Hostal Provincia Valledupar


Provincia Hostal Valledupar Colombia
Provincia Hostal Valledupar Colombia
Provincia Hostal Valledupar Colombia
Provincia Hostal Valledupar Colombia
Provincia Hostal Valledupar Colombia
Provincia Hostal Valledupar Colombia



The Review

Hostal Provincia Valledupar is thematic and is based upon the native dwellers and the beauty of the landscapes where they live. The hostel’s common spaces and the shared bathrooms are all open air and impart a cool, fresh ambience to the site. And these open areas are quite necessary, since temperatures in this area tend to be tropically high and humid. The patios and kitchen invite travelers to interact and chill after a day out.

The Location

Valledupar is a beautiful, medium-size city located in the tropical lowlands of northeastern Colombia, right below the jungles toward the coast and very near the border with Venezuela. The city still has a low-key cadence, but it is growing at a rapid pace. Two cultural aspects of the city describe its atmosphere -- the vallenato music and all it entails, and the indigenous native populations that live in the area. Vallenato is a catchy, rhythmical music form that was born in the area and in adjoining Guajira more than a hundred years ago. Presently it has been declared World Heritage by UNESCO and attract thousands of visitors every year during the Vallenato Festival. The city offers a wide variety of museums, schools, and live music spots that build on that theme.

The various native ethnic groups live virtually isolated in the high reaches of the Sierra Nevada mountainous area; the summit areas are perennially covered in snow, and that is where the acclaimed Lost City Trek can be done -- it originates in Santa Martha a few hours away from Valledupar.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms are all equipped with air conditioning, so a good night’s rest is assured even in the hottest nights. There are two six-bed, double-bunk rooms, with excellent mattresses and pillows. The rooms have some electrical plugins, but they are not enough for all the beds. Fortunately, these can easily be found in the common areas in adequate supply.

The dorm’s shared bathrooms and showers are all open air and do not have hot water. In Valledupar’s hot climate, it turns out to be refreshing, unless you shower very early in the morning.

Common Spaces

There are some very nice common areas distributed throughout the hostel’s grounds. The hostel has a well-equipped kitchen where up to two people can cook different meals without interfering with each other. Adjoining the kitchen, tables can be found where you can sit and eat, and the space is ample enough to accommodate up to ten to twelve people.

Another area with a table and chairs is located on a patio, with plenty of shade all day long. This is a good place to relax and enjoy the occasional cool, fresh breeze. A nice covered sitting area hosts a wide-screen TV and an assortment of movies. Lastly, there are hammocks and a few more open-air spots in the large back patio, also in the shade of the mango and palm trees.


There is a wealth of information regarding the city and its surroundings, which is readily available in the hostel. Cold soft drinks and beers can be obtained at the reception all day. The hostel is kept impeccably clean and is a great place to enjoy the city, escape from the heat outside and get to meet other travelers. Right next to the main plaza, there are many places to dine out or simply go for a walk and enjoy some of the famous Vallenato music. The hostel offers adequately priced bike rentals; a good idea is to pick up a bike and make your way to the river fifteen minutes away, there you’ll enjoy a swim in the river in its beautiful setting with the huge, white rocks.
by edudelcorral Staff Reviewer
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The street view of the hostel
The reception area
The kitchen
A dinning/sitting area, paintings on the doors to bathroom/showers
View of the dinning area and reception in the back
Open patio and more bathrooms/showers
TV lounge room
The back patio
Cozy table to hang out


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Hostal Provincia Valledupar" at Calle 16A 5-25, Centro Historico - Atras de la Plaza Alfonso Lopez.)


Calle 16A 5-25, Centro Historico - Atras de la Plaza Alfonso Lopez, Valledupar, Colombia
10.476597, -73.243575 (accuracy not guaranteed)
Tel: (0057-5) 580-0558, Cel: (300) 241-9210
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96% Guest Reviews

My top 10. Don't miss it, you won't regret!
I stayed at this hostel (Provincia Hostel) for a week and I think is a great place to stay, it's in an excellent location near the heart of the city, Plaza Alfonso Lopez, clean rooms, excellent prices. The city is small but a great one, you have the opportunity to experience and learn from another culture, you get to see Aruhacos and kankuamos indians in the city and nearby, get in contact with them and spend some time learning from their culture. The city is the perfect spot to start your travel adventure to La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, only a few hours away. The hostel has great information about interesting places to visit, how to get there, and they also offer transportation, free bikes to ride around the city and to visit the amazing guatapuri river. I would strongly recommend this hostel and this destination, among the cities i've visited in Colombia and around the world I have to say this city is in my top 10. Don't miss it, you won't regret!
Clean, pleasant, free internet, and bikes
A little pricey, but that is because it's a great place to stay. Very comfortable and clean dorm rooms, hammocks for lounging, nice patio, laundry service, free internet, drinks and snacks for sale, and free bikes for use. Good people as well who are extremely helpful the moment you arrive. They gave me a list of things to do in the area and can help you to arrange transportation and stays to nearby towns. They also have a book exchange, printer, lots of nice plants, a cat, and tons of pictures and posters all over the walls. Valledupar is also a nice refuge. Clean, quiet, and still hot but not like Cartagena or Santa Marta.
FREE Bicycles!
Cristina -- the owner of this hostel -- provides outstanding assistance adjusting to arrival in a new city. Upon arrival you are greeted warmly, then presented with a sheet of paper outlining the many offerings of Valledupar. Unpack, take a shower, linger in a hammock, then Enjoy a FREE cup of coffee while reviewing the many enticing offerings of Valledupar -- the rivers, the mountains, the indigenous groups nearby, Then borrow a FREE bicycle and explore! I found the Provincia Hostel to be a very-welcome home for a few days around New Years Eve to enjoy adventure while being welcomed into the family for any and all activities! And considering what was to come -- spending the first week of January along the Colombian Coast -- I frequently longed for the peace and relaxation and level of service found at the Provincia Hostel. Hope to return someday!
Great place, one day is not enough.
My friend and I stayed here in November 2009. The room and bathrooms were always clean. I'll still highly recommend this place. I also liked that it's near everywhere. I have enjoyed staying here because you feel home. The place is really neat, warm, safe, and nice.
One of the best hostels in Colombia.
One of the best hostels in Colombia. The Colombian owners are nice and help you in everything you need. The place is nice, you feel almost as home, and the dorms are very comfortable and clean. I really liked this hostel. It is centrally located.

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