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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Vila Madalena Hostel" at Rua Francisco Leitão, 686.)


Rua Francisco Leitão, 686, Bairro Pinheiros, São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
-23.559031, -46.682620 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+55 11 3034-4104
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Amazing place, so nice staff that will help you with everything you need. Nice rooms and the hostel is located in a really good area with lots of bars and restaurants. Me and my gf stayed for 3 nights and then had to leave because all the rooms were booked. I can recommend the place to anyone.
Age 24, Sweden
Vila Madalena is a really beautiful hostel in the Pinheiros district of Sao Paulo. It is that rare place where you feel completely at home with its surroundings but at the same time you feel like you are in a different world altogether. The Location Pinheiros is a neighbourhood in Sao Paulo, easily reached by the subway system. It is some distance from the actual centre of Sao Paulo but is a far safer place to stay, and is one with all the amenities you need right on its doorstep. Half an hour's walk can take you to the boutique shops in the heart of Vila Madalena (the area not the hostel) or the commercial and cultural hub of Paulista Avenue, while Pinheiros itself has a plethora of antiques shops (including sixties and seventies retro wares), restaurants serving food from all corners of the world, and plenty of bars and cafes. Rooms and Bathrooms There are a number of dorm rooms, all of which have plenty of windows and are immaculately clean, which means that although there are plenty of beds in each it never feels too claustrophobic. The bathrooms are generally separate from the rooms, and again are extremely clean and plentiful, so if you are desperate or need to grab a quick shower before leaving, there is always an option. Common Spaces The common spaces are what make Vila Madalena so special. As well as a small reception (featuring the internet) and the opportunity to bombard the owner Tulio with questions (which he loves to answer), there is a large passageway up the side of the property, with a mural along the length of the wall that guests are asked to add to in anyway they see fit (the hostel has plenty of paints for this). At the end of this passageway is a huge outdoor space with speakers, plenty of seats, hammocks for relaxing, cover in case of rain -- this is generally the perfect place to relax. Further still, there is a lounge area with television, sofas, and a number of tables and chairs. Summary We are really impressed by this hostel. It is clear to see that it is largely based on the ideas of its owner Tulio. Sometimes this can be dangerous for a hostel, but in the case of Tulio, his enthusiasm and idiosyncrasies only make this hostel more fun and creative. Plus his determination to make the place clean and comfy ensures the place will always look appealing to anyone visiting. Add to this the fact that the hostel is in a really nice location in what can sometimes seem like a very busy, suffocating city and we would recommend this hostel to anyone visiting Sao Paulo.
Russell Slater

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