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Brissonneau92@orange.fr, Paris, Île-de-France, France
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+33 (0)141080841
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I have never been so scared in my entire life
I tried to stay at Women Bed in Paris but I have never been so afraid in my life. This place had you meet outside a random house, get into a car with a strange man (why is a man running a place called Women Bed?), and drive to a completely different place for check in. The check in place had no front door, even though all the keys to all the rooms were sitting in the front room. Literally any person from the street could have come in and taken them at any hour of the day. There was no sign for the hostel anywhere, only a label on one of the key racks that said Justabed, which is a completely different hostel. They didn't have change; you had to pay in exact cash. We met some other girls right before checking in who were also staying there and we requested to all have the same room but we were denied. Then we compared our lock codes for our doors and they were both "12345678" -- a very easy code to crack. We also did not understand why they were the same; it was like if 2 hotel rooms in the same hotel had the same key card. Then we had to go to yet another location for the actual hostel, which took about 40 minutes to find because it was in an alley behind a fenced off parking ramp, and the building itself set in the ground. I was terrified because the only thing I could think is "If something happens to me here, no one will be able to hear me scream ..." so I decided not to stay there. I thankfully had a group of 4 boys with me, and they graciously volunteered to look at the physical state of the hostel itself because us girls were too terrified to go inside. They went in and they said it was dirty and an intoxicated person of an unknown gender was the only one there. There was no way I was staying there, it simply was not safe. I'd rather be robbed the 20 euro or so than not feel safe. I wanted to make sure, though, that no other girls have to go through what went through. Honestly I have never had a scarier experience in my entire life.
Age 19, USA
Clean and neat
Very nice and quiet. i appreciate own room. very clean area and beds/sheets. felt very safe. unfortunately, no towels, soap, or computer access. otherwise great!
anne Zahn

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