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The Review

Nomads Fat Camel Backpackers - Auckland is the little brother of the Nomads Auckland Backpackers, with only a few buildings separating them. Even though they almost have the same name, it’s not the same hostel. Nomads Fat Camel Backpackers - Auckland is a quieter alternative to Nomads Auckland.

The Location

Nomads Fat Camel Backpackers is located in downtown Auckland. The location is perfect, with lots of shops, restaurants, bars, and public transport within walking distance. There is a big sign outside, so the hostel is easy to find.

Rooms and Bathrooms

Nomads Fat Camel Backpackers offers everything from private rooms to eight-bed dorms. The rooms are a bit cramped, but there are lockers under each bunk that will fit a backpack. The beds and mattresses are ok, but nothing more. There are not enough plugs in the rooms, so you will have to charge your electronics in the common areas. Some of the rooms are right above the Camel Bar, so it can get a bit noisy in the evenings.

The bathrooms are old, but clean. Every floor shares a few showers and toilets. The showers have enough hooks to put up your clothes and enough space to get changed. Every shower comes with a hair dryer as well.

Common Spaces

There is a kitchen on every floor, so that gives it an apartment feeling. The kitchens are fully equipped, with a fridge, oven, microwave, and even a toaster. There is also a huge TV room available. It has comfortable couches, so it’s a great place to hang out on a quiet afternoon or evening and watch movies.

Nomads Fat Camel Backpackers owns the Camel Bar next door to the hostel where guests get a free snack every day between 7 and 8 p.m. For a few dollars, you can upgrade this to a full meal, which is a bargain in this expensive country. In addition, they organize social activities every day, so it’s easy to meet new people.
Laundry and Wi-Fi are available for a fee, but there is free city Wi-Fi outside on the street.


Nomads Fat Camel Backpackers is a good choice if you are looking for a central location and a social hostel, but it is not as much of a party hostel as its big brother Nomads Auckland. This can be good or bad, depending on what you are looking for. The daily meals and a kitchen on every floor are the best things about this hostel!
by Paulien Staff Reviewer
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TV room
TV room
Kitchen / sitting area
8 bed dorm


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Nomads Fat Camel Backpackers - Auckland" at 38 Fort Street.)


38 Fort Street, Downtown, Auckland, New Zealand
-36.846140, 174.768227 (accuracy not guaranteed)
0064 9 307 0181 FREEPHONE: 0508 666237
0064 9 307 0182
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54% Guest Reviews

