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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Backpackers HQ" at 172-174 Victoria St.)


172-174 Victoria St, Kings Cross, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
-33.757050, 150.747956 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+61 (2) 9356-4551
+61 (2) 9356-4551
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Clean but not hospitable
First of all I have to give the staff credit for keeping this Hostel fairly clean, I only noticed a bit of rotten food smelling in the after hours fridge. I can tell they put a lot of work into keeping it clean. Free breakfast is also a huge plus and I would say this is a good hostel for workers who lead highly organized lifestyles. Keeping track of your things is a must. fridge space is limited, kitchen access is also limited as it closes at 10 pm sharp. I had about $15 worth of food and drinks stolen from the fridge but Only $6 of it had my name written on it. Be organized and use a proper bag with your name on it. They give you one cup and they charge you $5 if you misplace it. I left my cup in the kitchen last 10 pm and they locked the door so that I couldn't get it and they washed it and brought it back to their office and when I left they charged me $5 for "losing my cup." That is not hospitable at all because I didn't lose my cup I knew exactly where I left it but the staff promptly took it from that location and charged me $5. The staff also removed a bag of dirty clothes from my bedside and threw them away. They definitely sacrifice friendliness and hospitality for the sake of cleanliness and neatness. That is superficial in my opinion. The hostel guests were more than 50% German. Nothing wrong with that, especially favorable for people with strong German and weak English skills. Considering that Kings Cross is the red light district of Sydney, full of whores and crackheads, I would say that this hostel is keeping to a fairly high standard of cleanliness but they are not friendly or nice. They want your money, not to serve you. If you are a worker and an organized individual looking for clean budget accommodation this may be a good option for you. If you are not very organized, or if you are very uncomfortable meeting crackheads on the streets, then this is not a good option for you.
Age 22, USA
Decent hostel but not as good as others claim
I thought it was alright. I don't like the cup and mug system, it is annoying to keep on having to go up to your room to get them. Was clean enough but the bunk-beds were a death-trap. There was no way to climb on to the top bunk so you just had to haul yourself up and jump down which is a little dangerous actually. Free WiFi was excellent and fast, but it killed the atmosphere in the hostel a little as everyone was just sitting on their laptops all day. Free breakfast was pretty good also. Bathrooms ok but some of the showers were infested with ants. Overall I am satisfied with my experience but not overly so. Would probably stay here again if I was in the area because I know there are a lot of crap places in this area and this one was pretty good. If you are just looking for anywhere in Sydney then I would recommend you look somewhere else as there are better hostels available for less money, especially if the WiFi and breakfast is not important to you.
(United Kingdom)
  I liked this hostel, the staff was very friendly and the room we had was huge! If I remember correctly, the room even had it's own kitchen and bathroom! We did find an enormous cockroach in the bathroom once, but it was only on the last day we were there so it didn't spoil our fun!
Marije, Holland

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