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HI - Montreal Youth Hostel is a centrally located hostel that is part of the Hostelling International network found across the world.

The Location

This hostel is found on a residential street just a couple of minutes away from Rue St. Catherine and within walking distance to a lot of Montreal’s attractions including Old Montreal and Place de Arts (home to many of Montreal’s festivals), which are both about a thirty-minute walk or you are just around the corner from Lucien L'Allier Metro Station which is on the Orange Line. There is also plenty of nightlife, shopping, and restaurants just a couple of blocks away.

If you come by train then you have the option of walking about fifteen minutes, catching the Metro, or taking a cab. The downtown bus terminal is also only a short metro ride away. If you drive to Montreal then you can park on the street for free in some places (just ask reception where the best spot is on arrival) or pay per-day for the parking lot near the hostel.

Rooms and Bathrooms

Like most hostels you have the option of dorm or private rooms, and being quite a large hostel there a plenty of options. Dorms range in size from four-, six-, and ten-bed and all come with en suite bathroom, lockers, and a free towel if you need to use one. Dorms are a little cramped, with little space to put your bags and the lockers are only big enough for a daypack. The beds also have plastic-covered mattresses and you get provided with sheets that don’t fit so it would be a never ending struggle to make the bed. Also some rooms only have one light so it is fairly hard to see anything in parts of the room and power points are not easy to come by.

Also being a city hostel plenty of people come back to the dorms late and you can hear everything that goes on in the bathroom, so it's not the easiest place to get a night's sleep. Private rooms are available in double, or four- or six-bed private dorm and also come with en suite bathroom. Dorm rooms vary in how well they are cleaned and for many days there are dirty towels left on the floor next to the bins that the housekeeper moves around but does not remove.

Bathrooms are in all the rooms but there are extra ones spread throughout the floors if you need to use them. The showers are not the most pleasant to use -- they are a little hard to adjust to a suitable temperature and tend to run too hot or too cold -- but they do provide handy little cups from which to drink. Like the dorm rooms, the bathrooms are not always cleaned properly.

Common Spaces

This hostel has a fairly social environment with activities usually happening at least on a daily basis including pub crawls and tours around different areas of the city. At the hostel there is bar/café that is open for breakfast and dinner and has a happy hour from 5:30 to 7 p.m. daily. The hostel provides a cook-your-own pancake or oatmeal breakfast or you can pay for a cooked breakfast from the café or a Continental Breakfast. We would not recommend the Continental Breakfast as it is somewhat expensive and unless you get to it first you will most likely find nothing that you paid for out for you to take. The staff here are also fairly poor at removing used plates and glasses from the bar so by the end of the night you could be lucky to find a clean table.

The hostel also has a fairly well-equipped kitchen with the usual stovetops, microwave, and toaster oven, and a large common dining area that merges with the bar that has a pool table and TVs. There is also a computer room with pay internet and free Wi-Fi throughout the hostel. And if you need a new book then you can exchange it at the book exchange.


This hostel has a great location and a decent common area, but it lacks the extra care and touches that could make it a better stay; if you don't have an HI card, it's a much more expensive stay.
by Keppers
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "HI-Montreal Hostel" at 1030 Rue Mackay.)


1030 Rue Mackay, Montreal (Montréal), Quebec, Canada
45.493947, -73.572903 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+1 (514) 843-3317
+1 (514) 934-3251
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews

