Affitta Camere A'Scalinatella, Minori

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Affitta Camere A'Scalinatella Reviews

This wonderful family-run hostel is actually located in Atrani (about 1km around the bend and an easy walk from Amalfi), but it is well worth being a few minutes away to stay here. The hostel is right off of the tiny main plaza, up one of those winding white stairways so typical of the area, and is close to the beach, restaurants, and even the stairs that lead to the beautiful town of Ravello which clings to the cliffs above Atrani and Amalfi.

The hostel is not particularly social because there is not one common area where everyone hangs out, but the town is so tiny that you naturally keep running into everyone everywhere. The brothers who run the hostel are friendly, helpful and accommodating.

Unfortunately, there are no seats on the toilets (but this is not uncommon in Italy), and some of the showers have a funky smell. Also, because the walls don't reach all the way up to the ceiling, it can be noisy or bright if others are talking or leave their lights on.

All in all well worth the money.

The bus lets you off near the parking lot at the beach. Just walk uphill and follow the signs to A'Scalinatella (or just ask one of the local guys who will inevitably be hanging out nearby).
Hostelz Staff Reviewer

Amazing hostel, incredible people, fantastic location

Great hostel!! You feel a part of the town rather than just a part of a hostel. Great location, very close to amalfi, very close to the beach. Some amazing food in Atrani!! Breakfast was great. The brothers that run the hostel are the nicest people, very friendly, very welcoming, very informative and knowledgeable about the area and what to do. Plenty of showers and toilets throughout. Cleaned daily. No specific common area except for breakfast but because the town is so small I met so many amazing people around the place! Would thoroughly recommend it!!

Age 26 | Australia

Affitta Camere A'Scalinatella is one of the only budget options along the Amalfi Coast. It is just a kilometer from the town of Amalfi, but a world away in terms of the tourist experience. Atrani remains a quiet town, far removed from the hustle and bustle of Amalfi, with an age-old charm in the buildings and single square.

The Location

A'Scalinatella is located right off the main square in Atrani. It's not hard to find, although wandering the little alleyways in town might get you disoriented! While not set on the sea itself, A'Scalinatella is only moments from the water and there is also a bus stop in town that will take you to all places along the Amalfi Coast.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The dorm rooms here are pretty basic but adequate. There does not tend to be a lot of space in the rooms, and there's not a lot of character, but they are clean and neat. The bathrooms are en suite with plenty of hot water. There is a lot of tourist information from the office and they lend you maps to help with walking.

Common Spaces

There is no common space at A'Scalinatella, unless you count the laundry area or office where people gather to take care of their clothes and work out what walks/activities they will do for the day. However, most people aren't in their rooms much anyway! The action takes place in the bars on the square or down by the sea.


The owners of A'Scalinatella are brothers and very friendly and helpful. They have been running this place a long time and take good care of their guests.


Not so nice.

Atrani was lovely which is why you should go, but this really is the only place to stay. The owners were not lovely like everyone has been saying. They hardly spoke any English, didn't provide towels even though they told me they would bring one. Kept my passport to make sure I paid but left it in a teeny room that they left open, unlocked, and unattended. Made me really nervous so I just paid upfront, but paid for an extra day because I couldn't stay there anymore. Basically, because the room was rank -- no air conditioning in the dead of the summer in southern Italy, musty, dirty (I never saw it cleaned). Showers were the worst though. However, the town is beautiful (though be forewarned it takes forever to get there and if you want to leave, say, to Pompeii it's a huge undertaking) and if you're there with other people you can look over the hostel's nastiness.


Great Place!

I just returned from a wonderful stay at the A'Scalinatella Hostel & Hotel. Gabriel was a very kind and friendly. I am older and was traveling with my daughter. When we arrived Gabriel could see I was having trouble with all the stairs, he Promptly changed our room to a lovely apartment just a few steps up from the town square. We found the rooms with kitchen and bath very clean and comfortable. Gabriel was very helpful and accommodating. I would stay again at this Hostel if I were to return to the Amalfi Coast. Atrani was centrally located and just a short bus ride to surrounding towns.

Patti Page

After I read through some of the ratings for this hostel I actually didn' t intend to stay in this place. But it was the first one people recommended in another hostel in Naples. So I decided to give it a try -- and I must really say I had the best three days of my stay in Italy! Of course, its brilliant location in this cute little town of Atrani just around the corner of Amalfi is its major advantage. But even the hostel itself is worth seeing. It depends on what you expect from a place like this!

