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Smithfield Square, Smithfield, Dublin, Dublin Region, Ireland
53.348275, -6.277925 (accuracy not guaranteed)
353 1 9010222
00353 1 8720818
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Good place to stay, but wouldn't come back
If you stay here, you need to be prepared for a lot of walking -- the location is a serious drawback. The rooms are good -- spacious, power outlets, even a little shelf above each bed. While being very nice, this hostel was kind of dirty and poorly maintained. The reception staff ignored me a couple times to finish their conversations while I stood there waiting, and even when they paid attention to me they weren't very personable. Price-wise, it simply isn't worth it. You're paying extra to stay here because of the common area downstairs -- which is huge and luxurious. But honestly, if you're in Dublin, you don't need to go to the hostel bar because there are so many cooler places to explore.
Age 18, USA
I would stay here again, You can tell that there is management on board that expect high standards regarding safety, security and cleanliness. The interior design is something to observe ... I liked it.
Age 40, Irish
  Great place and would absolutely go back. Worth the extra money over the other places in Dublin. Excellent food at the Cafe and large affordable luggage storage in basement. Bar closes a little too early for me.
Age 32, USA
Good time
Everything was clean and very nice staff.
Could not have been better.
This is an ideal hostel for young travelers. It is very clean, very comfortable, there was a nice bathroom, full-length mirror and plenty of electricity plugs in our room. The staff is extremely nice and helpful even when under massive pressure. (Lots of people staying here!) Internet can be bought by 15 minute increments in the hostel lobby, where there is also a bar and restaurant. Great location, easy walk into the heart of Dublin and literally right next door to the Jameson Whiskey Distillery. My best friend and I were there for 3 nights over St. Patrick's Day weekend and could not have been more pleased with our stay. I am an international student from the US and have been in many hostels before -- none have compared with this one. If there are openings, book this hostel!
(United States)
Generator Hostel Dublin opened in the spring of 2011 on Smithfield Square, a former horse and cattle market. It will be hard for any hostel around the world to live up to the standard set by this one. The Location It’s a short walk (ten minutes) or three tram stops on the Luas (Dublin’s lightrail) away from O’Connell Street, Dublin’s main shopping area. This is also where the bus from Dublin Airport drops you off. Temple Bar, Dublin’s arts and nightlife area, is just a brisk walk across the river. Smithfield Square features several restaurants, three pubs, and a supermarket. The Old Jameson Distillery is next door to the hostel. This is quite handy if you are walking to the hostel from points unknown, as there are signs on most of the main roads that point you to this tourist destination. Rooms and Bathrooms The rooms are typical dormitory bedrooms, but cleaner and newer. The beds are quite comfy, with a box spring and a cushion on top, and real linen (unlike the cheap bedsheets that some places use), as well as a comforter and pillow. Again, this is a real pillow, and not some cheap pillow-like object that many hostels use to cut corners. Depending on the room, the bathroom may be ensuite, or you may get a community washroom outside of the room. The plumbing is all in working order and the water is always hot, which is not something to be taken for granted in a hostel. Common Spaces The actual size of the common areas may make it one of the largest in the business. If a traveler has gotten used to common areas that are nothing more than an old couch in a lobby, a pleasant surprise is in store. In order, they have seats in the lobby, which in and of themselves would provide more common space than most hostels. At the Generator, this is the smallest area. There is an area of internet stations, another common area on the first level, two large common areas in the pub, a lounge downstairs with two pool tables, and an entertainment center (a miniature movie theatre). In addition, the floors upstairs have seating in the lobbies by the lifts. It is more than they might ever need, and that’s a wonderful thing. There is free Wi-Fi, which works well in the lounge areas, and only very occasionally upstairs. Unfortunately, the lounge area has no outlets to charge your laptop. Also, the Wi-Fi makes you log on again about once every hour, which is a pain if you are actually trying to get some work done. It’s a picky thing, but if the management could fix this, then the high standard that they have set for this hostel would be even higher. Less than ticky tacky is the lack of a printer, which is more than a luxury with the clientele. Many of them need to be able to print airline boarding passes and the like, so this service is a must, but not available at the hostel. They sell breakfast -- it’s bread, jam, butter, juice, and four kinds of cereal. The self-catering kitchen facilities were permanently closed as of mid-September 2011, so you can no longer prepare your own meals. They are preparing to open Dublin’s first branch of Papaya King (a New York City icon that sells hot dogs and juice). In addition, they have a cooler by the reception that sells snacks and sodas, as well as vending machines down in the lounge area, and a bar that that has beer and some hard liquor. The custodial staff does a good job of cleaning, but they have a tendency to enter the rooms often before 10 a.m. It would be nice if they could take care of everything in one trip, and a bit later. The place can get a bit noisy at times; they could do a much better job enforcing the quiet hours. One of the purposes to having such a large pub and leisure area is that the management can tell the noisier customers to take it downstairs. They aren’t doing that. In regards to the social activities, they have two contradictory lists of social events posted at various places in the hostel. No matter, none of them actually happen -- a reception person explained to us that no one was showing up for them. Sandeman New Dublin offers a tour of the city from the lobby every day at 10:30. These are “free” tours that operate throughout Europe. It’s not completely free; you are supposed to make a donation to the tour guide at the end of the tour. Summary Dublin is a great town, and due to the lower taxes that they place on airlines and its proximity to the U.S., it's a great place for someone from North America to start their trip to Europe. There may be no better place for a budget traveler to begin the journey than the Generator Hostel. If there is, we look forward to finding it.
Ggreg Snyder

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