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A medium sized hostel. Try to book in early and get a room close to the ground floor. Shared dorm rooms vary in size. If you are travelling in a small group of 6 or more, a room may be available at no additional charge. There is a large kitchen with microwave and gas burners, and an outdoor seating area with tables and chairs if the weather is nice. Luggage storage was free when we visited.
by David Staff Reviewer


61 Lower Gardiner Street, Dublin, Dublin Region, Ireland
01 8364900
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  Stayed here on various occasions; location is fantastic minute walk to city center; management and staff were very helpful while I stayed; great value for money, thanks guys for a great stay -- will be back.
Age 30, English
Friendly and simple
For the price you can maybe get a square for your tent on some camping place, not a private room on Hotel Sheraton. If you as tourist or visitor can handle alcohol there's no problem either with clean toilets, beds or to hot showers. People many times are like pigs, and it's hard for the staff in a reception to read customers behavior the few seconds when they have to decide if they can let the person stay or not. I have payed several thousands euro for live alone in expensive Hotels over the years, but in this hostel I found a lot of friends among the visitors and have had nice chats with the owners and staff. I recommend the hostel if you want a simple and nice atmosphere around you.
I wish there was a rating lower than one star
My friend and I both got bedbugs from the filthy mattresses, and we were in our sleeping bags, trying out best not to come in to direct contact the fabric. That's how badly infested they were. The toilets rivaled the scene from Trainspotting, and my friend developed a weird rash from the grime in the shower. Stay at your own risk.
(New Zealand)
Flexibility REQUIRED
I stayed here back in 2001 and I see that nothing has changed. It is a smelly, dangerous, unpredictable scumhole, but it was so fun! You could do pretty much what you wanted, and there were always some crazy people to entertain you. I was there for about 4 weeks and someone's ear got bitten off (by a staff member) and I saw stolen goods come through the place. Then there were all types of friendly and interesting travelers and transients who added to the mix. because of the insanity I had the BEST experience with people while backpacking in Europe.
(U.S. )
What a KIP this place is, i can't believe it hasn't been closed by health & safety its a disgrace. The staff are unfriendly and talk behind your back, the bedrooms toilets kitchen are all filthy and its also a fire hazard. AVOID.
cool place ,staff really friendly. kitchen open 24 hours and they looked after my luggage free of charge on day of departure. will be back.
scottish guy
Stayed there for one night with some friends. We booked a room in the D1 Hostel, but they send us to the Chelsea instead. The hygiene in this place was a nightmare. The 1st, bathroom I took a look in had its toilet filled with crap and other funny stuff, flushing the toilet lead to a nice little sh*t pond around the toilet. The bathroom one floor lower, was better. Showers were hot, but the drain was blocked too. They have a separate house in the backyard in which some friends of mine stayed in, it is right below the Dart Line. Worse than that, however, was their bathroom. The walls looked like someone smeared all kinds of body fluids on them. Friend of mine got a rash on the next morning from the beds. Can't really say anything about my bed, cause I havent seen in it at light. Just try to stay somewhere else.

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