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The Review

The Loft Boutique Hostel is a boutique hostel the Belleville neighbourhood in Paris, France.

The Location

The Loft Boutique Hostel is located in the Belleville district of Paris. Belleville is Paris’ China Town and many Asian restaurants and mini markets can be found in the area. The food is slightly cheaper than in most other districts in Paris. Cafes and non-Asian restaurants can also be found in the neighbourhood. The Belleville metro station is about five minutes' walking from the hostel. From here, you can easily visit all the famous sites in Paris. This part of Paris is more lively than the western part, where most of the touristic sites are. If you are a male traveler and out late, you will very likely be approached by the many Asian hookers that are offering their job near the Belleville metro station. Just ignore them and they won’t bother you too much.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The Loft Boutique Hostel offers both dorms and private rooms. Dorms have relatively few beds, starting with two bunk beds hosting four people. All rooms are en suite. The bathroom, however, is not isolated well from the sleeping area -- those who are in the room can hear everything from the bathroom, so doing your business may not be that comfortable. The facilities in the room look very neat and clean. The bed however can be unstable and you may be woken up by the movement of the bed when the other person is climbing up the ladder to his bed. There’s an plug and reading light close to every bed.

Common Spaces

In winter, the common area is rather small and limited to the kitchen. There are a few seats and obviously cooking facilities. Tea can be made free of charge. Two computers are also available. Game evenings are sometimes organised too. In summer, you can also hang out in the courtyard, which looks very nice. In winter, it is too cold to spend time here, but if you smoke you can do it here.


The Loft Boutique Hostel Paris is located in a nice neighbourhood. It feels less touristy, but there are many nice cafes and the touristic sites can easily be reached by public transport. The rooms look very decent, but the finishing touch could have been a little better. The hostel seems to become a nice hostel if you want to hang out in the social area when the temperature is good enough to spend time in the courtyard. Overall, The Loft Boutique Hostel offers good value for money.
by Martin Straatman Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "The Loft Boutique Hostel" at 70 Rue Julien Lacroix.)


70 Rue Julien Lacroix, 20è - Père Lachaise Cemetery Area, Paris, Île-de-France, France
48.872193, 2.382601 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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86% Guest Reviews

