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Haka Lodge Christchurch is a cozy hostel set in a three-story, A-frame-shaped house in the eastern suburbs of the city. It has free unlimited Wi-Fi; lots of indoor entertainment options (Netflix TV, books, games, music); and holds a very friendly environment, mostly thanks to its welcoming design.

The Location

The hostel is located in Woolston, one of the eastern suburbs of Christchurch, close to the coastline. While a couple kilometers away from the city center -- roughly one hour walking, ten minutes by car, or a half-an-hour using one of the bus lines that stop right next to the hostel -- it is well-sited if you want to enjoy the tranquility of the suburbs and be closer to the eastern spots, like Godley Head Park, Tauhinu Scenic Reserve, or the beaches. It has several big supermarkets around it as well as some other facilities.

Rooms and Bathrooms

There is only a seven-bed dorm room, which is basically the whole third level of the house. This upper level is divided into three different groups separated by walls (each of them has two or three single, non-bunk beds). This dormitory design, altogether with the good quality of the beds, good natural illumination, and the feeling of having your own space, makes it really comfortable when compared with the usual bunk-bed designs. There are several private rooms both on the second and lower floors, all of them well illuminated and perfectly separated from the dormitory, ensuring absolute privacy.

There are two shared bathrooms located on the second floor, both with a toilet and a shower with free soap, plus a toilet on the bottom floor. There are plenty and these will usually be vacant, taking into account the dimensions of the hostel.

Common Spaces

The lower level of the house is where the main common spaces are located. The hall, right after the main entrance, is a big, well-designed space perfect for guests to meet and enjoy the hostel life. It has two sofas, a TV with YouTube and Netflix, books, a guitar, and plenty of stuff to get informed about the city or just pass your time indoors. Apart from that, this floor also has a fully equipped kitchen with several fridges and a good-sized dining room right next to it.

Other hidden spaces around the house include a bookshelf on the second floor and cozy little halls both on the second and third floors. The garden is beautifully dressed with native and non-native trees and flowers and has a sitting set perfect for enjoying a sunny afternoon.


Haka Lodge Christchurch is the right hostel if you want to enjoy a good night sleep regardless of your room choice and the tranquility of the suburbs. As it's few minutes ride from the city center, it will give you easy access to the beaches and coastal areas, plus provide you with a friendly and comfortable environment few hostels are able to offer.
by Josep Casado
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
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518 Linwood Avenue, Linwood, Christchurch, New Zealand
-43.543852, 172.689558 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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Cozy house but not very social atmosphere and service issues
Haka Lodge was the first hostel I stayed after arriving in Christchurch, NZ. The hostel itself is 15 Min from the center, but that does not matter as the city is still in rebuild after natural disasters like earthquakes and flooding. I liked the beds with big blankets (you need them, because the nights and days may be really cold, even in summertime!). As well I liked the huge lockers, where a huge backpack and a daypack would fit in (bring your own lock). The bathrooms were always clean and the shower nice and hot. Just the guest turnover was quite huge. So a lot of people coming and going (tours). Only one other guest was staying there for more than one week when I was there. It is not a hostel to socialise, which may be nice if you want to have it more quiet. Just these firedoors of the bathrooms and rooms were always banging with its automatic closing system. I am sure there are other solutions possible. The biggest issue I got with the service. First there was no laundry available to do the washing on my own. I did not even get a washing hanger if I would do my laundry in a bucket. But there was the in-house laundry service, which is not expensive. BUT my clothes were shrunk by one size when I got them back. I could give the shirts to my girlfriend later. The second service issue why I rated 3 stars was the payment. After my booked nights with hostelz.com I decided to extend my stay and paid cash. I did not get a receipt, which was a mistake. I never needed a receipt in Asia, they could remember that I had paid. The women in the office of Haka Lodge were not able to remember, that their guest had paid. They showed me their computer booking system and explained it would work perfectly. After discussing for 30 Minutes and calculating my expenses (I passed my maths exams at university for engineering), they were finally ok with giving me 2 "free" nights. The nights I already had paid for. That is an insult to me. Ok, so surprise, I extended my stay again, because the other (better) hostels were booked out. I asked for a receipt that time. Wise decision! Two days later I was asked to pay for my night! I could show them on my receipt, that I had already paid -- as well as for the next coming night. So much to say to their "perfect" booking system ... As internet additional data with wifi is a far too expensive in the hostel (you just get a small amount of data per day), you should consider buying a SIM card for your 3G modem or mobile with 2degrees or vodafone. So in the end I am sure Haka Lodge is able to fix some issues and improve their service to leave a better impression of NZ to people from overseas.
Age 31, Germany
Very clean and comfortable!
I was all in all very pleases with this accommodation. There is a fully stocked kitchen for food prep, a common area, and the beds are comfortable. It's a great atmosphere to kick back and relax after being on the road for a long long time as I had. I am allergic to cats, and this place houses two. However, it's a testament to their cleanliness because I didn't have the slightest problem while there. The only drawback, and the reason this place didn't get 5 stars, is the internet situation. They give you 100mb of free data for your whole stay ... About 2 hours of internet surfing, or 7 mins of Skype conversation. Additional wifi costs $5 for 200mb. What a rip. If you're less internet dependent than I, you'll be glad you stayed here.
Age 23, USA

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