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The Review

Alba Hostel Glasgow is clean and functional, however its location and atmosphere are not exactly worth the stay.

The Location

It's located pretty far out of the city, towards the west end. There is a train stop about a block away, and there are nearby bus stops; however, it's more in the suburbs of Glasgow than in the city. In order to reach the city center you must take a train or the bus. There are a few shops where you can buy food and necessities nearby, but be prepared to take a few buses or walk a fair distance to reach any nightlife or go sightseeing. There are spaces for parking if you are arriving by car, and Glasgow is a fairly easy city to navigate with a car as the streets are much wider and traffic flows better than in many other cities in the UK. The neighborhood is fairly safe during daylight hours, but as always, be cautious when walking around at dusk or nightfall.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The doors don't have locks, but there are wardrobes that can be locked if you bring your own padlock. The rooms are clean and decorated to make you feel like you're in a hotel, but the actual quality and feel of the place is very flimsy. It has a lot of beige colors and mood lighting, but don't be fooled, because most things in this hostel are just for show. The bathrooms are also mostly clean, with hot showers; however the water pressure isn't that good and the showers seem to be patched up to look really fancy rather than actually work very well. It feels more like a large, renovated house done hastily than a hostel.

Common Spaces

There is a living room with a TV, which is also nicely decorated. However, it seems to be occupied mainly by the teenage staff, who seem to be simply looking for a place to live and not meeting other people or fostering a warm hostel environment. The man who owns the hostel runs a tight ship and treats guests like children (perhaps because his staff seem to be composed of teens), but the hostel feels a bit, well, hostile. The kitchen is in the basement, and only some of the stovetops work and there is a very limited supply of cooking utensils. There is a dining area upstairs (where breakfast is served for a small fee) where there are plenty of tables and chairs, but again, the place is usually very empty and the guests who stay.


There is no lockout or curfew, but the atmosphere of the hostel is just not very welcoming, and it feels like a very sterile environment. It's a decent place for a good night's sleep, but if you're only around for one night, pick someplace closer to the city center and major public transportation hubs.
by Emily Schreiber Staff Reviewer
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6 Fifth Avenue, Anniesland, Glasgow, Strathclyde, Scotland
55.888171, -4.321602 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+44141255 0414
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Cheaper than others, but not worth it
When we arrived, our room wasn't ready, which wasn't a problem. We asked if we could have a quick shower before we left to explore Glasgow, which we were allowed to do. However, the hostel "closes" from 12-4 for "cleaning", so you have to leave the building. You are not allowed inside until they re-open. So we were told to leave as soon as possible. When we returned, we were told we had to pay £2 per bag for having them "watched". The person working at the reception in the morning did not mention this fee, so it came as a shock to us. Particularly since nobody was watching the bags. Anybody could've gotten access to the bags, they are not secured at all. After paying the owner, an unfriendly man, he stared at us like idiots for a minute before asking if he could help us with anything. He hadn't given us our room yet. Then, once we got into our room, it took him a few hours to find our key. Since the door can only be locked with the key from both inside and outside, we were effectively prisoners in the room, unable to leave or sleep as our door was completely unlocked. The room itself was fine, apart from the sheets being dirty -- no sign of that cleaning time being used. The kitchen for guest use is located in the basement, and was quite dirty. Even the rags used to dry the dishes were quite filthy. The location is very inconvenient if you do not have a car. What money we saved on the hostel itself we lost on having to take the 20 minute train in and out of Glasgow everyday. All things considered, it was not that bad a place to stay. However, I would not stay here again, simply because of the location and the staff. Apart from the young guy, Johnny. He was a nice guy, and actually knew things about what to see and do in Glasgow, unlike the owner.
Very friendly, relaxing and clean place.

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