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The Review

Anker Hostel is a big hostel in Oslo, fifteen minutes' walking from the train station.

The Location

The hostel is indeed near the city center. From the airport you can take the train; it takes about half an hour to reach the train station. From there it is around fifteen minutes' walking to the hostel, which is is quite easy to find. The area is not that great, as it is outside the shopping or clubbing part of the city, and it feels a bit dangerous at night.

Rooms and Bathrooms

It has four-bed rooms, both double and single ones. The four-bed rooms have a bathroom and a kitchenette inside. The room is very spacious and the beds are bunk beds. The mattresses are quite comfortable and large. No light is provided at each bed, which makes it difficult to read at night. The bathroom is fine -- it's quite large and with a nice shower that provides copious hot water. The rooms seem clean but a bit old. No lockers are provided next to the beds; they're downstairs near the lobby, and it is a bit uncomfortable to either bring your stuff up and down every time, or the leave your items unlocked near your bed. The kitchenette works well and all equipment for cooking is provided at the reception under the payment of a deposit, which you get back after you bring back the equipment. It is sometimes negative to have a kitchen inside the room, as the smell from the food stays and stinks inside the room.

Common Spaces

There are not many common spaces in this hostel -- there's a rooftop, which is open only in summer, and a large sofa downstairs next to the lobby. There is also a foosball table in from of the reception, but it is quite challenging to socialize, as the ambience is small and it is more like a quick place to sit and wait for your turn at the counter, rather than spending time and chatting with other travelers.


All in all, this hostel makes it work, without offering anything that special. It is a fair place to stay if you just need to stay one or two nights in Oslo, and if you do not really care to have a sociable, fun hostel, but just a place to sleep. The location is also alright; it's not the best as it is not in the main center.
by Manu Staff Reviewer
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Storgata 55, Sofienberg, Oslo, Oslo, Norway
59.917647, 10.758203 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+47 22 99 72 00
+47 22 99 72 20
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81% Guest Reviews

Basic Accommodation
Good location (walking distance to train stations and sights) and decent price (by Norwegian standards). The rest of the experience was just average. There is a wide variety of people who stay here, 16 to 40+. The common room is large, but I didn't feel there was that much interaction between groups. I stayed in a room with 8 beds that had 1 shower and a small kitchenette. Be warned that you have to pay for towels and sheets, but apparently this is a common Scandinavian thing?
Age 28, American
Just as bad as everyone says -- an overpriced barracks
This is easily the worst hostel in which I have ever stayed. Likes -- Close to the train station, and the WiFi worked fine on floor 2, though it is rumored not to work on many other floors. Dislikes -- Very unfriendly staff, 70 kroner for a towel and bed linen, the shower floods the whole bathroom, no storage lockers, no real common room, no kitchen facilities. I ignored some of the bad reviews that people gave this place -- I wanted to save a few bucks, and I figured that they were just complaining, but I now regret having come at all, even for one night. Don't come. If you are skeptical of these types of reviews, still don't come. There have to be other options in Oslo, and this one, given the added price of bed linen, isn't even that cheap. Look elsewhere.
Age 27, Canada
Central location, helpful staff
I found this very centrally located hostel only at a few footsteps from the Central railway station and bus station in an ethnic neighbourhood with low prices for food (which was quite a relief after quite some money spent on food in Norway!). The staff was very helpful and there was free WLAN in the lobby area. The rooms were basic and somehow worn off but had a fridge and a watercooker. Price is unbeatable but all in all it didn't have a real "hostel" vibe. Nevertheless a good option to spend a couple of days amidst Oslo.
Great Location and Value
This hostel has a great location and is an exceptional value for Oslo, Norway. It is an easy 10 minute walk from the Central Train Station. I stayed here for a week in December 2013 and the hostel was clean, warm and well run. The staff is kind and helpful. The 8 bed dorm rooms do have kitchens and a small fridge so it is easy to self cater. The only reason I do not give it a higher rating is this hostel is more like a hotel. It really has very little traveler vibe. There is no common area and no food service other than beer and snacks. That being said I will stay here again when I pass back through Oslo on my way to Central Europe.
Age 41, USA
It's hard to believe the standard here is so low! I picked the cheapest of the expensive hostels in Oslo, and I really wish I hadn't. The six bed dorm had single beds rather than bunks, which was nice, but they were only about a foot apart, so I felt like I had no privacy. Plus, most of the beds were pretty far from the windows, and in a small room, that spells stuffy heat of the slightly stinky variety. (It wasn't too clean to start off with, anyway -- this place gets some serious wear and tear.) The room had it's own galley kitchen with two burners but no fridge, so it wasn't really useable -- and no access to a larger shared kitchen where we might have shared spices. Internet is available only in the tiny lobby, where everyone gathers to sit in a circle and check their email, subsequently crashing the network or just booting newcomers off. In short, I just can't recommend this place for anything but the price. There are no lockers in the rooms, and you have to pay to store luggage if you are out for the day after you check out, so ... Nope, I can't recommend it. Find a friend and get a cheap hotel room; it's only marginally more expensive, and so many millions of times better.
Tracy T
Age 25, USA
Perfectly ok, but nothing special
By Oslo standards this place seems relatively cheap, as well as pretty close to the bus terminal and central station, which is handy. Don't come here expecting super-friendly staff or loads of activities though, this is pretty basic stuff here, just a room with a bed (eight beds actually) and a bathroom / shower room attached, and it provides all this perfectly adequately. If this is all you need, you won't be disappointed. It felt pretty safe and the bed was fine, but I'm finding it difficult to be too enthusiastic because it just wasn't the sort of place that invites effusive praise. As far as hostels go in Oslo there's pretty slim pickings, and I can't help feeling that this place would find it difficult to stand up to a bit of competition -- but as things stand, it's perfectly ok, but no more. Oh and as everyone else has already pointed out, they charge for linen. And breakfast. As long as you know this in advance and factor it in, you hopefully won't be too annoyed when they add it to your bill.
Age 30, United Kingdom
Too expensive and lacking in basics
No security for your things since there are no lockers in room or below. Bed uncomfortable, linens are charged 50 crowns and they don't tell you in advance. The bathroom are not so clean and for everything there is a charge or deposit and no internet but in the lobby area, which is always crowded.
Good for a short stay
The rooms have a good size, but that the shower isn't separated from the toilet is a problem -- the whole bathroom is wet after having a shower, so if you go to the toilet you stand in water. The things you can lend for cooking is okay. W lan works just in the area of the reception, which is also the common area. The stuff is from bored to very friendly everything. But in comparison with other hostels in oslo its good.

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