Rowena's City Lodge




(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Rowena's City Lodge" at 115 Brougham Street.)


115 Brougham Street, Mt. Victoria, Wellington, New Zealand
-41.299991, 174.784428 (accuracy not guaranteed)
0064 4 3857872
0064 4 3857872
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Rude and dirty
Do not stay at this hostel! Upon checking in you will be grunted at by an old rude man. The rooms smell of stale air. The beds are shockingly unsafe and uncomfortable. $25 for a broken bunk bed in a 5 bed dorm is way too overpriced for what you are getting. I would stay here again for free.
Age 24, Australia
Oh my god ... bad
Indian run. managed by a drunk bitter old man who is abusive to guests. old and rundown with lounge mafia wannabes Steve and rob making sure guests feel unwelcome. especially women. swarms of flies in food area for one month now.
Age 25, nz
the female receptionist, what a rude cow. smelt heavily if alcohol. OOOPs also has a beer in her hand upon checking me in ... UNPROFESSIONAL. half way up the drive it smells like a urinal. the fridge stunk. THE WHOLE PLACE STINKS. hope someone from the health department pays a visit.
The worst hostel I've stayed at in NZ.
What a hell hole. I've been traveling for two months around NZ and this was the worst backpackers I've been too. It was dirty, the windows didn't close properly, the room stank, the kitchen floor was wet, rubbish bins over flowing, out of 10 pots in the kitchen only 2 had handles. The bathrooms were absolutely filthy and the taps and doors didn't work properly. Oh my gosh, what can I say. Also Murray the older manager was very grumpy and unhelpful. The other staff were very indifferent. Checkout is 10am, but I'm getting the hell out of here as early as I can before I catch a disease or get raped. I'm very unhappy about being in such a sh$t hole. Wouldn't bring my enemies to this place.
Won't say
Dont even think about it.
As bad as it gets, that's the only way that this place can be summed up as. Apart from the rundown condition of the place, what really tops it off is the rudeness of the staff. The average towing yard comes off better in politeness than this place. Seems more of a hideaway for local derelicts and street workers than prospective travelers. Some interesting characters, thats about all this place has to offer. I have stayed at many places and never before seen anything like this, just give them a call, talk to Murray for five mins, and you will understand. The only good thing is the amount of parking at the back. So whatever you do, don't even think about this as an option.
(New Zealand)
Worst ever
First of all, let me say that I've never stayed at a backpackers since my experience with Rowena's Lodge. To me, paying more for my accommodation is preferable to trying to organise it with this sad excuse for a backpackers. I booked over the phone about a month in advance for four nights in Wellington. The guy on the phone didn't even ask me for a credit card number to secure my booking, and of course, I called about a week before my arrival to confirm it. We arrived a little later than expected, but since there was no reception on the drive down to Wellington from Auckland, I was unable to call. It was 10 p.m., our group was tired and hungry, and I had to hear the old guy at reception yell at me for not calling, not giving credit card details, and that he had given our room up, and that we had to "Go on and find someplace else to stay." Thank God I knew someone who lived in Wellington that didn't mind putting up the five of us for a night so we could look for accommodation the next day. I should've read some reviews on this place before I decided to book. I'm actually ashamed that for some, this is their first experience with Kiwi hospitality when they arrive in New Zealand.
(New Zealand)
Worst place to stay in New Zealand.
Sadly we had no alternative but to spend three nights here as Wellington accommodation was completely full due to a number of Rock Concerts that were going on over the weekend. The Lodge was, according to Wellington City Council, supposed to advise us of the possibility of a very noisy stay due to the concerts, that was the first joke that didn't happen. The place has not altered from the previous comments that I now find, it's still dirty with a very bad kitchen and the two grumpy old men on reception whom when I tried to complain advised us that I was a whinging pom -- sadly they know nothing about Customer Service or Satisfaction. Personally I would not recommend this place to my worst enemy. VIP Backpackers state on their website -- "The VIP network of hostels represents some of the highest quality backpacker's accommodation in New Zealand." I think they are trying to kid someone!
This is a sh*thole. The room has nothing in it except for a bed. The staff are assholes -- when we came to check in he was packing a sh*t over nothing. The locks on the windows are sh*t and our window was open when we came home from town. I recommend this place to no one unless you like your stuff being stolen and being treated like sh*t. You can get a lot better for the money you pay. After one night of the paper thin walls i got my money back and went and stayed at a hotel where i wasn't going to get raped.
Michael Luck
(New Zealand)

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