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The Review

Casa Verde is a small, charming, and slightly rundown hostel on Isla Colon (the main island in the Bocas del Toro region). The hostel has a reasonably priced restaurant and bar. They accept American dollars as well as Panamanian balboas.

The Location

Casa Verde is located a few minutes' walk from the pier directly on the water. The hostel features a deck and dock area that is perfect for socializing, relaxing, or taking a dip into the clear water. Due to the small size of the town, the hostel is no more than a ten-minute walk to any shop, bar, restaurant, or amenity that is offered.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms are slightly rundown and could use a fix-up or two, but do have some charm due to the wood paneling, which creates an atmosphere similar to a hull of a boat without the rocking of the ocean. The lockers are too small to fit a full-sized laptop but are large enough for a smaller notebook. Please note that you need a small-sized lock to be able to lock the lockers. Most of the rooms are equipped with air conditioning, which is a nice touch to go along with the fairly comfortable beds. A small fridge is also in each room.

The bathrooms are of average size and cleanliness. They are nothing special but also do not have any mold, mildew, or dirt buildup. The showers do have real hot water, which is a nice treat for a developing nation.

Common Spaces

The common spaces are the only saving grace for Casa Verde. The hostel is built on the water and offers a fantastic view of the water, other islands, and boats that ferry by. They have built a large deck area complete with hammocks, tables, couches, and chairs. The dock offers a great spot to jump in the water or float on one of their free water tubes. It is a nice change, as most of the other hostels on the island are built in the central area. The dock also offers fairly decent snorkeling right off the pier.

The kitchen is of mediocre size, quality, and cleanliness. It is complete with the essentials but do not expect a Michelin-star kitchen.


Casa Verde is a great place to relax either in the water or on the deck. Other than that, Casa Verde is an average hostel. On the last night of our stay, they had a "private" party for a group and no guests at the hostel were allowed to use the bar.
by Fro Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Casa Verde" at Avenida Sur (South Street).)


Avenida Sur (South Street), Isla Colón (Isla Colon), Panama
9.335368, -82.241464 (accuracy not guaranteed)
None (if you know the URL of their website, tell us and we'll add it)
011-507-757-9401, for Availabilities not listed on, call: 6752-9586 or check out our website
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Want to spend the night in jail?
my friend and i spent almost two weeks at casa verde before moving out one day after watching the owner try to send a nice german lady to jail for absolutely no reason. she was accosted by a drunk employee, then accused of destroying property which upon subsequent investigation was determined to be undamaged. the owner called the policia turisto and demanded she pay $150 for the property. when she refused to pay the policia threatened to take her to jail. only go to casa verde if you are alright with the idea of spending your night in the local jail cell. and beware the 18" bowie knife owner chester kroeger carries under his shirt on his righthand side!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok but overpriced
i really liked the waterfront side and the deck, but $30 for a smelly double room with a dirty fridge and no working a/c is way too much! fortunately we didnt have to pay it all after complaining. adding up the upper toilet really had a bad urine-smell the whole time we were there. there was a tour offered to us, which then we got somewhere else for much cheaper. no good deal there. casa verde is not too bad, and has its own charm, especially when you lie in the hammock by the water, but its not how it is sold on the website and how i said its too expensive for what it is.
Nice place, great location
This was a great place to stay. I enjoyed cooking in the large kitchen and eating dinner out on the dock. Because it's at the end of town, it was quiet at night and felt safe. The twin room was great for $15 and I'll stay here again.
Joy West
Top notch concept and accommodations
I always ask people, Do you want to stay and sleep where the party is, or do you want to sleep well and go visit the party? I work in the Panama hostel industry, and these guys have rapidly earned their place in the Cheap Panama Vacation Top five Cheap Accommodations. My criteria for judging -- I can sleep, I can work, I can party, I can save money and cook well, Privacy and safety, People who really care and who are competent, Staff who know what I want and make it easy to get. I'm coming up on thirty soon, and frankly, though I enjoy visiting the hostels that are packed with young travelers beer and women, I don't want to sleep in these places. Where do you go if you want the best overall hostel in Bocas? You go to Casa Verde, book in advance, bring friends so you can easily afford to go on private customizable tours, and ask for Juan or Ellen to hook you up with all the gear and bike rentals, scuba shops, restaurants, tours.
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