Was pleasantly surprised!
This place is super cheap, the rooms are clean and there's a hot tub on the roof! And its a great location! The sauna was busted, so it would be even awesomer if that was going on as well). Staff were down to earth and friendly, big ass kitchen, and I like how there's a little restaurant connected to the hostel.
Age 31, Canada
Nomads Fat Camel Hostel is perfect if you are looking to party and meet people in Auckland. There is a rooftop hangout area with a spa and sauna (although both weren't working when we were there, which was disappointing). The Location Nomads is a large-scale hostel, easy to find right in the downtown Auckland area. It's a good location if you are looking to stay right in the heart of town, close to a lot of attractions. It's close to where both Intercity and Naked bus drop off/pick up. Rooms and Bathrooms Dorm rooms all are decent, with linens included. The rooms are quiet and spacious, with plenty of room to throw your stuff around without getting in the way. It's a party hostel, so everyone is pretty much on the same itinerary of sleeping in and staying out late. Nomads was perfect for us, since we were going out to clubs and hanging out in the city during the day. Common Spaces The large kitchen is located on the top floor. The bathrooms are large and have blow dryers, large mirrors, and good showers. Everything is clean, just don't be surprised if you find people passed out on the couch in the morning. We wouldn't recommend coming here if you mind some noise and ruckus. The common areas get pretty trashed, so it's not the best place to take it easy or just lounge around. Summary Definitely try Nomads at least one night, especially if you are looking to hook up with other travelers and party people. We had a good stay here, and liked its upbeat atmosphere. This is the perfect location to check out the city.
Sally Evans
Never Again
This placed was the worst backpacker I've stayed at in a western country. First, it was more expensive than other backpackers even though our room here was less than half the size of our room there. The sheets were unmade and it was obvious someone had slept there the previous night and no one bothered to change the sheets. The bed itself was so old we could feel every single bed spring poking up. The kitchen and lounge were old and dirty, but that didn't actually bother me. What bothered me was when the shower drain clogged up, flooded the entire floor, and left the floor with only one working toilet. When the staff came to clean it up, they were being loud and grumpy. Another guest politely asked them to keep it quiet because some people had already gone to sleep for the night, and he ended up getting attitude from the grumpy staff guy. To sum up: expensive, old, dirty, broken, and rude staff.
So, a few points when you are coming here. If you like to stay up till 7 a.m. and live in gross room, where i'm sure they haven't cleaned in ages -- dirty sheets, no lockers, and loud music from the bar -- this place is for you. Some good points were that the staff were really nice and the bar was fun when you actually wanted to stay out late. I met some fun people as well. We didn't sleep much here though, even when we wanted to. These guys out in the common room in our suite laughed all night watching a show on their laptop. They were nice but, yeah, loud. So, there you go.
This hostel was one of the worst my boyfriend and I stayed in in New Zealand. This seemed partly because we were shoved into the flat where all of the staff with. Yes they were all friendly and nice but they don't wash up or clean the kitchen, they definitely never clean the bathroom, it smelt disgusting, the shower was totally blocked, the keys seemed to stop working all the time (not good when you get locked out in your pjs), the common area was disgusting, and worst of all, I only noticed after a night that there was a large hole in the wall where the radiator should be and that you could see into the next room, ie whoever was in their could presumably see into our 'private' double. Good location but the Nomads just along the road was much nicer, we even went back there for our meals in the evenings.
Noisy and not so clean
I stayed in a twin in Jan 2009. It was on the third floor which is a mixed (male and female) floor. The bathroom was unisex and often lacking hand soap. The bed linen had some stains, as did the curtains. We could also hear all of the noise from outside where there were some nightclubs, which kept us awake in the night, and a construction site which was noisy in the morning. The good points were the free meal (which is really just an entree size) and the people who were staying there.
Very poor
my daughter and her partner stayed here on the 23rd april '08 as they had tickets to the korn concert on the 24thwell there was no parking for their car. had to use street parking so cost them a fourtune in metres. as for the accommodation. the double room that they had was not up to standard. sheets on the bed looked as though they had not been changed for weeks as they were dirty and little black bugs crawling on them. the noise from the bar kept them awake most of the night. Bathroom facilities --well if you like having a shower with cockroaches you are ok but not in my book. they were absolutely disgusted with the place and instead of staying till the Saturday, which they had paid for the extra night, came home early friday with no refund for the room being offered. They chose this hostel as it looked so nice and clean on the web site and it was close to the vecta arena and neither of them had been to Auckland before. and they had saved up for the trip and were hoping to do some sightseeing while there. but conditions in the hostel and having to pay so much in metres put a real damper on the whole trip. When they got home to my daughter's horror and mine there were a couple of cockroaches in their luggage. They need to upgrade cleaning in the hostel a lot before any of our family use these facilities again.
mrs Abbott
(new zealand)
Not so great at all
I stayed at this hostel for a night and I was not impressed at all. There are two positives -- the staff was quite helpful and it was relatively cheap, plus it's got good central location. I stayed in a windowless room with no ventilation, so it was really hard to get much sleep as the room was pretty stuffy in the middle of summer. The bed linen provided had dirty spots (quite revolting) and the room felt noisy from a bunch of people hanging in the "lounge room" and sharing their traveling stories. All in all -- if all you need is a good night sleep, don't stay in this hostel.
(Czech Republic)

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