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Fleminggatan 19, Stockholm, Sweden
59.332728, 18.044936 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+46 8 410 03 830 +46 8 300 350
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There is very little to recommend about Abbes Hostel - Central Station. It is a very straightforward, short walk from the train/bus station, which is convenient for a late night arrival or early morning departure, but other than that it is generally discouraging to stay here. Rooms and Bathrooms The dorms are jam packed with as many bunk beds as they could squeeze into the limited space and are very claustrophobic. This is not helped by the hostel's dingy location below street level in a basement. Many of the wire-framed bunk beds are also very noisy and the incessant squeaking of a restless sleeper makes for a bad night's sleep. Entrance to the hostel and dorm doors are both operated by a keypad combination system and there are luggage lockers in the dorms for storage. Bathrooms and showers are separate from rooms (and each other) and are well-equipped, although given the numbers the hostel can hold probably get very busy and entail a wait at peak times. The shower room also contains an adjoining room with a useful row of mirrors with stools in front and electrical sockets close to them, as well as a separate sink area. Common Spaces The common spaces are nice enough, if rather dark, due to the hostel's subterranean location -- and a little small for the size of the place. There is a kitchen, eating area, and living area, as well as a computer room with four computers for internet access. There are no organised social or tourist activities, although many of the guests seem to like staying up most of the night talking and floating in and out of the dorms at all hours. Summary While it's by no means the worst hostel in the world, there are certainly much nicer places to stay in Stockholm. It is also quite far away from the main tourist sights of the city so is not so convenient in that respect. It would be advisable to look elsewhere for hostel accommodation for your stay.
Laura Ferguson
Horrible place to stay!
I would advise anyone going to Stockholm to avoid this hostel. I had to check in at their other location on the other side of Old Town (quite far away). The door code never changes, so it's not secure at all. (I was told this by the person I checked in with, after asking if the code will change while I stay there). You have to go down a spiral staircase that is very hard to get up or down to get to the dungeon. It has one tiny bathroom for girls and one for guys. Limited showers that look like they're never cleaned. I was in the dorm room where some beds were broken, but the hostel was overbooked, so people had to use them, if they could get a bed. The mattresses were stained with who knows what. There were no lockers, so you had to sleep with anything you wanted to keep. People were arriving at all hours with no idea where to sleep. It was by far the worst hostel I've seen. There is also no reception on site and no phone, so no one can help you find anything. I was supposed to stay for five nights and left after two, got into a nice hotel that wasn't much more per night and enjoyed the rest of my stay in Stockholm. The hostel wouldn't refund my money, even though I have proof of staying elsewhere for the last three nights. If I could give it no stars, I would. The only good thing was meeting other disgruntled guests and staying in touch with them.
  My friend and I have spent five nights there! It was very disappointed! We were in the dormitory twelve beds were there! All rooms are in the cellar No windows anywhere! Only two showers and two toilets are there for the all hostel's guests. All beds are fine but the room was very dirty! Nobody cleaned it. There are no receptionist. If you have any problem in the middle of the night you cannot do anything. The only thing that worth to choose it is very close to the city center, but little bit far from old town. It is quite expensive to pay for a night in a prison.
  DO NOT STAY HERE! In the dormitory, there are no keys, no reception, and NO LOCKERS. I stayed there two nights, and during those two evenings, my friend's wallet was stolen and another girl had her bag completely stolen. It was not worth the money. Until they up the security, I'd stay away from this hostel.
  Our night in this hostel was terrible. The picture we had seen at the homepage was very different from what we found there. There wasn't even a window. The room (#8217) was in the cellar like a prison cell. The room was so little and the air was very sticky. The bed linen was very dirty; there was even blood and other blotches on it. The mattress has been blurry, too.
  Weird hostel! There was no reception, just a doorcode, thus complete chaos ensued with people arriving and not knowing where to sleep. If you're unlucky, you have drunken roommates and nowhere to complain. The beds were fine, however, and the showers and toilets were good and clean. It was a bit far from the oldtown.

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