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The Review

Overall, Yesinn at CAUSEWAY BAY is a clean, affordable, and social hostel in a great location in central Hong Kong.

The Location

Yesinn at CAUSEWAY BAY is very centrally located on Hong Kong Island. It is a minute from the Causeway Bay Metro station and has easy access to airport buses/trams. It is also within walking distance of pretty much all of Hong Kong island, although you may want to use the cheap and quick metro instead, especially if you're visiting in the hot, humid summer.

The hostel is located above NCB Bank and requires guests to climb a set of stairs to reach the elevator. Rooms are located anywhere from floors two up to the roof, but the elevator can be used to reach the room once guests climb the initial stairs to the elevator.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms are very clean and comfortable. The setup is pretty standard, with several bunk beds in each room. There is a bathroom in the room, which is cleaned daily. Since there is only one bathroom for the room, there are times when someone might need to wait to use it. Soap is provided in the shower. There is also an additional second sink and counter area outside the bathroom.

The room isn't huge, but it's quite spacious considering the central location and how crowded Hong Kong is. There are large lockers provided in the rooms which can be locked/unlocked with the same proximity keycard used to enter the rooms. Wi-Fi is free and can be accessed anywhere in the hostel, including in the rooms. There is a curtain provided on each bed that can be opened and closed depending on if you want privacy to sleep. The beds are fairly sturdy and do not creak when people toss and turn. Thoughtfully, there are universal power outlets by each bed.

Common Spaces

There are several terraces for common use, including a rooftop terrace that always seems to have some people who are hanging out. The lounge/reception area is a bit cramped, but there is also seating there, as well as a free massage chair for guests. There is a self-service laundry room for a small charge.


Yesinn at CAUSEWAY BAY is a great option for anyone looking to stay in this expensive city on a budget.
by James Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Yesinn at Causeway Bay" at 2/F, Nan Yip Building, 472 Hennessy Road (Entrance on Tang Lung Street).)


2/F, Nan Yip Building, 472 Hennessy Road (Entrance on Tang Lung Street), Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, Kowloon Peninsula, Hong Kong
22.279541, 114.182456 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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85% Guest Reviews

Great location, good WiFi, clean, and safe.
The location is great, the room is small but clean. Price is reasonable. The way they arranged for safety was good by card that used for the door and locker.
Lilies Lestari
Age 38, Indonesia
Clean and safe
stayed 2 nights at yesinn @causeway bay. Room was small but clean. location, near to MTR. Staff, helpful and nice.
Age 33, Malaysia
Clean, comfort & good security
Near MTR station, close with SOGO dept. store and nice service.
Dina Saraswati
Age 30, Indonesia
Well organized dorm, minimal common area, no social interaction
Yessin CB's dorm room is exactly what I was looking for in HK -- a place to sleep after a full day of wandering around HK. The card key system is great, serving as door key as well as your individual locker. I stayed in the 9-bed mixed dorm, and may just have been lucky that the single small bathroom was never an issue (do the math -- with a 15-min limit per person, you could potentially wait 2 hours for the bathroom; fortunately, schedules rarely line up in the worst case scenario and people are generally more considerate). The common area is small and does not have much to offer, which was fine with me in HK and may explain the lack of social interaction among visitors. I would stay here again in a heartbeat.
  Yessin Causeway Bay is a good hostel in Causeway Bay, close to Times Square and many restaurants. The Location There is a direct bus line from the airport to the hostel. The bus stop is just across the street. It is also close to an MTR station. There is a large sign next to the entrance to the hostel, but it might not be obvious exactly where to go, due to the fact that there are several businesses in the building. The hostel entrance at the left of the sign and it is on the second floor (two floors up from the ground floor). Rooms and Bathrooms We have stayed in both a dorm and a private room and both are clean. The bunk beds in the dorms each have a little curtain, which is a very nice touch for a little privacy. There are lockers for everyone and there is also an outlet next to each bed. The private room we stayed in just had a small mattress on the floor, as well as a table and a chair, but it was enough. Everything is clean and in good condition. Internet reception is good in the rooms. The bathrooms are clean and have enough shelves, hooks, and mirrors. The toilet is separate from the showers. There is one toilet and two showers on each floor. The water was only lukewarm during our stay, but it might have been just a temporary problem. Common Spaces There is a common room that has a few couches and a coffee table, as well as a kitchen area and a computer area. It is possible to cook and store food in the fridge, which is rare in most parts of Asia. It is possible to meet people here, although it is a pretty quiet hostel. Most people keep to themselves -- there is not a lot of mingling and the hostel doesn't organize many activities. This might just be our impression though, maybe people are usually more social. Summary This is a nice clean hostel, good for spending a few quiet days in Hong Kong. It is not very close to the Central/SoHo area, but it is only a couple of subway stops away. It is not a very social hostel, but it is still possible to have a good time. All in all, it's a good place to stay, but you'll need to find your own fun.
Convenient location, clean, for backpackers or light travelers
The hostel is very conveniently located, easily accessible by bus or MTR. 7-11, eateries, departmental stores, shopping all within a few bus stops distance. The place is clean and security is ok. However, need to climb about 4 short flights of stairs to reach the lift, another 2 flight of stairs to the reception on the 2nd floor if do not want to wait for the only lift. Rooms are on the higher floors. I stayed in a 9-bed dorm, on the lowest deck (basically a mattress on the floor). There is a assigned locker to place your luggage, note that middle or large size luggage might not fit in it. As this is a shared dorm, if you come back late at night, the room will be in total darkness as all the other roommates are asleep. When you manage to find your way to your bed, there is a reading light that you can turn on. A little stressful if you intend to sort out your items to prepare for wash-up, because you try to make as little noise as possible. If you are light-sleeper, you probably will be woken up early in the morning when some of the roommates prepare to go our or packing for check-out. It may be better though if you are on the top-most deck.
Best hostel in Asia
This is the best hostel in Asia. It's also the most expensive, save a couple of places in Japan.

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