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Carrer dels Vigatans, 5, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
41.384038, 2.179606 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+34 932 687 808
+34 93 246 1552
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews

Gothic Point is one of three of the Equity Point hostel chain properties located in Barcelona. It is equipped with a small kitchen for guest use and a lift to accommodate disabled guests. The Location Gothic Point is conveniently located very close to the Jaume metro station and within easy walking distance to the famous La Rambla of Barcelona. There are many bars and restaurants, from budget to upmarket, in the vicinity. The neighbourhood can feel a little sketchy at night for solo travelers -- potential guests are warned, as in all places in Barcelona, to be aware of pickpocketing. Rooms and Bathrooms Gothic Point offers accommodation from singles to large dormitories. Guests are supplied with free lockers and privacy curtains as standard. In large dormitories, beds are arranged on two levels within the room, some as single occupancy, some as double/twin occupancy, separated from the rest of the room by curtains offering some privacy. Each cabin has its own reading light. Rooms have toilets (separate male and female) and basins with mirrors; showering facilities are separate from the rooms but are, again, separate male and female. There are approximately five showers for each gender on each floor. Guests have plenty of room to change and store luggage. Rooms are accessed by swipe card. Common Spaces Guests have access to a large dining area at all times which is furnished with tables and chairs, several vending machines, a small book exchange, and several internet terminals. Internet usage is free for the first twenty minutes -- after that guests are required to pay for internet use. Gothic Point is a very social and friendly hostel and guests should expect to meet many other like-minded travelers. The area surrounding the hostel can be intimidating for some, especially solo travelers; however, the doors are locked at night and guests are required to identify themselves upon entry, ensuring that no undesirables are admitted. Smoking is not permitted within the hostel. Summary Gothic Point is a very friendly, well-located, and clean hostel that is a very good base for exploring Barcelona. Its location in a vibrant area and its proximity to the metro make it excellent for travelers who are visiting the city for the first time. The provision of sheets (pillow case and bottom sheet only) and a simple breakfast included in the price are also features that should entice guests.
Katie Mann
This was a great hostel. Really easy to meet people here and to communicate with them. It was a lot of fun, I would definitely stay here again! The bathrooms are clean and the beds have curtains around them, which was really nice. And the front desk is pretty helpful. No problems with this hostel!
  I will definitely recommend this hostel. It's clean, offers a relative privacy comparing to other hostels due to the curtains, the staff is nice. Also it has a great location. The only think I disliked were some people in the room who were not quiet at all. But you have to expect that from a hostel, I don't know how the staff can control this.
  Myself (female) and a friend (male) stayed in the hostel from Tues 13th to Sat 17th March 2007. I have some suggestions for improvement. Provide a kettle, there was nowhere to make a cup of tea. Do not describe the hostel as having a kitchen, as a sink does not count. I would have expected at least a hob. Replace/rip up the floor boards, as they are incredibly noisy and disturbing. When guests check in, offer blankets, as this was not clear. Staff need to be more welcoming, it felt like even coming through the door we were a hassle to them. Check if people are a couple or just friends, we were given a shared space when we were just friends and would have preferred a downstairs bunk with single beds. Replace ladders on bunks with wider steps, these were incredibly uncomfortable to climb up. Make sure all shower heads face vertically as some spray the wall rather than the person. Music in the hostel was unnecessarily loud. Lastly we were very unfortunate to share a dorm with some incredibly noisy and inconsiderate people who insisted on using their mobile phones as alarms on snooze, which meant from 7 a.m. each morning we were woken up by the phones which proceeded to go off every five minutes until we got fed up and got up. We asked them to turn them off and we were ignored. We did not feel that reception would be able to help in this matter. Location is fantastic and would be good value for money if the above suggestions are implemented. We nicknamed it the Host'hell while we were there due to the factors listed above.
J Page
  Nice staff, good breakfast, and clean rooms. The privacy curtain was very nice along with the lofted beds.
Europe Rules
  This hostel looks poorly maintained. Certainly not bright, it looks like an old factory building that ought to be demolished soon. It smells. The "modules" look like crap. It is located a an extremely noisy alley, people shouting all night long, live music, garbage containers being loaded on a truck in front of your window at 4 AM. Free internet and breakfast are ok though but if you want a place to SLEEP you should avoid this place. You will do yourself a great big favor by doing so.
  Stayed here with some friends. It was clean and fairly quiet. They had lockers you can use (with your own locks) and they'll let you keep your bags there after you check out. Helpful staff. Good location. Fairly social place. I'd imagine it's a good place for a solo traveller to stay... not too intimidating.
  Funky hostel, and very typically young – not a place for pensioners who've decided to backpack! The location is the best thing. It's really, really close to a Metro station, and in the coolest part of Barcelona. We had a great time walking round the old town streets, which were right outside the door, just absorbing the atmosphere. I wouldn't bother with the "smashed" bar crawl the hostel offers, because we walked in the door of the first place then walked straight back out again. It was absolutely packed and seedy-looking. But it's probably a good drinks deal if getting plastered is your only aim. The breakfast (included in the price) was excellent, plenty of choice – cereal, fruit, toast, jams, biscuits. There is a small kitchen. The downside was oddly the air conditioning, because I didn't bring a sleeping bag and thought I'd be ok without renting bedding. I got very chilly and ended up sleeping in my coat. I probably could have gone downstairs and rented one late, but I decided to stick it out. The atmosphere was not exactly homely; the lighting was too bright, and it felt a bit harsh, but it was very colorful. Also, free Internet is good! By the way, think and do not do what we did – keep your belongings in the lockers outside the room, not inside. We found ourselves going backwards and forwards for toiletries and disturbing someone already in bed. I was disappointed not to be able to try out the private module bunk bed system (which looked cool), because we got put in a small dorm room which wasn't laid out that way, but it was a nice enough room so we didn't ask to switch. Oh and don't try booking this place with American Express, it was down as an option online but they don't actually accept it. This caused a lot of confusion (couldn't send the Internet form), all of which was solved when I paid with Visa.

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