Good, but no more
The hostel rooms are quiet and the beds are fine. The kitchen and dinning room is good. The common place to talk are mostly chairs with very few coaches. The coaches are not very comfortable. The cleaning staff is friendly, but I find that half the staff at the reception is not friendly.
Age 19, canada
Everything is nice except for there's no cold water in shower room. And they can't even fix it.
Age 30, Taiwan
Great place to stay
Free breakfast, friendly and helpful staff, free activities (hiking, walking tour, bike tour), and clean accommodations. One of the best run hostels I have stayed in.
Age 23, USA
Amazing place
For my first trip to Canada me and 3 friends stayed here for four nights and it was a great experience! It was very clean and the staff was helpful to any questions that we had about the city. The location was amazing because it was only a block from Ste Catherine and really close to the Metro, so getting around the city was easy. The people that we met and the friends we made were wonderful, a place where the "spirit of hosteling" united people and where everyone came together for a good time.
Great experience
i had never been to canada and i had never been to a hostel. my best friend and i stayed there for four nights, and we loved it! it is only a block away from the lucien-allier metro station! the staff were very helpful (and good-looking!) and they provided activities to do, as well as guidebooks in the lobby. i recommend doing the bike tour, which is very leisurely and costs $20. the bar tour was super fun! you go to three or four bars but you can stay at one if you want to. the drinking age is eighteen and you must tip the bartenders, but they are usually very pleasant. my room had three bunk beds and a bathroom and locker. you must bring your own lock. the restaurant there has good food and is decently priced. however, only one person makes the food and they charge 10% for american money. there is a pool table, $1 per game, and a kitchen where you can store/prepare your own food. they serve beer as well. i would recommend this hostel!
This hostel is a three-level building that somewhat resembles a budget hotel. The white facade, red awnings, and white/red sign all make it easy to spot, even in the middle of a blizzard. The Location The location is great, just two blocks from Rue Ste Catherine and Rene Levesque, and only 500 metres from a metro station. If you arrive by train, it's walking distance or a $5 cab ride (which is preferable if it's snowing). Rooms and Bathrooms The rooms are adequate with sheets and towels provided. At the time of this review there was a problem with bedbugs, with a few people ending up with bites. The rooms are small, but have enough space for your things, and all have a small bathroom (shower, toilet). Lockers are in the rooms (provide your own lock), or if you need a larger one there are automatic lockers in the basement near the internet room. Private rooms consist of a bunk bed (double bed on bottom, single on top), a small locker, shower, and toilet. The shower looked like it needed a decent scrub, but overall the rooms are clean and hospitable. The key cards do tend to stop working (one of the staff told me it can react with the cards in your wallet) which is a common complaint of HI Hostels card system. Common Spaces The common areas consist of the main entrance, internet room, and a bar/cafe. The internet costs $3 per hour, but the computers are not up to date in terms of software. The bar/cafe is located in the basement and doesn't have much ambiance - it's set up with small chairs and tables with a pool table in the centre. It's not the most inviting because of the level of light and the individualised nature of the seating. A few couches in there would have made it a little more relaxed. At 'Happy Hour' there was only 3-4 people in there for most of the night. Occasionally groups get going in there, but only if you literally sit and wait for people to show up. The cafe is also the location to be if you want food, with a continental breakfast (two pastries, cereal, and juice) for about $6.50, served complete with a roll of cling film if you want to take anything with you. You can also order a couple of other things direct off the menu, and dinner is available as well. The hostel was getting a spruce up when we were there (March '08) with new carpets and paint. We only saw a bit of it coming in, but it did perk the place up a bit. Summary Like most HI Hostels it has the blackboard with activities, mostly what's happening around Montreal, rather than activities organised by the hostel. A great outing was to an NHL hockey game - again although a 'group' didn't depart from the hostel, the line of seats they had were all hostel people, so you got to know people at the game. This is a great hostel if you are planning not to spend to much time relying on the hostel to entertain you. It is definitely what you make of it. Groups who are able to take over common areas and make it more lively would love it, and single travellers looking to have a bit of a quiet time would enjoy it also. For people visiting Montreal for a few days, it's location can't be beat and all things considered, it's clean and safe. The staff are incredibly helpful and pleasant - fantastically knowledgeable about the area and what you can do. It's not bad going for the price. Basically, it's a good hostel that with a few minor changes, could be great!
Philippa Elder
A great hostel
After staying in five hostels in Canada, I can say that this was the best one -- great location, good-looking interior, clean rooms, private showers in private rooms, internet is available in the rooms. The staff is absolutely nice. On Mondays they have a bike tour, you can rent a bike at a lower price than usual and keep it for the whole day. Would be great if they served breakfasts for free. If you want to buy breakfast, you have to wait in the line for ten or so minutes and then wait while the guy is making it for you. There is only one guy who is serving breakfasts, that's why it takes a lot of time and it's better to go to some other place. Would stay there again.
Too expensive, no lockers!
i was a little bit disappointed. relatively expensive for what you get -- big rooms (2x6 people), no lockers in the room, shower was broken (no hot water). i moved after 1 night.
Timon (21, Switzerland)

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