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The Review

HI - Bogota - La Pinta Hostel is a good balance of price, location, and safety.

The Location

La Pinta is located in the Chapinero neighbourhood in Bogota, just off of Carrera 7, a major road that runs north-south through Bogota. Chapinero is generally known as a safe area, particularly in comparison to the Candelaria district, where the majority of Bogota hostels are located. La Pinta's location at Calle 65 is a ten-minute cab ride from both the historic center around Calle 15 (Candelaria) and the nightlife district around Calle 85 (Zone Rosa). La Pinta is walking distance to public transit, major banks, and the "Zona G" Restaurant district.

Rooms and Bathrooms

La Pinta is as clean as a hostel can be and rooms are cleaned daily. Dorm rooms feature large lockers, each with an electrical plug built inside, which is especially useful because you can securely charge your devices. Rooms can be cold at night, and a thicker wool blanket is provided for this reason. The showers are clean, and the water is hot.

Common Spaces

Main common areas include the kitchen, the "living room" beside the kitchen, the back garden, and the second-floor balcony. While La Pinta is not a party hostel, it is a social hostel that is stocked with an ample supply of Colombian beer usually consumed by travelers before hitting up the Zona Rosa. As with the general temperature of Bogota, common areas are on the chilly side, as doors are usually kept open from the comings and goings. Common areas in La Pinta center around one or two tables with multiple chairs, which helps travelers meet one another.


If a hostel's website is an indication of the effort they put into their property, then La Pinta is basic, user friendly, and clean. With friendly staff with relatively good English skills, the hostel serves as a good base to explore the city on a short or long-term basis. The hostel has two large, friendly dogs.
by Funkyboodah Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Hostal La Pinta" at Calle 65 # 5-67.)


Calle 65 # 5-67, Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Colombia
4.648838, -74.058604 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+57 1 3182744498
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Clean and friendly -- not too party or too calm
I really liked La Pinta! The staff were great and friendly, especially Mario, Jose-Luis and Oscar. We became good friends by the end of our stay. I had passport problems and was 3 days late on my reservation and they didnt make me pay, no fuss. same with my friends who had a flight delay and couldnt get in until the next day. dorms were good but top bunks are high! hot water seems to work in some rooms really well and others not. kitchen lounge bar and garden are all great. friendly dogs. cool atmosphere -- not a party hostel but also a good size for socializing and having some drinks and playing cards at night. free use of computer {use ctrl 6 4 to make the @!} and the tv\movies upstairs. Easy to get to on P500 bus from airport. just get off when your are close and walk the last 10 minutes. Close to fine dining district G. A little far from sights and the popular candelaria\downtown district but easy on the buses or about an 1.5 hour easy paced walk. Good breakfast and all the cleaners are really friendly too. I would recommend and come back! The keys to the dorms were often missing or misplaced so we had to share a locker. Would be an easy fix. Also a charger and washcloth disappeared from the dorm when they cleaned. charger came back, washcloth did not. also laundry took a day and a half longer than they said but they rectified the mistake. Thanks guys!!
Age 27, usa
Clean bedrooms and bathrooms.Great kitchen.Lovely dogs!!!
March 2011 -- Absolutely nice place. You get a lot for not "too much" money. The dogs are friendly and add a nice familiar touch to the whole experience. Easy to get to and from. Free breakfast. Bogota can get rainy, so remember to pack your umbrella. We will go back and recommend to friends, also. You will like it. Enjoy it.
Josue and Tere Jimenez

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