Simply bearing in mind the natural conditions, the history and the resulting archtecture of the buildings of this region (most of the towns on the Amalficoast are squeezed into the steep hills), the place can't be more typical for getting a slight feeling of what this region is all about. It's the details that make its atmosphere! The shared dorm where I stayed (there must be several I didn't see) had character and was clean (no damp). Typical for the creative architecture of this region it seems to have been built as a mezzanine under a roof of arches (see photos). There was no window, but there was enough air coming from the small staircase and some further "gaps" in the floor (there is also a fan). A general disadvantage is that there are no lockers in the room. However, so far I just had good experiences with backpackers and hostels, therefore I didn't mind. I enjoyed the "easy going" way. The showers and everything I saw in the hostel are clean. The breakfast some one minute walk or so down in a little restaurant directly on the magnificent piazza of Atrani was nice. For some the breakfast might be too little, but I liked it -- especially the Croissant and the Cappuccino! The two guys that run the hostel are really nice and friendly. For people who like staying in a somewhat unusual but cosy and interesting place that might have some inconveniences (see other ratings) this is the best hostel to find around Amalfi. Generally I think that Atrani is the much better location to stay than Amalfi itself. It's much less "touristic" and is a beautiful little town, anyway a "must" to see. I would definitely come back again!


My biggest problem with A'Scalinatella was that the price bore absolutely no realationship to the quality of the room. Twenty euro for a dorm bed usually ensures somewhere quite nice, but our room was damp, tiny, bare, the walls didn't reach the ceiling, and there was a big vent in the floor with mouldy pipes inside. I wouldn't pay anything over eight euro to stay in a nasty place like that again. On the up-side, the location is quite good, the staff are nice, and breakfast was tasty, but not filling.


I stayed from around March 29th to April 2nd of 2006, the supposed shoulder season, and had a very enjoyable stay. Amalfi, even then, was crowded, so Atrani, the much less crowded village in the next valley over, is a welcome relief. Everything in Atrani is cheaper and the Atrani locals are much friendlier than the people from Amalfi. On the other hand, Atrani locals are less likely to speak English. If you do need an English fix or you clamor to be a part of the umpteen thousand people that visit Amalfi each day, Amalfi is only ten minutes away for the slowest walker. Use the signed passageways from the Piazza Umberto in Atrani for a prettier, safer, and healthier walk (who needs a Stairmaster? Go to Atrani and get your workout for free). Adding to the hostel's appeal, the town of Atrani is definitely the most picturesque place I've been to. My room was a "dorm" but that consisted of me sharing a room with another guy and that's it. This isn't a traditional hostel by any stretch of the imagination. None of the buildings in the town would be able to support a traditional hostel. It's a collection of apartments that the family who runs it has put together over the years. My shared apartment had three bedrooms, each with private toilet, with a common kitchen. As well, my room had a pretty big terrace, enough to have dinner for four, but a private terrace seemed to be an exception rather than a rule. My common kitchen was very basic but if you ask Felipo, you will receive whatever you want (hot plate, salt, etc). The bathroom situation, while clean, was small (the expression "you have to go outside to change your mind" comes to mind) and it was more like a curtained off part of the room (it was a solid metal curtain on a track) instead of a separate room. Yes it is damp, but it is less than a two minute walk to the Mediterranean Sea, so mold will grow within a few hours of cleaning it. In an apartment like the one I was in, the social situation was definitely a result of who the other people are. One room was always filled with couples, but I got along with my roommate and the girl from the third room. During the low and shoulder seasons, everything is negotiable, so you can rent your room out without roommates for only a few euros more. Also, check in and check out are flexible, at least during the low and shoulder seasons. However, Amalfi isn't as fun independently as with people. Tips for the Amalfi Coast: Drink on the terrace or on the piazzas. Hike to Ravello (very pretty). Enjoy the sun and the Italian Romanesque architecture. Eat lots of fresh produce and meats. Buy some of the dishes, if that suits you. Just stay away from the limonciello (it may look and smell good, but what may be nice from afar can be far from nice).

Colin from Moscow

I stayed here for two nights and found it most uncomfortable, damp and cold. The kitchen was a mess.

arron parsons

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Affitta Camere A'Scalinatella Reviews from the Web

The location and overall vibe of Atrani was excellent, as well as the owners, however, the room we were in was particularly hot. It seems ridiculous that given the price there is no AC or a fan at the bare minimum. Nights were sleepless and at one point I ended up having to sleep on the floor next to the window as my top bunk was unbearably hot. The bunks/beds are uncomfortable and shake viciously every time you move.


We absolutely loved our stay here! The owners were beautiful.


I stayed here with some of my friends and we absolutely fell in love. The city of Atrani feels so safe and the people are wonderful. You are right by the beach and Amalfi and can easily take the bus to other cities on the coast. We felt so sad to leave this place. The brothers who own the hostel are amazing and make the best coffee and a wonderful breakfast to start your day. This place has something special about it and I hope to be back.


