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125 South Boyle Avenue, Los Angeles, California, USA
34.046584, -118.220196 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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74% Guest Reviews

Awesome stay!!!!!
I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at the moon pad -- it was such an awesome experience that I cannot get over the value. the facilities are spotless and the staff is kind and attentive -- what more could you ask for?
Age 25, USA
MoonPad Los Angeles needs a few more functional details implemented
So I stayed for 2 nights at Moonpad. The colors that the old home is painted are so beautiful and cheery. When they're there, the staff is really responsive and sensitive. Part of the problem is that they don't have a "staff-staff" that run it, and it appears they don't have details done, even though "they're expanding" -- they have its of owners, owners' assistants (for all their businesses), who, when they are there, they are really nice, but, I've ran out of T.P. in the bathrooms twice (no one around to tell that too), I lost my cellphone a few days ago so "uber-ap" and "texting" are much more difficult, and when the wireless isN't working there's no one to tell to fix it. Breakfast is a second-thought and an inconvenience, apparently, to these owners -- a pot of oatmeal that they made (then left for over a day on the stove) was for breakfast (no one to point that out to); there were also no cups. I also got two welts on my neck which is an indication that they did not properly treat for bedbugs. I was not given a top-blanket, so I slept with my windbreaker on the first night to be warm enough. However, since no one is around at checkout, that timing for checkout is apparently flexible, which is nice (if you're a non-early-riser). The neighborhood is interesting in a underground kind of way ... it's also almost "catty-corner" from a light-rail/subway station on the Los Angeles Metro's "Gold Line" (Mariachi Plaza), and a 20 minute walk from the 720 Metro bus line.
(United States)
Absolute shambles, do not stay here
We arrived at Moonpad at 9pm on a Sunday, having specified our arrival time with the hostel and booked a 4 bed dorm. A guest answered the door, told us there was no one working there at the moment and, after having to scout around all of the rooms, informed us that not only was there no 4 bed dorm available but that there were only 3 spare beds in the entire hostel. There was even one woman who was having to sleep on a mattress in the common area as the room she had booked was turned into a recording studio before she arrived. There was no way of contacting the manager, owner or anyone else who worked there so in the end we had to leave and find a place to stay in Los Angeles on 4th July weekend at 10 at night ... After attempting to contact ANYONE who works there numerous times, we have still not received our deposit back. Poor is an understatement, it was a complete mess.
Age 23, UK
SHADY, SHADY, SHADY!! This guy who runs Moonpad is a well known con-man and scam artist, Derrick Knight. It seems this guy was run out of Florida for scamming musicians and screwing over people promoting parties, and not paying the musicians!! He's a greedy con artist who has been travelling all over and bilking honest, hardworking people out of their money. From court documents it is clear that he has screwed over a ton of people all over the United States!!! He is clearly operating an illegal business with this hostel and using illegal practices, I will be filing a report with the City this week. If you ever stayed here I suggest you do the same. DO NOT STAY HERE, protect yourself, your money, and your bank account information. Never give this man any info about your bank. Tell everyone you know in town about this shady man and get his ass out of our town!!!
Age 25, Jerusalem
Only one problem
The MoonPad has a unique atmosphere. It is kind of like having a sleepover at a friends house. The place has its flaws but makes up for it by having fun, relaxed staff. I met a guy named Dipsy who was a lively, fun character and another guy named Matt who was the coolest guy ever and made feel right at home. It can be tough being a single woman traveling which brings me to why I didn't give the place 5 stars. It is because of an employee named Miguel who was acting very creepy towards me. He was very formal/scary when I met him and then once I got to know him he got very handsy and inappropriately forward despite my making it abundantly clear i wasn't enjoying his extremely inappropriate physical contact and romantic advances. Its really too bad this one rogue employee had to ruin an otherwise lovely stay.
Enjoyed my stay
I spent 3 nights at the Moon Pod LA on Boyle Avenue. At first when I arrived, the outside looked apprehensive, but it was a work in progress. Very roomy inside. 2 full baths downstairs. I think 2 bathrooms + another full bath upstairs. I slept in a 6 person mixed dorm which was ok. Bunk beds are fine as long as I could snag a bottom bunk. The metro (mariachi plaza -- gold line) was 1/2 a block away, across the street. Very, very convenient. Metro is easy as long as you study the map & timetables a little. As a solo traveler to hostels, I always bring my own toilet paper & paper towels. Big or small, Hostels always run out of these items. It can get a little noisy after hours so bring earplugs or listen to some tunes to drown out the noises. Moon Pod has a lot of potential. I hope they have pub crawls or explore LA night by way of the metro. I will likely return for another visit. Everybody was so very nice & accommodating!! 5 stars for location & public transportation.

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