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The Review

Little Morgan’s is a hostel well known across the Nicaraguan backpacker trail as a social hostel with beer and bugs.

The Location

Little Morgan’s is located on the northern side of Volcan Maderas in a secluded location right on the Lago de Nicaragua, just off the road between Santa Cruz and Balgue. The hostel is marked with a big wooden sign and then you just need to follow the driveway for about three hundred meters to the bottom. The hostel is in a great location for exploring Volcan Maderas (they offer tours), the Petroglyphs, and Ojo de Agua (cold water springs). The hostel is also within walking distance of a few small restaurants and grocery stores. To get to the Hostel you can take one of the infrequent buses from the ferry port that heads to Balgue a few times daily or you can get a group together and split the cost of a taxi.

Rooms and Bathrooms

There are three different dorm rooms with single and double beds offered as well as two private casitas that each have a single and double bed plus private bathroom. Each dorm bed comes with a mosquito net (some that need to be replaced), locker, a fan, and a whole lot of bugs (one of the dorm rooms has rats in the ceiling) but the buildings are all built out of natural bamboo and timber with thatched roofs, which is beautiful. One of the dorm rooms is above the bar, so try to avoid staying there if you want to get a good night’s sleep.

The bathrooms are a bit of a hike from the dorm rooms and are located near the bar. Here you will find two toilets and two showers. The showers have quite high pressure but are missing a bamboo pole in the wall, which does make you a bit wary that someone is watching you shower -- but don’t worry, the showers face away from everything.

Common Spaces

The hostel is set around one main common area that has the reception area, the bar, and restaurant. There is also a TV, book exchange, and swimming pool in this area. There is no internet here but apparently sometimes you can pay to use their computer. This area can get very rowdy and noisy depending on the night, which is why this hostel has a reputation as the party hostel of the island. The bar only offers beer, rum and occasionally wine. There are no cooking facilities so you have to either make do with the food offered from the restaurant, which is fairly basic, expensive, and consists of lots of breakfast foods or the nightly family dinner, or go for a walk elsewhere. The hostel offers local guides to both Volcan Maderas and Volcan Conception as well as fishing tours on the Lake. Everything you purchase at the hostel goes on your tab, which means you can get a nasty shock at the end of your stay, but it means you don’t have to worry about carrying around money.


This hostel is a great place to be surrounded by nature and be in a social environment but it’s not for for anyone who can’t handle bugs or can’t be around people drinking or taking drugs, as there really is nothing else to do here at night other than be social.
by Keppers Staff Reviewer
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Isla de Ometepe, between Santa Cruz and Balgue, Ometepe (Isla de Ometepe), Rivas, Nicaragua
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Worst place I have EVER stayed
The all-gringo staff is full of alcoholics who insist on playing loud techno music into the wee hours of the morning. That is the furthest thing I would have imagined on what could be a tranquil island. I can appreciate getting drunk on vacation as much as the next person, but not at the expense of others' sleep, or to the point of a round-robin vomiting session, or to the point of MOLESTING YOUR GUESTS. Staff members have no respect for guests or the locals. They have developed a bad reputation around Santa Cruz. It doesn't help that none of their staff has even put in the effort to learn Spanish. I guess it would be tough to learn a language when you are drunk or on drugs 7 days a week. I have never checked out of a place early before Little Morgan's, but one day was more than enough there. Stay at the place across the way to give your patronage to a lovely Nicaraguan woman who will make you the best meals you've had in the country.
Age 24, USA

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