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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Arts Factory Lodge" at Skinners Shoot Road.)


Skinners Shoot Road, Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia
-28.645190, 153.604670 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+61 2 66857709
+61 (2) 6685-8534
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Arts Factory Backpackers Lodge is the best hostel we have ever visited. It is a little hard to find the first time, though it's actually quite close to the main street when you're heading into town. We arrived minutes before a heavy rainstorm and the staff told us to quickly set up our tent before we paid or handed our IDs in or anything, which we managed to do just in time. The Location There is another hostel in the area, but the Arts Factory has a huge sign in front of it, and if you continue around the road you'll find it easily. There's a fair bit of parking, though it is quite far from the camping sites if you are a camper. There are buses that go into town as well as an information desk and travel agent onsite that can help you with whatever you need. Arts Factory also runs a lot of tours and nights out by bus straight from the site. You can also walk into town or to the beach (this is a must); Byron is beautiful and you should definitely take a trip up the hill to the lighthouse. The water at Byron is incredibly warm and very light blue compared to most Aussie beaches. It also has quite a large sandbank in case you're not an excellent swimmer. If you're a surfer, renting or buying a board is a must. Opposite the reception at the factory is always a range of boards, wetsuits, and other possessions for sale pretty cheaply. Rooms and Bathrooms We had two friends who stayed in dorms whilst we camped. Personally, camping was worth it although the camping area was packed! There are tee-pees, which are generally females only, small cabins on the pond (which look amazing), and a huge range of different sleeping areas (you can even stay in an old bus!). Common Spaces There is a kitchen (it closes at 10 p.m.) with a large shared fridge, plus single-sex bathrooms with a lot of showers for the girls bathroom. There's a pub, another bar, a swimming pool, a games room, Wi-Fi, and some other facilities. The factory runs events, free workshops, paying workshops, tours, trivia, and anything else you care to suggest. Just in the time before and after our shower we met seven people. Everyone there is extremely nice and friendly and generally looking for travel partners, or happy for you to join their travels. Summary We would definitely recommend this hostel to travelers between eighteen and thirty. It isn't too loud (we fell asleep at midnight), but it definitely is not a quiet hostel.
Lisha Erwin
Lost all its magic
This is not any more the art factory. i am sorry to say. I have visit here before and now i am not made to feel welcome in this place. There was a magic here before but it has gone and now is just a business like another backpacker. now the art factory is just wanting money from all people. and they dont care about the people. if you look the history of byron bay the art factory is important but now it has nothing. if you are looking for a good experience do not stay in this place. it is now a commercial business trying to take your money.
Very good, definitely an experience!
We stayed here for four nights in August 2008. We stayed in the Islands, little huts over the pond. It was very cramped in there, literally only room for the bed, but cosy. They provided us with electric blankets which was greatly appreciated! Toilets and showers were good, well maintained (but not always enough hot water, and the hostel was quite empty) and a short walk away from our room. Hammocks in the garden, volleyball nets, and ping pong. Internet facilities, however it is $6 an hour, when there is a Peter Pan's and several other internet cafes just five minutes away, much cheaper. One of the most annoying thing was having to leave money or ID for things. ID for the internet, deposits for pots and pans -- and even linen. We were also told that we had to have all our stuff on the beds each day by 10 a.m. for the cleaning staff. But they never came! So we heaved all our stuff around every day for nothing. Good bus facilities. Buses every hour or so in the day, and then every five minutes from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m.. Next door is the cinema, well worth seeing a film there as they do a $5 film each day. Was nice to have the wildlife around us, but the smell of weed in the morning gets old fast!
Jon & Amy
  Good atmosphere here, but the place is very overrated. Everywhere you go over Australia you meet people who tell you to stay at the Arts Factory when you go to Byron Bay. I stayed here for four nights, but by the third night the obsessive requests for ID and deposits got really irritating. You will end up paying a deposit of about 30 bucks for various things (blankets, key, pots and pans just for the time you are cooking), plus a ludicrous 1 dollar charge for use of a bed sheet. They also appear to have very little concept of time -- a notice by reception claimed that it was open until 9 p.m. every day, but it was always closed by then when I stayed there. Went one night at 8 p.m. to get a mug to use (yes, you have to leave a deposit even for that) and it wasn't open, so I had to hand in my driving license to have a cup of tea -- how ridiculous! If you want to use the internet (which is really expensive) you have to leave ID as well. The Arts Factory also claims to be eco-friendly, yet runs a bus to and from town all day, plus every ten minutes or so at night. Now that's an interesting one.
  Everything you read about this place is true -- it's huge with everything to offer the only problem is the people who stay there. It's very cliquey and the staff encourage this. It's a simple five-minute walk to town and Byron bay is a beautiful place so who cares!
  F***ing awesome! this place is the best ever. I'm going back in summer. Oh my god. Best backpackers in Australia by far.
  I love this place! when I got there ( all the way from holland) I thought, oh my God, what have I done?! But when I had put up my tent, I was thinking that it wasn't that bad at all! I made a lot of friends over there, and the hostel is great! free bus from ten in the morning till four in the morning! Cheap food and it's very cheap for someplace in Australia! I really liked it there, and Byron isn't that far from the art factory! it's a five-minute walk to byron! I recommend this hostel to everyone!
  I've been there last year, it's one -- maybe the best hostel in australia that i've been to.

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