the sun, or facilities to drink in the bar you might never leave. We wouldn't blame you.

Sorry this hostel has closed.

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