Rallaren Hostel


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Bangardsgatan 6, Östersund (Ostersund), Jämtland, Sweden
63.168762, 14.640554 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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If you're staying at Rallaren Hostel it really is for one reason and one reason only -- its proximity to the train station. As such it may not matter immensely the details of the accommodation but it should please you to know it's a clean and pleasant enough stay with a few nice little touches thrown in. Location The Rallaren Hostel is right on the platform of Ostersund train station. The location couldn't be more perfect when rushing out for that early morning train. It is particularly useful for those traveling on the Inlandsbanan which makes a stopover at Ostersund, arriving late in the evening and departing again early in the morning. As such it could get busy in the summer months when the Inlandsbanan is running. It is not so useful for those planning on a longer stay in Ostersund as it is a bit of a walk from the main action at the lakeside and Jamtli Museum although it is otherwise a comfortable stay. Rooms and Bathrooms The dorm rooms typically have six beds in them. The rooms are spacious enough to fit in a table and couple of chairs alongside the bunk beds and there was a large mirror in our dorm. Showers and bathrooms are separate from bedrooms, and bathrooms all contains a humorous book for toilet reading (although it is written in Swedish so is only useful if you speak the language). Common Spaces There is also a nice little kitchen with a big fridge and spacious dining area, and a comfortably furnished common room containing a large painting of Hollywood stars at a bar. This picture stands out dramatically amid the mundane furnishings of this little central Swedish hostel and is easily the most enchanting thing about the place. The atmosphere in Rallaren Hostel is busy but quiet. There are no organised activities or social gatherings here and it is definitely not the place to go if for a loud or social atmosphere -- it's much better suited to a brief stopover or quiet short stay in Ostersund. One thing that may disrupt this quiet stay, however, are the trains running by right outside. Ostersund is one of the main rail junctures in this part of Sweden and it can get reasonably busy. Freight trains do run by during the night and other guests have been heard complaining of the noise. For a light sleeper this is something to consider. It is worth noting that we were never bothered by them but were at one of the back rooms and fairly heavy sleepers. While in one of the showers at the front of the building there is a discernible rumble from passing trains. It may be worth requesting one of the farther away rooms at the time of booking to minimize the noise. Summary Overall, the Rallaren is a pleasant and convenient stay, though probably not the most atmospheric in town for a longer or more lively stay and not best suited to light sleepers.
Laura Ferguson

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