Loved It. Modern, Clean, Great Staff, Good (Tho Not Ideal) Location.
Quick walk slightly uphill from Belleville metro, or a slightly longer walk downhill from Pyrenees metro stop. The brown line from Pyrenees takes you straight to Ille de Paris (Notre Dame & the Latin Quarter) quickly. The blue (Belleville) line gets you to Gare du Nord & l'Est even quicker. It's in n Chinatown (a little gritty, but not too bad) which naturally means good oriental food everywhere. One of the best Vietnamese places I've ever eaten at is across from the nearest laundry, just around the block from the hostel. There's a groovy bar with outdoor seating on the corner of Julien Lacroix and Rue de Belleville. The staff here rock, all speak English & French, all very helpful. Wifi, keycard access, and en suite bathroom (which is clean, with perpetually hot water) in every room. They sell a good assortment of drinks at the desk (but have no bar, which means people aren't going nuts partying here), have free ice, and serve a basic breakfast that I never bothered to eat the week I was there. Overall, highly recommended.
(United States)
Modern but dull and corporate
The rooms seem nice at first but balconies are blocked by the bunk beds and the shower stops every 10 seconds, maybe in an attempt to save water, but it gets really annoying. Also, the hostel doesn't offer any tours or activities and is located pretty far from the more iconic parts of Paris.
Age 25, South Africa
Pricier, but very good
The Loft Hostel was one of the pricier hostels we stayed at, but it was very good. The rooms were very clean and nice, very hotel like. Breakfast was simple but free and free wifi was reliable. Was very close to a metro station. Had a great time.
Age 24, Canada
  The Loft Hostel Paris is a great place to stay for a clean and comfortable time in Paris. It has a nice, relaxed vibe and plenty of cool people from around the world to meet. If you're looking for a place to get drunk and be rowdy, this isn't it. The Location The hostel is located a short, downhill walk from a metro stop (Pyrenees) and when you want to head into the center of the city there is another metro stop (Belleville) at the bottom of the hill. It is on a side street of the main road so you have to pay some attention to find the turn, but thankfully there is a massive mural to let you know you've found the right street. The neighborhood itself seems a little sketchy and we don't think we'd want to go wandering around the park nearby at night, but otherwise the whole place seems fine and on a bit of the up and up. Rooms and Bathrooms This hostel is very new and as such all the bed and bathroom facilities are clean, comfortable, and functional. The rooms are also painted in bright and vibrant colors with a nice amount of light let in by the windows. There are lockers in the rooms and they have a built in lock system so you won't even have to worry about a padlock. The bathrooms are a little cramped -- there's barely enough room to turn around in front of the sink. Common Spaces There are two main common spaces in this hostel. There is one indoors area that has seating for watching TV or working on a laptop that is also connected to the kitchen. The kitchen facilities are also quite nice and clean, although there is no oven so if you want to cook it's range or microwave only. There is also refrigeration available. There is also a courtyard area outside that is passed through to get to the rooms. It can get a little packed and loud in there, but nothing too intrusive. There is music playing till around 11 p.m., at which point the staff turns it off and things start to die down. There are also a lot of smokers in the courtyard. Summary This is a great hostel. The rooms are nice to be in and the beds easy to sleep in. The bathroom facilities are cramped but clean and efficient and we always felt comfortable in the common space. If you're planning on doing a lot of late night partying or clubbing, the neighborhood might not be the best to pass through past midnight, but the hostel itself has a very nice and very safe vibe and the staff are always very nice and pleasant.
Front of the hostel. 4 person room from the door. The rest of the room. Shower The other part of the bathroom.
Great hostel
I really like the hostel. The attention was great, the rooms were really clean and the people was really nice on the common areas. i made a lot of friends from different places of the world. I totally recommend this hostel!!
Best appointed hostel I've ever stayed in!
Excellent. Recommend it to all. Obviously architect designed, and well designed at that. Best appointed hostel I've come across 'worldwide.'
Decent for Paris
Only stayed one night however hostel met all the usual needs -- breakfast, wifi (only in common areas), ensuite was clean, staff were nice. Depending on your room a little noise may carry up from the courtyard but this didn't bother most. Paris hostels in general aren't as nice as those in other European cities especially given the price, however for Paris standards this hostel was fairly decent. Would stay again.
Great hostel run by excellent staff. Would visit again.
Don't let the fact that the Loft Hostel is a recent open (as of Sept. 2012) deter you from staying. The staff are highly professional and accommodating. The facilities are new and extremely well maintained. The cozy vibe about the place is really great for making new friends on the go. Breakfast is great, and there is a minibar with a small but choice selection of beers and liquors. The location is close to French Chinatown with a Northern African enclave nearby. This is a major plus as it likely will be a welcome contrast to much of your Paris experiences in the ritzy tourist parts of town. Go to the station on a Friday morning and there is a mile-long street marketplace selling local produce and stuff. Make sure to visit if your schedule permits. Belleville is a great transport location to most parts of Paris proper and Oberkampf (walking distance) is a great location to chill if you don't like taking the metro late at night to distant places. Only downside -- this is a three-floor establishment without an elevator and serviced by a small, winding staircase. I had no problems going up and down (2nd floor) but if you are carrying heavy or large luggage, be ready for a workout. Also, don't lose the card key deposit slip. They make it very clear to you that you will lose the deposit if you lose the receipt. I would like to see this policy fixed, as bringing back the key, not the receipt, should be what matters here. On the other hand, though, they make it very clear that those are the rules. Overall my experience at the Loft exceeded expectations and I'd love to stay there again.
(South Korea)

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