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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Backpacker de La Barra" at Calle 9, #2306, El Tesoro.)


Calle 9, #2306, El Tesoro, La Barra de Maldonado, Punta del Este, Maldonado, Uruguay
-34.901014, -54.868222 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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(598 42) 77 2272
(598 42) 77 2272
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  It was clean, it was ok overall. They do rent bikes, but when I got there none where available, so I was stuck walking. The girl at the front desk (she looked like Kelly Osbourne) was absolutely useless. I had to wait forever to ask something, then had to wait forever for her to process the question, and then just to hear her say "I don't know" -- she didn't know why the bikes were not available, she didn't know when or if they where gonna be available. I asked about some bikes I saw laying around and she said "oh, i don't know why those are there, they might be broken" -- she didn't know and made no effort to find out. Same thing happend when I asked her about beer, and about towels, and about checking in, she was a complete imbecile. The crowd there was lame, the bar was not open, and beer was expensive. The pool is just an oversized bathtub with yellow water. Not a party hostel, and I went at one of the busiest times of the year, mid-January. I had a eight-bed mixed dorm, but four beds were empty the entire time, and the other three beds had three guys which I hardly ever saw. I can't recommend this hostel. It was kind of boring, and way too far from the beach, and it's too expensive. If you're gonna be bored anyways, might as well stay a little closer. On the other hand, if you are looking for peace and quiet, then stay here.

Response from the accommodation: Yesterday, one of our guests showed me some comments made by an "anonymous" person on February 2005 and published in this webpage. As the Backpacker de La Barra' Manager, I am in the obligation to answer this comments. 1. Yes, the place is very nice. You can see it on the pictures. 2. We do care about our guests. More than six hundred satisfied guests in the last 3 months can certify my words. 3. Yes, we are at 10 blocks from the beach (one thousand meters) but if this is VERY FAR AWAY, well, what can I say... we rent bikes. 4. We care about money. We are a business. 5. You can cancel your reservation made through any hostel website on the Internet with more than 24 hs in advance of your check in time, which is 12 AM of the day booked to arrive., We have never charged for a night under these circumstances. 6. We follow the rules. This "anonymous" person is not anonymous for us. His name is Pablo and he stayed at our hostel two months ago. On the next day after his check out, he was caught hiding in a bed in a female dorm and denounced by a girl who was dressing herself when he saw him. Of course, he was asked to leave immediately. 7. As anyone can express his opinions here, having been a guest or not, I think I have the right to defend my staff (who was always absolutely polite) and to defend the establishment that I'm proud to run. Thanks and best regards.
Diego Rigabert
  The place is great. It is clean and very comfortable. The staff are very polite and efficient. Yes, it is at 10 blocks from the beach, but they rent bikes for 2 dollars a day. I've been there twice and before my first visit I had to cancel my reservation due to personal problems and they never charged me a dime. I strongly recommend it.
George Morrison
  The place is very nice, but the low point is the people who work there! They don't seem to care about the people in the hostel. Backpacker is VERY FAR AWAY from the beaches, almost 10 or more blocks from the first ocean beaches. They only care about the money. One friend of mine made a reservation via Internet with his credit card, and then he tried to cancel it ONE WEEK before and they didn't do it. They charged him for the room anyway. They always talk about the rules of the place, but they don't follow them. Backpacker should have a rulebook so the staff could learn how to treat guests!!!
  If you want to have a good time, this is the place for you, especially if you are young and ready to make new friends from all over the world.
  This is a great place, very clean and very fun, especially on New Year's Eve!!! They have a swimming pool, restaurant/pub, and kitchen, and the staff are very kind. I really recommend it.
John Seymour

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