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A medium size hostel 9 blocks from the train station. There is also a metro stop about a block away. There are two floors with seven rooms total. Five of the rooms have their own bathrooms, and the bathrooms are generally clean. The owner can be very friendly, but he can also be easily irritated and even hostile if you aren't careful to stay on his good side. For common areas there is a kitchen on each floor with stove and refrigerator, and there is a little TV area in the hallway. There is a computer for internet access (not free). It's also air conditioned.
by David Staff Reviewer


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Navigator Hostel" at Via Buonarroti, 39, No. 10 at 2nd floor.)


Via Buonarroti, 39, No. 10 at 2nd floor, Near Termini, Rome, Lazio, Italy
41.893960, 12.502830 (accuracy not guaranteed)
None (if you know the URL of their website, tell us and we'll add it)
06 4470 2686
06 447 03261
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Single Girl's Nightmare!!!
To be honest, it was quite a few years ago I stayed here and it was awful!! I had planned to stay 2 nights but after the first night I left as I felt rather unsafe. As I was heading out for dinner, the sleazebag owner wanted to know where I was going and who I was going with. I had to lie about meeting up with friends and when I arrived back a few hours later, he was drinking and invited me to have a drink with him. I politely declined and he started rambling about how it was tough trying to meet people as the hostel took up all of his time. He mentioned that he'd noted when I checked in that I was only a few years younger than him -- gross!! He wanted to know if I had a boyfriend which I again lied about and then proceeded to offer to give me a massage!!!! I told him I was tired and going to bed and when I got to the room I felt really uncomfortable as everybody else was still out ... anyway, it was all ok but I just felt super uncomfortable about the whole experience and decided to leave early the next morning and there is no way I would recommend this place to anyone!!
Age 46, Australia
Very simple. no,no, no. never again.
  We hated this hostel so much that we left Rome a day early. We even told the filthy owner Dario that we didn't like it and no refund was offered. This is not a hostel -- it's a converted apartment building. Everyone that works there is a sleazebag. Anton and Omar were both disgusting, and you couldn't pay me to stay there again. the whole place was dirty, and there was no free coffee and tea all day as promised. There is also an 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. lockout -- also nowhere mentioned on any website. They have all that time to steal your things, and Anton admitted to us that he loves to steal. This place was horrible and I would never lay eyes on it again.
  This man is filthy. I can't believe this trash pit is still open! It is horrendous, the Mario is horrendous, abusive, and drunk -- and if you are going to Rome and this is your only place to stay, please cancel your trip. Don't stay here!
  Do not stay here. I booked this place on another Web site for four nights. When I turned up I was not allowed in (the owner didn't like the look of me). I was left with nowhere to stay. I'm pretty glad I didn't end up here, though, considering all the comments. DO NOT stay here!!!
L. Jones
  I stayed here with one other person and had a wonderful time. Mario was extremely friendly with us and all of the guests in the hostel. He did have a curfew at 11:00 but we let him know that we would all be late and he just asked for a deposit for the key. We got it back and had absolutely no trouble at all with him. His Russian girlfriend, or whatever she was, was very nice as well. He did like his alcohol though. I do know that. But he was not out of control by any means. I'm glad I did not read any of these reviews because there is no way that I would have stayed there, but I am so glad that I did. Mario was the nicest hostel owner that I ran into in 7 countries. Like one of the girls said, I think if you are polite to Mario and respect his rules then he will be nice to you. Hopefully these horrible posts will stop because I know I had a great time there.
  I stayed there a few years ago. It was actually okay. I must have been lucky, and the owner probably won the lottery or something the day before. I've stayed at worse places.
  This hostel is very dangerous and the man who owns it is sick, disgusting, and filthy.

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