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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Nuremberg Youth Hostel" at Burg 2.)


Burg 2, Nuremberg (Nürnberg), Bavaria, Germany
49.458116, 11.077652 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+49 (911) 2309360
+49 (911) 23093611
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  A nice place to stay in this city. It's a few minutes from the metro away and up the castle hill. breakfast is good an enough. The rooms are clean. To the marketplace it's about ten minutes to go. I will visit it again!
  This hostel is a very good choice. it is easy to find, very clean, really romantic (it is actually a castle!) and staff is friendly. i can only recommend, there is also superb view on the city.
The Nürnberg Hostel is in a unique location on the top of the hill overlooking the city. It's within walking distance of the town (about 20 minutes from the old town), but there are no alternatives to walking up the hill to get there. The hostel is part of Kaiserburg Castle – one of Nürnberg's major historical landmarks. The showers are clean and hot water is not a problem. The rooms are big and clean and the staff are friendly but not too talkative. Breakfast is included (the usual cold meats, cheese, kaiser-bread, and coffee/tea) like most German hostels, but this one usually has a long queue because it is popular with school groups. The hostel can be very institutional – but if you want a historic location and good value this place is ideal. If you prefer a convenient location close to the railway station and bars/restaurants with a laidback atmosphere then Lette'm Sleep may be a better option. Either one is good for being able to get to Nürnberg's main attractions. Like other Bavarian youth hostels, individual guests aged over 27 are supposedly not allowed to stay but this rule seems to be applied fairly arbitrarily at times here – especially during quieter periods.
David Halliday
  I'm not the hugest fan of this hostel. To start with, the walk here from the train station is long, and up a hill that is VERY steep, particularly when you're carrying a backpack. When I arrived at the hostel, the staff were great, but then they proceeded to tell me that my room was on the seventh floor and the lift wasn't working. A staff member then helped two other girls upstairs with their luggage, but didn't offer me any help. I was here for two nights, and despite having booked ahead, I had to change rooms on my second day, taking up an extra hour of my day by the time everything was sorted out. The main thing I'd say about this hostel is that it's not suited to individual travelers. There was no lounge or common area that was conducive to meeting people, and most of the other guests were part of large school groups or families. On the positive side, the hostel was exceptionally clean, with a FANTASTIC breakfast, and the service was generally pretty good. It's also pretty central to all the tourist attractions, and it has a great view of the city.
  Amazing hostel. I stayed here in March '04, and it was so much fun. All the staff love Canadians (which was good for me). It was nice, clean, close to bars and shopping, and a great place to stay. They had good food ,as well. I took a taxi from the train station, which took 10 minutes, but walked back in the same time so don't waste your money on a taxi when you could walk straight from the main entrance and make it in the same amount of time. I will be staying here again!
  After dozens of hostels, this one still stands out for location, building, and service. This is also a beautiful city.
  This was a difficult hostel to locate but with help from two schoolgirls, their English schoolbook, and another lady walking down the street, we were able to find it (what a wonderful experience, as they did not speak English and I knew very little German BUT I had a hostel book.) Once at the castle, YES, castle, the lady and I had to decide which door was the entrance door. As it turns out, the entrance door was on the far right side, which we were able to find with the help of another hosteller who had already been there. Anyway, the hostel is amazing! The only disappointment was that it was modernized. I guess there is a more authentic castle hostel located outside of Munich. The hosteller who showed me the entrance to this one told me about it (raving the WHOLE time). The people operating this hostel are very nice, helpful, and courteous. Breakfast was simple, yet satisfying. After my first night's stay, I awoke to a blizzard. It was BEAUTIFUL!!! Snow everywhere. At breakfast, I met the hosteller from the previous night's encounter. We were going to tour the city together, which we did, but first we had to play in the snow. He was from Australia and had never seen it before. Sorry, back to the hostel. Clean and comfortable. I enjoyed my stay thoroughly and would like to visit again. Also, I had to catch a train early the morning of my departure. The gentleman working the desk the previous night set up a taxi to pick me up. I was nervous as I could not miss my train connection. The taxi arrived exactly as I had requested, which was a surprise to me. I guess I was a bit of a cynical American and never thought I'd see a taxi at 4am! Anyway, I loved this hostel and I loved this German town. Visit NOW and enjoy all the sites. There is a lot of history here.
  This place was great. It's built in/next to a castle much of the building seemed to be preserved as much as possible. The hostel was at the very northern most part of the inner city and was a little hard to get to by Strassenbahn (mainly because the line that went nearest to the hostel wasn't the one we were supposed to take). The first thing you notice are the two huge front doors. When you step in you see giant beams that comprise the ceiling. Definitely a cool place. Just staying in the youth hostel is worth a trip to Nuernburg.

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