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Hollywood Home Hostel’s location is very central and easy to find, situated between Old Town Market Square (Rynok) and Lviv’s bar street Virmenska.

The Location

The hostel is located extremely well. After leaving the house it's ten seconds to Lviv’s beautiful main Old Town Market Square (Rynok). Lviv’s bar street Virmenska also is ten seconds away. This is as good as it gets.

The hostel itself is a big, charming apartment with lots of rooms turned into a hostel. The hostel is on the fourth floor and there is no elevator, so this might be a problem if you are not a strong person or if you have a lot of luggage with you. Also during our stay there was a homeless person sleeping in the hallway. While this per se would not be a problem, the frequent urine puddle and the resulting smell is very bad.

The train station can be reached in twenty-five minutes by public transportation; Lviv’s central bus station is unfortunately not close to the city’s centre, but a couple of kilometres to the south. There is a supermarket within ten minutes on foot.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The hostel is in a spacious apartment with lots of rooms, among which there are two dormitories with bunk beds and lockers. The whole hostel has a nice, wooden parquet floor and high ceilings. Mattresses are comfortable. Some of the rooms have a nice view over parts of Lviv’s Old Town’s roofs. There is one bathroom with a shower and a toilet and another separate toilet, which at times might not be enough, we feel.

Common Spaces

There is usually a good social atmosphere in this kind of “apartment” hostel, and the same applies here. It is not too big, and everybody can meet in the spacious living room/common area; also the reception is there. It does not really feel like a hostel -- it's more like a friend’s house with other friends around at times. There also is a nice small balcony and a kitchen, and drinking water is free.


The social atmosphere is good, as the hostel is not too big and there is a nice living room as common space.
The staff were very friendly during our stay, always trying to help and/or researching something for us on the internet. Unfortunately when we were there, the urine stench in the house’s hallway was unbearable. Still, this hostel is excellent!
by Haky
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Hollywood Home Hostel" at 3 Drukaska str., Top floor, door code 250.)


3 Drukaska str., Top floor, door code 250, Lviv, Ukraine
49.843891, 24.031928 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+38 032 253 0386
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  Hollywood Home Hostel is a very welcoming hostel, based in an excellent spot in Lviv just off of the main square. Not that noise from the street is an issue, because the property is on the third floor, though that does mean you’ll have seventy-six steps to climb -- so hopefully you aren’t feeling lazy. Also, they offer free laundry as an added bonus! The Location Hollywood Home enjoys pride of place on Drukarska Street, which is just off Lviv’s main central square. There’s an abundance of restaurants, cafés, and bars in the area and a decent-sized supermarket (in Opera Passage) within a short, ten-minute walk. The only real catch is that transport-wise, the railway station is about forty minutes away on foot, and the bus station is more than seven kilometers out of town. Still, there are various trams and local buses that you can get, so it isn’t too much of a drawback. In terms of the actual building itself, it can be kind of difficult to find, as it’s only labeled as "hostel" rather than Hollywood Home, but the instructions they provide are perfectly clear if you make sure you read ahead. Rooms and Bathrooms While the ten-bed dorm may feel a little cramped, the six-bed room is naturally more spacious. Both the bunk beds and the lockers are the big, sturdy wooden kind, so you’re unlikely to be woken up by people accidentally clanging about. Also, the duvets they provide seem to be larger than those of your average hostel, so you shouldn’t have any worries about getting a good night’s sleep. However, plug space can prove to be a little difficult to come by and the Wi-Fi is sometimes a bit temperamental. There seems to be just the one bathroom, so be prepared to queue, but on the plus side it’s very large, with both the toilet and a decent bath/shower housed in the same room. Common Spaces A large, open-plan communal area offers plenty of sofa space as well as a desk with a few chairs. The open-plan space is also home to the hostel reception, so instantly that helps to create a fairly sociable environment when new guests arrive. There’s also a small balcony connected to the common room where you can hang out and unwind or go for a smoke. The kitchen seems basic but is sufficiently stocked with a fridge, microwave, and a couple of hobs on which you can cook. All in all, the communal spaces tick all the necessary boxes. Summary The facilities may not necessarily blow you away, but Hollywood Home still makes for a comfortable place to stay in Lviv. The free laundry is a great touch, and the staff are a close-knit bunch, which really adds to the friendly nature of the place. Location-wise it could hardly be better, and the decent communal areas should ensure your trip is a sociable one. Also, did we mention the free laundry?
Front of the building Entrance to the hostel Kitchen 6-bed dorm 6-bed dorm
Ok, but with a little work could be better
In the middle of Old Town, close to everything you'd probably want to see or experience on a short stay. Difficult to find in the night, door code was wrong (so couldn't get in), sign nearly impossible to read (again, in the dark. Also, their address shows up at two different locations with Google Maps. The southern one is correct. Entryway is rather off-putting, but once up the stairs to the hostel, it's fine -- pretty clean, nice staff. For Lviv it's pretty good. For Berlin or Warsaw, it wouldn't be. But that's why we travel.
Clean and Friendly.
This hostel was not so much memorable for its style or luxury as for its sheer friendliness. The staff gave me an excellent introduction to Lviv, and were great for conversation: always happy to recommend museums and restaurants. They also kept a very high standard of cleanliness, both through their own endeavours, and through strict rules (wear slippers and don't eat outside the dining area or leave your mess for others to clear up). Beware of a long climb up to reach it though (can't fault the hostel for this though).
Edmund Fagg
Soviet Home Hostel is one of the more interesting one in this city of Lviv. The place is set up like an old Soviet home, complete with old sofas and chairs to sit on, but not for too long, and various things collected from the era when Mother Russia was in power in Ukraine. Two wall-size posters cover the common room area, giving that feeling that you're sitting back when the USSR was in power! The Location The hostel is located right off the main square of the city -- you cannot get closer to all the small pubs and sights. Everything is walking distance and some of the more interesting pubs are just a stone's throw away. Rooms and Bathrooms The dorm rooms are spacious and clean, with custom-built oak beds (other hostels in the city don't have these). You can sit up on the bottom bunk and not hit your head on the top! The bathroom is big enough to put a bunk bed in it! You have lots of room to move around in the dorms. Common Spaces Various objects in the common area from Soviet times are around for you to see and play with. They ask you to take off your shoes but the floor is a bit dirty, so you go though a few pairs of socks when staying there. They also have a balcony that overlooks the street, though it’s a bit small. Summary Overall, this hostel is a very interesting place to stay -- with the location and helpful staff, this hostel will be the next big thing in Lviv. They have taken a lot of time to get this place to feel like the USSR and we think they have done a great job doing this.
steven hume
The Soviet Home is the newest hostel, and the atmosphere there is unique. It has all sorts of things from the era of the USSR from posters and equipment and maps.

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