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Viale Regina Margherita 9, Milan, Lombardy, Italy
45.458198, 9.204741 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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Run as far away as possible!
This hostel is awful! Run as far away as possible! Problems -- Bedbugs! I awoke in the morning to find that in the 3 hours I slept I had been feasted upon by bedbugs. The receptionist didn't give two shits when presented with this problem. I went to go take a shower; threw out clothing I didn't care about; then went back down and DEMANDED that my stuff touching the bed or on the bed be washed. After contacting her boss, who ok'd this, she wrote a note to the laundromat next door. The laundromat cleaned everything EXCEPT my pillow ("b/c we don't wash pillows"). So, I took my pillow back to reception and told them I was going to toss it. The receptionist couldn't believe this (why would I want a chance of bedbugs coming along with me? Idiot) and offered to give me a different pillow. I told her that if it was used, I was not taking it. Then as I was leaving, that same day, they gave me a brand new, cheap, Ikea pillow (in sealed plastic, courtesy of the boss). However, if you're sleeping on a nice, purple pillow, that was mine (I'm pretty sure I saw them put it in the maid basket rather than the garbage)! No doors or really anything to cover the doorway! There is a curtain made of fabric that doesn't even cover the doorway! So NO privacy! Disgusting showers you can get locked in! Toilets reek of bodily fluids -- possibly worse smelling than a full portapotty! Ridiculous card system! Due to the fact of have no doors in the rooms, they have an idiotic card system -- a turnstile by the reception, where you must put your card to to enter and exit. Even more moranic is that at midnight of the day you check out, your card no longer works (and check out isn't until noon)! Thus, reception must buzz you through the turnstile! No complete walls in rooms! In the rooms, if you are on the top bunk on the wall, you can literally climb over the wall into the room next door! Due to the lack of walls and doors you can hear everything, everywhere (not huge deal for me; but others were on edge about the noise of late night convos)! What's worse is if you are in a room that is where the door to enter the floor is, because everyone walks through your room! You have even less privacy than the no privacy rooms! I'm glad I want in one of those rooms! No elevator (and no rooms on the ground floor)! Tons of Mosquitos inside! Very difficult to find! It is unmarked (aside from a zebra in the window); no one in the neighborhood will know where it is -- everyone local I ran into didn't even know there was any sort of accommodation on the street (it's next to a red, historic building). If you want to book at the hostel, they charge more than online rates (my hotel I booked, didn't have proper accommodation and wouldn't put me up elsewhere -- I decided to go here; the booking sites were a bit lower than the price they quoted; they wouldn't even go down to meet the price when i pointed this out). The only positive is that it's a good place to meet others in the lower level.
Don't do it!
If you don't care about super sh*tty showers, toilets with no seats and "rooms" with heaps of beds and no door then this is the place for you. The atmosphere and people are good, breakfast can hardly be called a breakfast, good to have wifi and a bar. Wouldn't recommend it but I haven't been to any other hostel.
Zebra Hostel is definitely a party hostel, but the amenities and facilities are also great. The free breakfast is good -- buffet style with two types of cereal, two types of juice, coffee, tea, some pastries, and toast. The Location The hostel is in a quiet suburb, with a pizza shop and supermarket just two minutes' walk away. There is a tram stop just outside, and the metro is only a five minute walk away, which takes you into the centre to the Duomo stop in just two stops. Rooms and Bathrooms Despite the huge size of some dorms (up to forty beds), the way the rooms are laid out means that some parts of the dorm are more like staying in a twelve-bed, as the rest of the beds are round a corner. There are in-room lockers, with locks available for a refundable deposit. The bathrooms are not very clean (probably due to so many people using them), there is not much space to get changed in the bathrooms, and some beds potentially have bedbugs. The showers are more like a drip than a shower, and must be switched back on every ten seconds or so as they have an auto-switch off (although they are at least hot showers). Common Spaces The common areas are excellent. There is a huge party area in the basement with a bar and DJ nights in the evening. On the main level there is new, modern communal kitchen with everything you'd need, a common area with cafe style tables and chairs, sofas, a flat screen TV, another bar, and the computer area. There are only three computers, which isn't many for a hostel of this size, so do expect to wait at busy times (though there is free Wi-Fi provided). There is a locked luggage store room which is good, and the hostel itself is very secure, with CCTV in place. This is definitely a big party hostel and is very sociable, though probably not the best choice for someone wanting a guaranteed night's sleep and an early night. Summary With excellent (if not always clean) facilities and a good atmosphere, this is a good hostel for the price. However, the cleanliness and possibility of bedbugs do let it down. It is perhaps not suitable for those who aren't up for the party atmosphere.
Lindsay Turner

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