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This hostel is a short subway ride from the main train station. It is very central, ideally located a couple of blocks from the pedestrian shopping area where there are many restaurants and cafes. It is also a short walk from the Danube River around the corner from a main tram stop and subway station.

There is a kitchen, one internet computer, and they will do your laundry while you are out for aprox $5US (1000HUF) a great time saver. There are unfortunately no lockers in the dorms. This hostel is located in a building of private apartments and there is only one shower for 10 beds. This was somewhat inconvenient at times, as was the fact that there was no hot water when in the shower in the evening.

Over all it is a very relaxing, clean well run hostel, a great place for a good night sleep and an unbeatable location.
by David Staff Reviewer


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Red Bus Hostel" at 14 Semmelweis Utca.)


14 Semmelweis Utca, Budapest, Hungary
47.429162, 19.230198 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+36 (0)1 266 0136
+36 (0)1 266 0136
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Its so comfy! the housekeeper coming every day to keep it clean and it is clean! the staff is local and helpful no problem. breakfast -- jam, bread, tea, milk, cornflakes. You can use the kitchen if you want to cook!
Friendly and helpful staff, very well located -- even better than I expected, the breakfast was kind of simple, but it was free so no complaints here, very clean rooms, and the building itself is gorgeous. I loved Budapest and this place!
  I stayed here at the start and at the end of a three-week trip and found it to be a pleasant stay. The location is good, a stone's throw from the sites in Pest and by the subway. The rooms were spacious too which is a nice change from the how-many-beds-can-we-possibly-cram-in-here attitude of some other hostels. I found the staff were very friendly and helpful considering my requests -- I arrived from the airport at 12:30 a.m., and had to leave 5 a.m. for the flight back -- not a problem to at all. I left my book there after my first stay and they even kept it for me for the journey back! There's a decent kitchen too as well as a friendly social room where the couch occasionally doubles as a bed.
Jim H
  This was a very good hostel. The rooms and common areas were very clean and our stay went very smoothly. Also, this hostel is in a very central location -- good, safe area, near the subway, and within reasonable walking distance of the train station. The only things I think could have been better were the lack of showers (only one for each side so get up early), a bit more of a common area for guests, since the one they have isn't really condusive to socializing, and locks for the guest cubbies, although I felt our belongings were generally pretty safe. This is not a party hostel, but it is a great, clean central place to stay, and we would definitely stay here again.
  Excellent place!! Very clean, but there's only one bath/shower so you need to get in early in the morning. Staff are very knowledgeable and helpful. Pretty quiet place. The kitchen is very clean.
Can Girl
  GREAT, GREAT hostel. This has to be one of the cleanest hostels I've ever stayed in. The staff are really friendly even when they are in the 20th hour of their shift — they were always on hand to help with any questions or queries. They haven't got that many spaces, about 4/5 dorm rooms, so it's a pretty quiet hostel but the location is excellent — around the corner from the Basilica and about a 10-minute walk to the chain bridge. There aren't any lockers in the hostel — each guest gets given a cupboard, which is unlockable — but staff will take any valuables such as passports and place them behind the reception. I didn't find security to be an issue. The hostel is very proud of the fact that they've never had a reported theft in five years of existence. The only one problem I found with the hostel, if I have to be picky, is the fact that the reception and the guests' common rooms are a shared space. I felt awkward sometimes because of this — I wish there would have been a more private space for guests to socialize. But if that is the only thing I can pick upon… Breakfast is basic but nice and fresh bread is provided. There is a Match supermarket across the way, about a 2-3 minute walk, where you can buy some added luxuries yourself. A great place to stay in Budapest. Try and do the caving if you can, it's a great experience. I highly recommend this hostel, as an experienced hosteller I believe this is one of the nicest hostels I've ever stayed at.
Llinos Medi Jones
  I have just come back from staying in this hostel and loved it. It's small and friendly with great staff who were really helpful. I thoroughly recommend it.
  WORST HOSTEL EVER! I couldn't believe the attitude and basically lack of any friendliness from the staff. I was delayed in London and came one day later than our booking to Budapest. I had called and left a message on the answering machine as well as e-mailed the hostel to explain that we missed the flight but we'd be there next day...this is after a booking made months before, credit card given, etc. I was shocked at the staff's blatant reply that basically "too bad, you're late, your room is gone, good luck finding a new place we are full," etc. Needless to say, these people got their Lonely Planet tourists coming over and could care less about any problems since there's probably another sucker waiting to come there. DON'T GO THERE!!!

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