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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Kiev Lodging Hostel" at 5 Pushkinskaya str., 2nd floor, apt. 10.)


5 Pushkinskaya str., 2nd floor, apt. 10, Kiev (Kyiv), Ukraine
50.447221, 30.519274 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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88% Guest Reviews

Clean, Good Location, Annoying Owner
It was a very good location and clean. I was one of the few actual travelers staying there. The others were working in Kiev and looking for a cheap place to stay. Owner would state his dumb viewpoints and try to force people to agree with him. Owner is greedy, a bit weaselly. I'd look for another place if I return to Kiev.
Kiev Lodging Hostel is a centrally located, very clean, and professionally run hostel. They do some very interesting tours for the guests (AK-47 shooting, missile base tour, tank driving) and the owner helps you find the best place to drink and dance in Kiev. The Location The hostel is five minutes' walk from the main street and seven minutes' walk to Independent square. There are three cheap, cafeteria-style eating places in walking distance that you can get full meals really inexpensively! Most of the sights are in walking distance of the hostel. Rooms and Bathrooms The dorm is a bit crowded with twelve beds, but the eight-bed dorm is just right. The beds are solid metal and comfortable to sleep on. The bathrooms and dorms are very clean, and the sheets supplied are washed regularly by hostel staff. The mattress could be better though. Common Spaces The common area is bright and colourful with all new furniture that is nice to sit on for hours to chat. The plasma screen is a nice touch, and the kitchen is huge, one of the biggest ones we’ve been in! To respect other guests, all common areas are closed at midnight, which is understandable -- there are many cafes, bars, and clubs nearby to go to if you want to stay up late. Everything is clean and bright and new in the common areas. Summary Overall this hostel is a good choice -- with the location and helpful staff (including the owner, Rob) we enjoyed our stay here. The tours keep things interesting if you run out of things to do and if you want to get a good night sleep, the rules help with that as well. If you expect to be treated like a king for the price of a dorm bed, we would suggest you not stay here, as Rob treats everyone equal, and will not bow down for you at any price. We found him to be upfront and honest, he speaks his mind, which some guests don’t like -- if he thinks you are being cheap he tells you, or if you say something dumb he calls you out. He does not censor his views and only tells it how it is. We respect Rob not selling out for a few rating points. This is one of the hostels run like a true hostel and we would stay here again.
steven hume
The best located hostel in Kiev
I was staying in Kiev for 3 weeks and stayed at some hostels & apartments in the city and I really enjoyed my stay in Ukraine and this hostel as it was a big part of that. The only disappointment of my trip was that I did not stay at this hostel first; and after trying some apartments & other hostels. I was almost at the point of giving up trying to find some sort of normal standard accommodation in Kiev. But all that was over when I entered this hostel the staff received me at the door with a big smile and gave me free beer and vodka then at night they was taking all the travelers out for a night on the town the Ukrainian way. There is only one place to stay when in Kiev and this hostel is it.
Ivar Petterson
Hostel is very kindly, personnel always to disposition for helping guests, speaking in different languages and making you feel at home. Internet works in all rooms thanks to wireless system, and if it not enough there is also a computer for everybody. Kitchen is always opened, rooms are warm. Toilet and bathroom cleaned everyday. If you need to let you baggage, you can do it and you are ABSOLUTELY sure that you will find it again and that nobody nothing stole.
Matteo Milan
When I got there (finally) it was much better than I was expecting on account of some of the reviews I had read, spotlessly clean and very quiet, the owner was very accommodating, he offered me a choice of beds (for the same price) and gave me a vodka which I couldn't refuse and showed me around. He is very proud of his place and rightly so, it is the most organised hostel I have ever been to. The location is outstanding, right in the heart of town and if you like shopping you will be right at home but all of the other major locations are within walking distance, I tried the metro to get there and ended up I don't know where, so stayed with walking distance most of the time. Taxis are dirt cheap, and the AK 47 shooting is a blast (only offered at this hostel). A lot of people don't speak english but there is a great old pub downstairs and to the right where the girls are really helpful and another place across the street on the left where you can just point at your food. I had a great time here, want to go back.
solange wichems
Excellent 200%
200% Without any doubt this is one of my favorite hostels form my worldwide travels and the best one in Kiev. Everything is great, simply nothing to complaint about. Always have interesting conversations with manager Robert on different historical topics, as we both are historians. If you will like to stay not simply in a perfect hostel with best location and the best facilities and also spend time in very friendly atmosphere, this hostel is for you!
Alexander Borisov and julie Erenki
Unfriendly and rude staff
I never stayed at the hostel because the person answering my questions over email was extremely rude and insulting. And they couldn't even spell English words properly. As someone who has stayed at hostels in more than 32 countries worldwide, I must say that this was one of the worst treatments I received from a hostel, and this is just over email. I shudder to imagine how they treat their actual guests. Note: Beware that their pricing for a double bed private room is misleading. It says 20 Euros per person per night on their page. But what they conveniently leave out is that the room cannot be booked by one person traveling alone unless they are willing to pay for 2 persons.
Loved it, owner is a good pub crawl companion and knows kiev well
Great location, good hostel. if you are staying in Kiev as a foreigner, this is your place, no doubt. I will be back in the summer and am looking forward to more of the pub crawl as this place is in the central area, great location.
Matthew Mecke

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