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Feetup Garden House Hostel Barcelona is far from the city center (a twenty-or-so-minute metro ride to the center), but near a metro stop (Valldaura). The neighborhood seems calm and safe throughout the day.

The Location

The hostel is located far from the city center -- approximately twenty minutes by metro. If you take the metro, you need to go to the Valldaura stop and then walk from the exit straight ahead and turn right on the second street, from there the hostel is quite far down the hill (as many as fifteen minutes' walking, depending on whether or not you have luggage). There are grocery stores, supermarkets, restaurants, and bars within a couple minutes' walk of the hostel.

Given the location, if you are interested in visiting the city center, it is best to get a T-10 metro pass for zone one, which is significantly cheaper than buying ten individual rides -- you can share the pass with multiple people or use it as an individual; also it allows you to change between the metro, bus, and railroad as long as the change is within one hour and fifteen minutes of the first stamp for each journey (unlike an individual ticket).

Rooms and Bathrooms

Some dorm rooms have enough space for the number of people, while others are very cramped and offer very limited space. Some rooms have balconies (located on the second floor). Some of the bunks are stable, but shake a lot if someone moves around or gets in or out of bed. Some beds have outlets next to them, while others do not. There isn't air conditioning in the building, so it can get quite hot in the summer. There is one floor fan for the entire dorm room. There is Wi-Fi in the dorms. Sheets and towels are included in the price.

There are no lockers in the rooms. However, there are lockers outside the rooms that you can lock with your own lock. There aren't as many lockers as there are beds, so you may or may not be able to get one. There are also small lockers with outlets available for charging your electronics that have keys provided by the hostel (for free, just ask the reception).

The rooms and bathrooms are cleaned every day. The bathrooms are coed and there doesn't seem to always be enough for the amount of guests in the hostel. In the showers, you will find hooks to hang your clothes and towel and shelves to put your toiletries. The bathrooms seem to have a somewhat peculiar odor.

Common Spaces

The hostel’s common spaces are spacious and a lot nicer than the rooms. These spaces include a rooftop terrace, dining room, kitchen, cinema room, and outdoor garden area. These areas are spacious and Wi-Fi is available everywhere throughout the property. The garden area offers outlets where you can charge your electronics. The communal kitchen has all the utensils you need and is clean. Breakfast is available for a couple of Euros. Reception is available twenty-four hours per day.


This is a nice, clean hostel outside the Barcelona city center. If you are looking for a relaxing environment and do not mind being outside the center, it is a great option.
by Kari
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Feetup Garden House Hostel Barcelona" at Carrer d'Hedilla 58.)


Carrer d'Hedilla 58, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
41.435972, 2.161216 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+34 934 272 479
+34 963 921 249
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Everything you want from a hostel
The atmosphere in the hostel is relax and friendly, I meet a lot of interesting people. Plus the staff is super nice and the bedrooms clean. The hostel is not directly in the center so I was not having the noise of the street like I had when I stayed near Las Ramblas.
Great Hostel
Definitely one of the best hostel I've stayed so far. The staff were very friendly and helpful, and really cared about me. It's not a party hostel, but the environment and people I met was great. The hostel is pretty clean and has all the facilities you need. Definitely recommended!!!
Amazing hostel
this hostel has best vibes ever, it is really cozy and cute with garden and roof terrace, very welcoming and makes you feel as at home. The staff is amazing and each night they are making events in the garden like barbeque, tapas, and sangria or mojito nights that is great socializing way. In this hostel I met people that were not just dumb tourist but really nice and warm personalities with whom you can have a great discussion about almost anything. thank you a lot for a wonderful stay!!!
Garden House (previously called the Home Backpackers Hostel) is a fun and colorful hostel. It's a house in a residential area and it feels more like you are hanging out in a house with your college friends rather than staying in a hostel. It's a bit far from the city center but has a perfect terrace with amazing view to the major Barcelona sight -- Sagrada Familia cathedral. The Location Despite being outside the city center, it is easily accessible by underground station (in five minutes' walk). There are several shops and bars nearby but almost all of them close about 9 p.m. There is free car parking near school in a few minutes' walk from hostel but it's not easy to find it. It's possible to park your car in the street if you find a free place. Rooms and Bathrooms The hostel is very clean and comfortable. There are mixed and female-only dorms with comfortable two-storied beds and bed linen and towel are included in the price. All dorms are supplied with fans. In the female dorm, the shower/toilet is inside the room. If you're staying in the mixed dorm, you need to use the common shower/toilets. Common Spaces There is a well-equipped, clean kitchen and you can use the fridge to store your food. There is free Wi-Fi for your own PC as well as two computers that you have to pay to use. The hostel has an amazing terrace with excellent view! Reception opens twenty-four hours. The neighborhood is pretty quiet, with people usually chatting in the terrace in the evenings (it's too hot during the daytime) and in the very nice inner-garden. If you smoke you may do it the garden. Summary All in all, the hostel is a very calm, quiet, friendly, and peaceful place. You can have a good rest after parties in the city.
  we just got back from our ireland/spain trip, and we stayed at about five or six hostels and this was by far our favorite. we didnt realize how lucky we were staying here until later when all our other hostels were so much worse. the building is very unique and cool, the staff is really nice, and i love how theres a place to hang out, watch movies. its awesome. the rooms were cool too, as well as our balconies. i dont have any complaints about it, and im pretty picky about this sort of thing. yeah it's a little bit away from the heart of barcelona, but big deal, it's worth it.
(united states)
  This is a friendly and comfortable hostel -- it feels like a home, as the name suggests. The downstairs common areas are really spacious and nicely furnished -- well above the normal hostel standard. Upstairs though, i found my dorm-room to be cramped -- 8 beds crammed into a small room was not cool. And the bathroom seemed very industrial, like what i imagine a prison bathroom to be like (all concreted). Both the staff and people staying here were really nice but i can only give this place three stars because of the location, or lack thereof. The location is on the outer outskirts of Barcelona. It's a nice residential area, but not really somewhere you'd want to hang out, given Barcelona's amazing old-city and downtown areas. To get from central Barcelona to this hostel is long enough during the day, but at night, when the metro has stopped running, is quite an ordeal (to say the least). I had to leave after my first night here and move somewhere more centrally located.
Nick J.P.
  It is a nice place to chill out
  The hostel was great. The location is actually very good as you get access to more things local. Turning right at the exit of the hostel instead of left and walking down the hill takes you to a bakery. I was there every morning ordering chocolate filled croissants with my broken spanish. The numerous coffee shops in that area also serve wonderful coffee. The best paella I had was from the market outside the metro station Horta which is a walking distance from the hostel. Apart from being a great location for local food the hostel had a warm friendly feel to it.

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