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The Review

Charlie Rockets Youth Hostel is first and foremost a bar and secondarily a hostel. As a result, even though the bar is very popular with locals and tourists, the accommodation itself suffers. It is situated in what was formerly the biggest cinema in Bruges, but has since been converted to an American-style restaurant and bar. For guests looking for a good night out, this may just be the place for them, but otherwise the facilities are not that great.

The Location

Charlie Rockets is in a fantastic location, less than five minutes from Bruges central square. To get here from the train station it is about a twenty-five-minute walk, or even quicker by taxi. As it's close to the central square, it is also close to all of the touristy stuff Bruges has to offer, such as climbing the Belfry and walking through all the charming, windy streets of the Old Town. It is also surrounded by chocolate shops and restaurants and is about a five-minute walk to the nearest supermarket.

Rooms and Bathrooms

Charlie Rockets offers both private rooms and small, four- to six-bed dorms. The rooms in this hostel are small with basic bunk beds. The layout in the four-bed dorm isn't ideal, as it is a little bit too cosy and it's very difficult to move in between the two sets of bunk beds without having to take a deep breath. The mattresses are ok and there are enough power points for everyone in the room to use, but they are not located in the most convenient spots.

Both floors of the hostel have a couple of showers and a couple of toilets each. They are all kept quite clean and the shower rooms are spacious with room to get changed. Unfortunately, however, all attempts to use the showers are met with icy cold resistance, making it hard to do little more than give your face and body a quick wash.

Common Spaces

The common space at this hostel is the bar downstairs, which is quite large and very popular with both locals and tourists. It primarily offers American barbecue-style food and pizza, and also has a small pool hall in the back room. There is no hostel lounge or kitchen.


Charlie Rockets is an ok accommodation option for people who won't be spending much time at the hostel. It is basically a good bar in a convenient location that also happens to have a few beds.
by Cat MacGregor Staff Reviewer
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Hostel entrance
Bar / reception
Pool hall
4-bed dorm


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Hoogstraat 19, Old Centre, Bruges (Brugge), West-Flanders, Belgium
51.209644, 3.229203 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+32 (0)50 330 660
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Nice, cheap place
It's really well located and the price is good. the way up to the rooms is a nightmare if you have a lot of luggage, the stairs are small and there's not light. but apart from that i really recommend this place.
Below average
Got to say the bar was pretty good (after a few beers) and it is centrally located, though I would skip breakfast and preferably find another place to stay. Treat this hostel as the last resort.
  The bar itself is well presented, but that's about all this place has going for it. And you'd better enjoy checking out all of the knick-knacks in the bar because you'll be waiting a long time to check in while the sullen staff do everything possible to avoid dealing with you. As one of the more expensive hostels in town I had expected something a little more than usual, but this is one of the worst hostels I've stayed in. There was no lightbulb in my dorm, leaving me to fumble around in the dark (forget asking the staff to deal with it!) or rely on street light from outside. The one key per room system is ridiculous -- how difficult can it be to get a few more keys cut? The "left luggage room" is more like a tip, with rubbish all over the place -- if you're lucky enough to find somewhere to stow your bag in there, you can leave it behind for the day.
  The dorm was clean and roomy, and included a sink that had hot water, but the showers were the push-button kind and didn't seem to have any hot water at all. Noise wasn't an issue, the location was great, but sharing one key with all of your roommates and having to retrieve it from the bar wasn't the greatest.
  I was staying on the second floor so there was no noise. Great location. The staff were friendly enough and the rooms clean. I had to keep pressing the shower to get water out and then — there was no hot water. There were enough lights in the corridor when I went; and though they did mix genders in my four-bed dorm, it was not a problem. Overall: a decent option for the money.
  This place is not so great. I wouldn't stay there again. Our bedroom was ok but we only have the one key and the roommates took it. Also we came home on our second evening there to find someone in my bed. They made a mistake and checked eight people into a six-bed room. I also got the feeling that they were more interested in running the bar than the hostel. I think they had a cool bar and decided they could cash in on the backpacker market. I thought it would be cool because it was an old theatre but it's not. In fact, our room was in the adjoining building! The toilets don't have any ventilation so they stink and the sheets are not changed when people check out, only the pillowcases, which is gross. (I watched the cleaner one day.) It's got no common area, no hostel atmosphere, no kitchen; the breakfast is extra and not worth it. It has a restaurant joined to it that sells expensive food and they don't even give guests a discount.
  This hostel is without a doubt the worst place I have ever stayed. Where do I start? The staff are unfriendly, and the corridor is so dark that you can't see to put the key in the door. And that's if you're lucky enough to have a key — there is only one per room, (though nobody actually cared to mention that to us). Plenty of people were locked out by their fellow roommates (or in one case, by the cleaner!). The room itself was dirty and smelt dreadful. Okay, so the hostel is centrally located, but Bruges isn't exactly enormous. And though the bar was lively, I'd rather drink there and stay elsewhere than try to sleep above it. I didn't sample the breakfast, but if the standard of cleanliness in the rest of the hostel is anything to go by, I'd avoid eating there. In short, this place surpassed all my wildest dreams of how bad a hostel could be. Stay somewhere else!!!
  The hostel was centrally located and clean enough, but there was no common area unless you have money to be buying drinks in the bar. I stayed in a four-bed dorm and was fortunate enough to only share it with one other person. The problem was that they allocated the other bed to a single male traveler who returned at 4 a.m. drunk and started hassling me. NOT ideal!

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