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The Review

If you want a quiet evening; a nice glass of red wine; and a calm, spacious room, Peace & Love Hostel is probably not the hostel for you. However, if all you’re looking for is a bed and a lively, noisy bar is top of your list, then this is where you need to be.

The Location

It’s not the most central hostel in Paris but it’s only a one-minute walk from Jaurès metro stop and three minutes away from Stalingrad -- from here it will take you around thirty minutes to get to most of the city’s sites. On the other hand, Peace & Love is just a five-minute walk away from the Gare de l’ Est and Gare du Nord. Because you’re a bit further out, you’re shielded from the hectic hustle bustle of Paris’s touristy centre. Here, there’s some great bars along the canal with mainly local’s enjoying a fairly cheap beer -- well, for Paris standards.

On arrival, many tired and delirious travelers wander into the hostel confused by the fact that the reception is posing as the bar, don’t walk away –- you've found it! Also, the hostel only accepts cash on arrival, so to save yourself extra stress when you arrive all hot and flustered, bring some money with you.

Rooms and Bathrooms

Rooms and bathrooms are very clean; however, space is a different issue -- there is none. If you wind up in the fourteen-bed dorm, do not expect to fit your bag in anywhere. However, if you have decided to invest a bit more in a three-man room, this will buy a cabinet for your luggage, a lower probability of being in a room with a horrific snorer, and less of a wait for the toilet in the morning. There are no lockers in the rooms, but there is a trusty safe behind the bar for small valuables and laptops.

Common Spaces

Hardly anyone ever occupies the kitchen, whereas the bar is often fairly busy. During the daytime, the bar is full of people tapping away at their keyboards before 6 p.m. (when you have to pay). During the evening, the bar is abuzz with foreigners on tour and a handful of local, slightly sleazy men (they're pretty harmless, though). There’s also often a sprinkling of travelers from around the world who are often keen to mingle over an expensive pint or two.


Overall, Peace & Love hostel is a fairly secure abode with friendly staff, clean rooms, and a great place to meet other fun, sociable travelers. However, if you want a "tranquille" night’s sleep, maybe think again -- not only do ambulances pass by pretty much every ten minutes during the night, as a young, party hostel, the bar is pumping until 2 and it’s extremely likely your roommates will be creeping (or stumbling) in during the very early hours.
by Helen Martin Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Peace & Love Hostel" at 245 Rue La Fayette.)


245 Rue La Fayette, 10è - Gare du Nord/l'Est Area, Paris, Île-de-France, France
48.882303, 2.368744 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+33 (0)1 46 07 65 11
+33 (0)1 42 05 47 50
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70% Guest Reviews

Avoid this hostel at all costs
The hostel has no reception, one employee works out of the bar area to process all check-ins and check-outs. No elevator in the building which has just 3 rooms per floor and they have 18 rooms in total. Circular stairs run till the 7th floor which is wide enough for just 1 person passing through. No lockers in the room, all lockers are in the basement. Kitchen and the fridge are also located in the basement. Shower/Toilets are so small that you literally need to squeeze yourself into it. The rooms are so small that bunk beds are less than 1 arm distance away. Very uncomfortable beds. Only 1 single power socket in the entire room which the heater plugs into. So in winters you need to decide if you want to stay warm or charge your phone, you can't do both. Entire room stinks of chlorine. After seeing the state of affairs of the hostel I immediately checked out and went to a place that is less than a mile away.
Excellent spirit
I have met nice people in this hostel and personnel is so cool. With a modern kitchen and pretty room. I like to go in this place every winter.
Amazing place!
Amazing atmosphere of the bar for beautiful people! The place is invested with a quality kitchen, high standard rooms and amazing views! Highly recommend. Definitely worth the money.
Good location, questionable security
Peace and love is in a good location, the only thing I would recommend is that you take some good ear plugs as emergency services vehicles pass very regularly throughout the night. Paris is expensive, so don't expect a top quality hostel you might expect elsewhere, however it has all of the basic amenities required. It was clean when I stayed but the security was questionable. With only 1 room key you have to hand it in, to get your room key you simply ask for it at the bar (reception). I was never asked to identify myself. There are also no lockers in the rooms. If you don't like stairs this may not be for you. For a hostel it isn't the best, but you could certainly do a lot worse in this location. It's a quirky place.
Pretty Bad
By far the worst hostel I stayed in during two months of backpacking. It was dirty. There's no way to lock up valuables (except to leave them at the bar). There's only one key per room. This was a huge problem-our room was locked and when we went to the bar to ask for the key, they said another guest in the room must have it so we should go back and keep knocking. We did -- pounding on the door for about ten minutes. Finally, we went back to the bar, as it turns out, the key was there the whole time, the bartender just didn't look very hard. The only good thing I have to say is that the one girl who runs the bar is nice and friendly and it's close to the metro.
I stayed in the summer of 2007. To get to your room you have to climb a set of narrow and steep stairs. The room I stayed in consisted of a triple bunk bed with about two feet of space all around. having the shower open right into the room meant that the room could get pretty steamy. The area is not your typical tourist area, but lots of little grocery stands and cafes around from what I remember. It was a fun hostel. Met lots of people there. It was closely situated to the subway system.
I was backpacking around Europe and i didnt have any problems with hostels, but this one, i must tell... I cant belive it still exists! Its dirty the reception is a tiny bar very disconfortable to arrive with bags. The stairs are really, i mean REALLY tiny!!! And the woman at the reception tried to make me pay for one more day. There's only one key per room. And yes, people get totaly drunk and vomit anywhere! The rooms smells! And its located in a terrible place! I left the next day cause i couldnt stay one more day there! Totally not recomended for girls... Even dangerous!
Pretty Awful
My friends and I ended up here because everywhere else was booked. It was the least enjoyable hostel experience I had. You don't get a key for your room-a HUGE pain. You have to return it to reception every time you use it-and at one point we went to pick it up, they said they didn't have it-we had to wait almost an hour for them to figure out they DID have it. There are no lockers. It's pretty dirty. The bunks are triple (the middle bunk is NOT recommended). Reception is a bar, there was a girl working there who was friendly but the rest of the staff was not helpful in the slightest.

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