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A small, bright, and clean hostel. There are only a few rooms and they are spacious, with bunkbeds and medium size lockers. The bathrooms are clean but unfortunately there is only one toilet for each sex and there is no hot water at the sinks for shaving. There is a full kitchen and eating area (only open from 2 PM to 10 PM). There is also a small common area with tables in the lobby area.

There is a daytime lockout and a 3 AM curfew, which may be a problem if you like going out since Barcelona clubs don't get going until after 2 AM. But other than these few drawbacks, it's a good choice if you're looking for a small, friendly, laid-back place to sleep.

Update from the hostel owner: We have been notified of some corrections and changes. They say they have more than one sink and have hot water for shaving. The kitchen is now open from 9AM to 11PM. There is no curfew now.
by David Staff Reviewer


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Itaca Hostel" at Calle Ripoll 21.)


Calle Ripoll 21, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
41.385286, 2.175340 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+34 933 019 751
+34 93 3020804
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91% Guest Reviews

Hostel was average. Spoilt by small things whilst staying.
Stayed in February and there was no warm water in the taps for kitchen or wash basins. Shower water was too hot or too cold. WIFI signal was very poor in rooms even with the signal boosters. There was limited heating in the rooms. Placed in an 8 bed dorm with 2 long term (mature) guests who arrive after midnight and insist on opening the balcony door in very cold night in Barcelona. On complaining to staff the best that can be done is to be moved to another dorm with a very loudly snoring older man. It's surprising that the balcony door is not locked closed at night time -- the drunk guest who caused the disturbance could so easily have fallen from the balcony. The police arrive in the middle of the night to check id of a staying guest who was sleeping in the dorm -- as the guest could not show his id the police take the guest away. The Spanish management team need to sort out these small things instead of acting very unknowing and innocent. Having experienced all this during the first night I wanted to cancel the second day of my booking -- the staff would not refund.
Age 28, Hong Kong
A very friendly and superbly managed hostel.
Itaca is an excellent base for exploring Barcelona, but also a good place to sleep, relax and restore weary bones. Breakfast is very good, beds are fine, showers hot (bathrooms a little too wet at times), and cooking facilities good if sometimes cramped or in hot demand. Above all, Itaca is clean, secure and well-managed. Highly recommended.
Age 62, Australia
Bad customer service and do not book a double room!
Do not book a double room here. We paid 60 euros for a room with shared bathroom. The stairs were full of construction-poles and even the sleeping-room had construction-poles and a hole in the ceiling! We asked for discount but were not given any. Very bad customer service and greedy management.
A great hostel.
I had booked to stay here for five nights but ended up staying there my whole trip (two weeks). As it's really reasonably priced i could afford it even on a tight budget. The staff are friendly and helpful and spoke very good english. The place is clean and bright and colorful, i loved the paintings on the walls up the rooms. The kitchen and lounge areas are great and helped me save a lot of money as i didn't have to eat out all the time. The only thing i would say i didn't like was how early they closed those rooms (10:30 p.m.) but that is such a minor thing. The location of this place is great, so close to the centre of the city, although it is a little hard to find at first. Recommend this place.
  This hostel was a bit hard to find on the map because it's down a small street, but it was well worth it. The hostel has a very artsy theme to it, with each room being a different color and a beautiful painting on the wall in the main lobby. The showers were push button type showers, which was a bit strange. There is a small kitchen, which was nice to make dinner in. The staff were also friendly and helpful. The lockers in each room are a bit like gym lockers, but are roomy and enough to put what you need, but not big enough to put a large backpack. I would definitely stay there again if in Barcelona.
  The location is awesome, right in the old-city and walking distance to many places of interest and to the metro. Stores, cafes, restaurants, and nightlife are all close by. The hostel itself has a warm and inviting atmosphere -- it's relatively small, which is a good thing in terms of getting know other people staying there. The staff are friendly and helpful and knowledgeable. The common rooms seem to close up a little too early though -- the area upstairs is locked up; and although the downstairs area with tables/internet/reception remains open 24 hours, it's not really conducive to anything to raucous and lively late at night. Overall, i had a great time staying here and everyone was really nice, both staff and fellow guests.
Nick J.P.
  Very good. I haven't stayed in a hostel for years, since I travelled around the Middle East when I was 19. This one was really well-run, clean, cheap and very well-situated. The only bad points are that the map on their website that tells you where to go is rubbish, the main stairwell has a musty, somewhat sewagey smell and the showers, though hot, aren't great. However, everything else is good, and the staff are excellent -- really friendly and helpful and surely able to get jobs that pay several hundred times what they must earn in the hostel. The curfew is 4 a.m. by the way, not 3 a.m. I took the precaution of using earplugs and had several very good nights' sleep.
Chris Shevlin
  Great location, although a little hard to find. The rooms are some of the nicest that I've seen, with large lockers. Very clean! If I were back in Barcelona, I would go here again!

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