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50A Alabin str., 2nd floor, 6 apt, Sofia, Sofia Province, Bulgaria
42.694692, 23.321266 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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(+359)889 138 298 / (+359)888384828
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Warm atmosphere, super breakfast, nice location
I staid in the Hostel for two Nights, the staff of the hostel (especially Violetta) were always concerned about a warm atmosphere. The breakfast, included in the price of 9 Euro, was simply great. The location is not only in middle of the city but the building also has also a Irish Pub (good Party on Saturday) and a vegetarian restaurant underneath. The flashes of the trams outdoors and the rather special bathroom are not bad at all but a bit curious. Thanks for the nice stay!
Xavier Ammann
Not for the cold season, or any season really.
staff are friendly. dorms located on second floor of mall building, just above mccarthy's irish pub, which has irish nights and whose boisterous employees, musicians, and patrons can be heard through the thin boards, walls, and ceilings. the hostel does have a sense of humor though, you receive a voucher for one free vodka or gin at mccarthy's for each night you stay at the hostel. i guess if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. though the pub did run out of the cheap vodka, so i didn't get to use my voucher. again, the largest dorm room is directly over the pub. the beds have old mattresses, though bedding is clean. the single bathroom on the second floor can be shared by up to fourteen people and becomes utterly filthy. the water for the shower is lukewarm. the dorm room also isn't warm -- when i was there, the one electric radiator for that large room with windows along the side of one whole wall did not work properly, and the thin blankets they give can leave you shivering through the night. breakfast is advertised as a nice array of appetising dishes, but you really only get cold cheese, cold ham, cold boiled eggs, and cold coffee. free Wi-Fi, but the single computer for shared use has a busted cpu fan and will suddenly overheat and shut down in the middle of your most important emails. i didn't see any roaches or pests in the hostel, but you feel like one if you need to check out before 8 a.m. no one's there, and of course you can't get your deposit back for the hostel/locker keys. the current rate is 9 euro per night, and since leaving i have heard of other hostels which charge much less. never will i stay there again. it is centrally located, but i bet others are too. sofia isn't that big really, and this hostel can really ruin your trip.
(new zealand)
Good hostel, good location, helpful people
Stayed there September 18 and 19 2008. Rooms, beds, sheets are clean. The owner/manager was helpful and pointed out a few places for good local traditional foods. The internet was good also. Great location to explore the city. Easy to find. It is next door to McDonalds. Two McDonalds are only about five blocks from each other. If they are full they will find you another hostel. Good experience.
  I have been to the internet hostel very recently, actually about ten days ago. It is true, it is more like a private apartment, with a few rooms, some shared, and some private, and a main "living room" where breakfast is served. I was staying in private room (double bed). It was very nicely furnished and clean. Clean sheets, blankets, and towels were provided. The hostel assistant was nice, although her English was very poor, but we could communicate anyway. The breakfast was satisfactory -- tea or coffee, bread, butter and marmalade, cheese and ham. The bathroom is shared, which is not the best option, but it is a hostel, so it is very usual. It was kept clean, although I have to say the shower is very weird. It comes from the roof in the middle of the bathroom, which in the beginning was a bit of a shock, but then actually I had no problem. And the location of course is perfect. A computer with free internet connection was available in the "living room."
  This is a very poorly run hostel and I would advise anyone to look for another place. It was one of the few low-points of our great visit to Bulgaria. To start, the photos are a carefully engineered and creative image of the cluttered and depressing interior that actually is this hostel. The owner seemed distant and uninterested. The owner initially attempted to overcharge us for a shuttle from the airport (it costs 10 to 15 leva by taxi and she asked 12 euro (23 leva) -- though taxi drivers will attempt to overcharge as well). We made it into Sofia by public bus only to realize that the instructions from the hostel were (intentionally?) confusing /incorrect. At the hostel, our bathroom was out of order in our room (though they did put us in a nice apartment-like room for two nights). The following mornings, there was practically no breakfast -- a bit of cheese, meat, and bread while the TV blared over our heads in the small, crowded common room. A tired woman in the kitchen painfully made a small amount of black coffee after being asked. The other rooms in the hostel looked cluttered with old furniture. The internet was unavailable for some of the visit. When we returned later in the week, our final reservation didn't exist though they did put us in a large, dirty apartment with bugs in the bathroom on the far side of the central area (we arrived by illegally riding the streetcar, at the insistence of the owner's guide). The smoky apartment had full ashtrays and Burger King trash in the living room and dirty dishes in the sink. How romantic. The hostel is well located though. Do yourself a favor -- enjoy Sofia by going elsewhere.
Jamie O'Beirne
(The United States)
Internet Hostel is situated on Alabin Street, just some meters away from one of the main shopping streets of Sofia -- Vitosha Boulevard. But this is the only and the best thing about it. It is situated on the fourth floor of the building, not on the second as it written in the information about it and there is no lift. Also, it is not really a hostel -- it is more like a home-stay accommodation. There is no place for the reception at all -- it is the same place where they serve breakfast. The stairs leading to the top of the building are really terrible -- blue, dirty, with different graffiti and notes on the walls. We booked the hostel almost three weeks before arriving. When we arrived, the first shock was the staircase. There are no signs of the Internet Hostel on the second floor and only upon climbing to the top did we find it. When we tried to open the door, the handle of the door came off in my friend's hand! The door suddenly opened and we were told there were no rooms available! We had a conversation with the both of the hostel managers for about two hours. The manager of the hostel is very rude, unpleasant, and unkind, but the staff is great -- very helpful and nice! They offered another hostel, which was the same (home-stay accommodation on the fourth floor of a five-storied building without a lift). We stayed here. The room is nice, clean, and newly renovated. They give you clean linen and towels. It is not very noisy there, but it could be, because outside your room there is a space for watching TV, eating, and smoking. The bathroom is in the hall. The hostel has free internet. For breakfast you can get some toast with sausages, cheese and tomatoes and jam, and coffee and tea. If you want to save money, you can stay here. But remember, it is really not a hostel, but a home-stay accommodation.
  This place is a disaster! Dirty and stinky, a place where you can easily catch hepatitis. The location is good and but the apartment is a nightmare.
Visitor from Germany
  It's in a great location! Bedding is always very clean, as well as the bathroom and rest of the hostel. There are maps and info all over the place to help you get around better.
Tim Howlett

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