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Grafinger Str 6., Munich, Bavaria, Germany
48.123788, 11.608821 (accuracy not guaranteed)
1 352 3873362
+ 27 86 551 4139
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  We booked for a 4-people private room with shower ... one week later we were told that the location changed (with no possibility of being refunded) and we must sleep during two nights in a small tent in a cold Bavarian forest with drunk people puking and peeing near the tents! I found someone in my tent who had just puked all around on all my stuff ... We had no pillows, blankets were not hot enough, it was noisy, smelly (toilets were full of vomit and faeces). We needed to pay to take a shower! Staff was drunk at all time and no one was able to give information nor help us. I paid 120 euros to sleep in my car the second night ... this was disgusting and for sure the biggest rip-off of all times! DO NOT GO THERE!!!
Had fun and was worth the money
I see a lot of bad reviews about Hostival. I am sure these people didn't know what they were signing up for and didn't take the time to research what they were getting into, like I did. Yes, we stayed in a tent but it was no different to staying in a regular hostel. It was comfy and the bed was decent enough to sleep on. For a good price like that I didn't expect more! The best part was the staff and the people. it's a very friendly, vibey environment and i made a ton of new friends. I will definitely be staying there again and I want to thank Giuliano again for giving me travel tips for the area and helping me make so many new friends. Viva Hostival!
Age 27, American
I hated the Hangover Hospital - GET A PROPER HOSTEL OR HOTEL INSTEAD!!
Me and five friends just recently stayed at the Hostival for the last few days of Oktoberfest 2012. What a complete scam and sham the whole place is. The beds are like prison beds, with horrible thin matresses. The bedding provided was small and thin, so I spent most of the nights awake and shivering constantly. There is a red sheet that separates the two halves of each tent, which provides absolutely no noise protection. You need to shower at 5am to guarantee that it is hot. Also, we paid and reserved six beds only to find that there were only five available to us, (thankfully there was a couple amongst our group). The site is located in an industrial/clubbing district which is NOWHERE near Oktoberfest. It is a 10-15 minute walk to the train station, then a further five stops to the festival. It was only the brilliance of the festival itself that stopped my whole Oktoberfest experience from being a complete let down. I would award it NO STARS of that was an option. Maybe this is okay for skint students/travelers or something, but for a bunch of professionals in their late 20s/early 30s this was the worst accommodation and some of the worst nights sleep I've ever had the misfortune of enduring. The photos are totally fake and bulls**t. This is a serious money making scam (in 16 nights this place took at least €161,280 my by calculations). Next year we are staying at a proper hotel, I strongly suggest you do the same if you want to sleep well.
Just really awful all round (Oct 2012)
It is essentially a wet tent that smells like feet with no heating, a pillow thats not quite big enough for your head, mattress that is approx 3 inches thick, and a cheap blanket. my personal bed was next to a wall which lifted up when the wind blew (which sucked in the rain), and my blanket had been stolen by someone who couldn't hack the cold either when i got back from the festival (but i got another with no problems). the first night was cold, the second night was even worse with the rain and lack of heat causing me to wake up shivering uncontrollably, most of us had colds/flu at this point. I couldn't bring myself to use the shower, and the bathrooms were beyond disgusting, i didn't even want to brush my teeth there. it was appalling and we paid 80euros each for the privilege. then we found out a night in a hotel was only 60euros each per night, the extra 40euros is well worth it. the staff were a friendly bunch of hippy stoners, but if someone hands you a sh*t in bread and smiles while they do it, they are still giving you a sh*t sandwich, albeit in a friendly fashion. the place is next door to an industrial estate with a strippers, a metal club, and a decent cafe/restaurant. I can't say strongly enough how much of a terrible idea staying in this place is. if you must, take hats, coats, gloves, sleeping bags, dry soap, deodorant (lots you will not only have your own to deal with, but you'll be marinating it the stink of others) or just used the money to get a better hostle/hotel. if the weather had been great it may of been tolerable, but it wasn't.
Callum Hood
Great time, awesome environment
Read what the place is, if you don't like loud noise, party goers, and drunk people all the time then it's not for you. I had an awesome time, the staff were great, and so was everyone staying there. You stay in tents with bunks, so don't hate the place cause your to fancy to live like this. Great craic wish I was still there.
(New Zealand)
Octoberfest 2012 visit
Me and 11 other rock hard friends of mine, used to a poor and cold environment in Iceland, stayed in a tent for 4 nights at this so called Hostival about a week ago (september 2012). The first time I visited the toilet it had turd nuggets all over the floor and vomit on the walls. The didn't clean it until many hours later! The "staff" were just a bunch of lazy pot smoking scumbags. Showers were freezing cold all the time and the drains in them were clogged with hair and other slimy stuff. One of us saw a rat running under one of the tents, the size of a small cat. All the pictures you see are false. The only place it resembles is a refugee camp. DO NOT go there ... it's the most disgusting place I've ever been to.
I went there in 2011 and it was an awful experience. It was just some cold tents in an old industrial environment. It's one BIG LIE.
Highly recommended!!
I have stayed at Hostival a couple of times and am joining them again this year at Oktoberfest. I can honestly say it is the best place to stay! I cannot believe the rubbish that people have posted on this site. Hostival is non stop fun with great beds to crash on. The staff are super friendly too. Hostival is definitely not a scam, they sent me confirmation of payment straight away and have never had any problems booking with them. I cannot wait for the party to start!!!

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