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Via Principe Amadeo 132, Near Termini, Rome, Lazio, Italy
41.896944, 12.503591 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+39 0 697 840 408
+39 (0) 697 840 408
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Oh so bad
It was awful. I did not stay. We arrived, they were rude and unhelpful. They took us to another building, not where we booked. Then tried to put us into a room filled with sleeping people. We had booked a double. His story kept changing. First the double would be ready later, then we were to stay in the dorm. No water, no windows. To top it all off after we left because they broke the legal contract -- not us -- they have charged us for a night's accommodation. Don't go. For only a few euros more you can have a great room elsewhere. This place is not friendly or safe as they advertise. They should be shut down for good next time.
Should be closed down
We flew into rome late at night, and had ordered a transfer through the hostel which did not appear. When we finally arrived at the hostel, we asked Tino (a member of staff) what happened to the transfer and he replied "what does it matter, you got here." Take from that what you will. Next he went on to convince us that we had booked a dorm room when we actually booked a four-bed room. When we provided evidence of purchase he got angry, and ended up kicking an italian out of bed to accommodate us. The room was filthy. Three of the four beds were broken. Next day we were moved into another room, which was just as bad. It looked as if it had not been cleaned for weeks. We were not in the advertised hostel, but a flat about three minutes' walk away. The bathroom was disgusting and shared among ten people. Hot water ran out after about four people in the morning. I would suggest if you are thinking of staying here, think again and then take a break and think some more. It is cheap, but I wish I had spent a little more money and stayed somewhere else. On the plus side, It is near the train station, so if you decide to leave, you can make a quick exit.
Nightmare with free internet access!
Freestyle is a good name for this hostel, they don't follow any rules -- except their own. Two bathrooms for over thirty people, no chance to stay over noon at bed for ill people -- the only flexibility that we saw was our own. The breakfast was cornflakes, the diner was mashed pasta and bad wine. Not like at the description. The only good thing I remember was the free internet access. Our residence at Freestyle ended like it had to be -- the police closed the hostel at march 31th, at seven o'clock and we stood at the street. Do it the Freestyle way -- but not much longer as I hope. The main-concept was good, but the assembly is deficient.
Run by a bunch of very friendly and helpful staff, this hostel stands out among the nine i stayed in over the last summer. It represents incredible value, including a more than sufficient pasta dinner and cheap wine for free (considering most hostels in Rome only include breakfast in the price, no complaints there, it's great!). Not a bad location, very near the station and most of the sights are accessible -- even the Vatican over the other side of town is only an hour or so's walk away. Slightly crowded but on the flipside very communal -- this was one of the few hostels where we actually got talking to the other guests! The boiler can't cope with the showers so unless you get in there first the water will probably be cold, but this did not affect our enjoyment of the place at all! The place is perfect for youthful travelers who enjoy meeting other people and having fun! Wish we could have stayed longer and hope to go back someday!
A really good place to stay!
I stayed three days in freestyle hostel in Rome and I had the best time ever. I wish I can go back there. staff were really friendly and funny people. in this hostel there were only young backpackers and we all had fun and going out all together. the dining room is really small but like that everybody talks to everybody really easily and nobody stay alone! If you're looking for a quiet place to stay on your own to rest, don t go there. but if you want to have good time meet people from all over the world, have fun and be a freestylers. just book it!
Really good
Yes, it's cramped. The cleanliness of the bathrooms depends on the person in front of you (although the rooms were clean, and the bedsheets changed often. we had to stay there with a sick friend on our last day, and let me assure you they did clean during lockout. Also, this is a hostel. You don't come here expecting private bathrooms and Egyptian cotton towels. However, what it lacks in space and luxury, it more than makes up for in character, ambiance, and friendliness of staff. The memory of Kumar shouting "Pasta!" will still make me laugh today, and the hostel guests were all really friendly -- most our nights were spent traipsing drunkenly through Rome with a random group of people from all over the world. Unforgettable. The sheer fact of the crampedness makes for cosiness too -- everyone talks over dinner. In fact I would compare it to being part of a huge, slightly dysfunctional extended family for a week. As for the food, there was breakfast if you were up in time (I often wasn't) and tea was amazing, basic, but lots of it, and tasty. (salad, pasta, and wine.) I didn't see any bedbugs at all, no one woke me in the middle of the night (although we did have the slightly more spacious room) and there was internet, if you managed to find a time when no one else was on. bring your own padlock (there were thieves about); be careful at night (the area was slightly dodgy although we never had any problems); and be open-minded, friendly, and willing to rub shoulders with other people. Basically, what any sane person expects when they go abroad. This holiday was amazing, and I would definitely stay at the Freestyle again.
  I myself have been working in the hostel business in austria, so i know a thing or too about running these sort of things. I have been backpacking through world and lived in hostels many times. But this hostel is by far the worst experience yet. i am covered in little red dots all over my body from bedbugs and fleas. my friend is now at the time suffering from a severe case of nail fungus,because of the lack of hygiene in the bathrooms. as for the bathrooms, there are two small bathrooms with showers divided on thirty people. as for the kitchen i dont even want to begin with, that is really a nasty experience. especially since you can smell the bathroom in there. As for what they promise and i quote, "We offer free dinner every night with pasta and wine. Free continental breakfast (croissants, cereals, cakes, bread and jams, juices, coffee, Tea, milk, and hot chocolate." You are in luck if they have some limps of bread, some milk, and cereal. As for the dinner, i saw that they had some pasta, but i was never brave enough to try it due to the nasty kitchen. I never saw any wine either. Also they promise, air condition, and free internet, there is no air condition -- only windows. As for the free internet, it was closed the time we spent there. But i will also say that you can meet some really nice people there, and the staff is also nice (except maria), though i doubt they have any education in hostel/hotel/service business. I celebrated my birthday the day I left freestyle, and the surprise i got was two cockroaches in my suitcase.
  When I first got to this hostel, they showed us boxers (used) that they were putting up on the wall to commemorate the party-night they had had before. The owner of the boxers then told me that he was walking around naked. The management just laughed. When we got into the room, not only were there not enough lockers for beds, but three had been smashed in and not fixed. While bending down to pick something up, I scraped my jeans and my leg (from which I still have an inch-long scar) on a rusty screw that was sticking out of one of the broken lockers. I asked for a towel one night. I paid and they said they would get it to me soon. By the next morning, they had none. By that evening, they told me to wait until the next day. They told my friend that she could come back for free, but that I wasn't invited. There were cockroaches in the kitchen (which are just a few steps from the sleeping areas) and the overall cleanliness is a joke. There is a quiet policy at 11 or so, which I understand for older guests, but as they show themselves as a party hostel, I'm very confused why people looking for a good time would come here. One star really is too much to give, as another poster already indicated. I hated this place even though I loved the city.

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