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Lodge in the City is a BBH hostel just a short ways from Courtenay Place. It's inexpensive with comfortable beds, but certain inconveniences keep it from being a top-notch hostel.

The Location

If you're coming from the bus station, head down Waterloo Quay; where it forks, turn right onto Taranaki Street. The hostel is at the intersection of Taranaki and Vivian, about a twenty-minute walk from the railway station. It's near Courtenay Place, so it's close to bars and restaurants, as well as the waterfront. They do offer parking for a fee, and the city bus runs by frequently.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The dorm rooms lock securely, although some of the doors stick, so double check that the doors are shut. The dorms have ten beds, made up of five bunk beds; there are options for private, share, or double rooms. The beds are comfortable, and the bunks are tall, so you have space to sit up whether you are on the top or bottom bunk. The beds have reading lamps, but only some of them are functioning, and there are several outlets in the rooms but no lockers.

The showers have lower pressure than usual, but seem to have plenty of heat. They are also spacious, with shower caddies, hooks, and plenty of space to change. The toilets seem a bit dingy, and some of them have more trouble flushing than others, but they do what they need to do.

Common Spaces

There is one large room containing a common room, dining room, and kitchen. The common room, with Sky TV, has modern, comfortable couches. The dining room has several tables and chairs and power outlets as well. There is also a computer area adjacent to the common room with outlets and internet access, which can be purchased from reception.

The kitchen is a mess; it's large, but not enough for the amount of guests. The refrigerators are so full that some of them don't close (even though there are three and they are all relatively new). The cooking utensils are old and banged up. It is difficult to find towels to dry pots and pans, so they are often simply left sitting on the counter, and mugs are also missing much of the time. There aren't enough plates or trashcans. It's cleaned about twice a day, but it gets dirty in the meantime because of the lack of supplies and old facilities.

There is a separate game room with various arcade games, two pool tables, and an XBox 360. There is a bar inside, but it doesn't look like it's always functioning. They also have a small book exchange and a secure luggage storage room.

Since it's one of the cheapest hostels in Wellington, and one of the largest as well, it attracts a variety of people. There are young backpackers as well as older adults. It's a bit of a party hostel, with several people up very late in the game room playing pool or XBox, but it doesn't ever seem to get crazy or out of hand. But, since it's so large and cheap, you can also find mellow people who would rather sit in bed and chat than go out and drink.


This hostel is very cheap, with comfortable rooms. But the messy kitchen is a pretty big downside. If you're only staying for a night or two, this is a great place. But if you're planning on staying a bit longer, the kitchen and the crowds may prove too frustrating.
by Tyler-Rose Veguez
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Lodge in the City" at 152 Taranaki Street, corner Vivan & Taranaki.)


152 Taranaki Street, corner Vivan & Taranaki, Te Aro, Wellington, New Zealand
-41.295993, 174.776620 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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Worst experience!
Absolutely disgusting, bathrooms & toilets were pure filth. 3 out of the 3 toilets on our level were out of order. the place stunk, room said it had heating, there was no sign of heating at all & management were absolutely useless. Ended up leaving 5 minutes after check in and not worrying about getting our money back! Would not recommend at all, unless you were homeless or after drugs!
Age 20, Australian
My 10 hour stay was worse than the week I got food poisoning
This was my first hostel experience ever, and my worst hostel experience ever. Easily one of the dirtiest and most revolting places I've set foot in. I stayed here for one night with my brother in March 2016, and we were crammed into a small 8 bed dorm, where it barely fit the 4 bunk beds. With it being in a downtown central location it was evident that many patrons lived at the hostel week to week. The carpets were dingy and disgusting, and outside one of the washrooms on our floor the carpet was stained and probably rotting with mold and mildew from water seeping under the doorway from showers or toilet floods. Many of the toilets did not work, or had no toilet seat, which is pretty essential for a women's washroom. I stayed overnight and had I not spent 8 hours on the road that day I would not have peed there at all!! The kitchen was a messy disaster as if no one had cleaned up the space for days. The fridges had little to no space in them, and the small container of hummus we left in it overnight was stolen by the morning (rip hummus). The "mattresses" we slept on seemed to be either so thin you could feel the planks of the bunk bed in your back all night (as my brother said), or has springs and coils sticking every which way that you have to contort your body to find a crevice to sleep in for a few hours (which was how my sleep went). We went to check out in the morning and had to go back to collect our sheets and bedding as no one had told us to bring them with us for checkout. The only good things about this hostel are its central location, which sucked when cars and motorcycles would rip down the streets as loud as possible at 3am, the affordability, and the fact that any other hostel I stay in will be better than this one. If I could rate it 0/5 I would..
Age 20, Canada
Don't book here!!!!!
Do not book with this "hotel." Made a booking and got an email 5 weeks later saying they can no longer accommodate me due to being over booked. 5 weeks later is unacceptable. If you need a place to stay and cant afford an email weeks later of on the day of arrival telling you they cant accommodate you then don't book these guys!!!!!
Age 43, NZ
Horrible!! Poop in my shower!!
This place was an absolute disaster -- don't stay here!! I rented a double with my boyfriend and we given two twin beds instead. We paid $165 for a week, but left early after I took a shower and realized I was standing in poop. Yes, poop. I told the front desk and they didn't seem to really care, saying that it must have just happened because the cleaning service had been in there earlier. I highly doubted this, because the showers all had balls of hair blocking each drain, which had been there all week. Also, kitchen was a mess!! Nowhere to store your food, half the stove tops were broken, no ovens. Horrible experience and checked out immediately after the poop incident. *shudder* Stay away!!
Age 23, USA
Pretty Good
This place is pretty good considering their prices. Common areas and room was well cleaned and the staff were more than helpful. Sure, its an older building but they keep it clean and comfortable, the dorm I stayed in was full entire stay, all great people!
A kip
If I could give it a zero star, I would. I left with two nights paid for in advance which they wouldn't refund. The guy from the next hostel in Wellington I went to guessed the name on his first try when I started telling him about a kip of a hostel I just left. He said it's better known in Wellington as the "Dodge In The City." But, the girl working behind the counter was really nice.
This hostel was the only place left in town with a double room -- we should have known. The greeting lacked the welcome tones i've experienced in other hostel across Australia, Africa, South America, and Europe. Information was not freely given. Management seems to have sucked the life out of all its staff. Payment was upfront and in full -- sometimes difficult when you've only just landed in the country and this is your first stop from the airport! Deposits were required for crockery and kitchen utensils (pots, pans, knives had to be borrowed when required from reception). The lift worked on the odd occasion. But there was no socialising, partly because the bar was shut and the kitchen and social room were only open between 8 a.m. and 11 p.m., but partly because everyone escaped this place whenever they had the chance. Old doors and were being stored in the communal area. It did have positives -- an extremely comfy bed and great showers. But this didn't make up for the fact that even the signs seemed rude. Avoid.
  This place is terrible. It's more like a drop-in center, with way too many long termers. The communal areas are intimidating and dirty, but the room was not bad.

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