I loved this hostel so much! It had such a nice vibe and it was so chill and relaxed. I met so many amazing people staying here too. I would absolutely stay here again. Also, Atrani is the perfect location. Its quieter than the other towns but its so close to Amalfi, which is a perfect travel hub so you can get to all the other places on the coast.


not sure where to start. first roommate went through some of our stuff, we asked to be moved as there were no places to lock up our things. we were told its ok were all family here. the breakfast was okay, it was mostly bread/bread crackers. Wouldnt stay here again or recommend it.


Great family run hostel, the brothers that run it are so welcoming and accommodating and even gave us a room all to ourselves. Location is great, in Atrani (10 mins walk from Amalfi), possibly even better than staying in a bigger town because it is less touristy and much quieter. Hostel was clean and had everything we needed and the breakfast included was a great bonus!


Had an amazing time on the Amalfi Coast. Very nice owners who upgraded us to a private room when we arrived. Great location and great value for money! Will be back


The most amazing stay ever!!! I have never felt more at home and safe at a hostel before and it was all because of the two brothers who own the property. I would recommend this place to everyone and definitely want to come back again. They made breakfast every morning and we are so close to the restaurants and beach access. Amalfi is only a quick 10 minute walk so this is the perfect location to not be stuck in the busy city right next door. Atrani was perfect and this hostel made it better!!!


This hostel is such a gem! Its located in Atrani, just a 10min walk down the road from Amalfi so location is superb. The brothers who own it are incredibly helpful and there is a free breakfast included. Dorms were comfortable and clean. Bathrooms were a little basic but they were perfectly clean. I highly recommend this place and great value for money (where else in Amalfi can you stay for 50 per night?!).


What an amazing gem of a spot!


I loved it here! Close to the beach,

10 min to Amalfi

The Brothers were amazing and wonderful hosts. They remembered everyones name and made you free important. Great little breakfast to get you going included.

No aircondition was the only downfall on hot days but everything else perfect.

Will stay again


Unfortunately a scalinatella didnt live up to the reviews. The location of atrani beach was great and good to access the coast. However the shower set up was very basic, the limited reception hours and confusion over where to check in was unhelpful for us and other guests. Also wifi was very weak and limited with no phone reception in the rooms either. Washing was also 10 euros per load which we felt was expensive

Given the price compared to the other hostels not having air con or better


A really enjoyed my stay here in A Scalinatella! I think the location is so perfect I have been recommending this hostel to everyone I know, I also really enjoyed the breakfast its really nice :) The two owners are just the kindest and sweetest as well! The location also felt very safe which is important to me as a solo female traveler.


The guys that run this place are great, very friendly answered all my questions and even printed our tickets for pompei for us. We had a lovely room with balcony view of the main square. That did mean sometimes it was really loud late at night but we had ear plugs so wasn't an issue. We stayed in summer and it's just fans so the room was quiet hot so just be warned there's no aircon. Breakfast was nice croissant and coffee. Right next to the beach. Great place would stay again!



The hosts really are lovely people and instantly make you feel welcome. Also the location is wonderful - in Atrani which is a 15 mins walk from Amalfi, right by the beach. (Make sure you walk along the sea and don't take the steps as Google maps suggests!)


The room- scorching hot (no fan/AC) the mattress was horrible, shares a big glass door with the next room (not light/sound proof), shower terrible. Worst sleep I have had this trip.

No common areas

Check in very confusing


Lovely family vibe to this hostel, the breakfast included is great and the brothers are very welcoming with lots of great local knowledge to take advantage of!


This hostel is amazing. The brothers who run the place (Gabrielle and Philippo) are wonderful owners, truly invested in you having a great experience. Would be a 10/10 except the bathrooms are a bit dated (ie. shower and toilet situation is not separated, so water gets everywhere) and there is no AC during hot summer nights. BUT Atrani (beside Amalfi) is an old town, and there's an equal amount of charm to this. Loved my stay otherwise, would definitely reccommend every time.


Wonderfull staff, the hostel is run by two really friendly brothers!


Best hostel ever!! The two brothers that run the place are the sweetest people. The location is perfect, a 10 minute walk into Amalfi and a 3 minute walk to a free beach that is great for swimming and floating. We met so many great people, and the brothers were adored by everyone there. One of them even puts a free breakfast together for every person that comes down for the free breakfast. The thoughtfulness is incomparable. Will 110% stay here again next time I'm on the Amalfi Coast!


Really lovely stay! The hosts were so lovely and made you feel at home, especially with the coffee and breakfast in the mornings. Atrani was a great area to stay in to explore the Amalfi coast, 10 min walk to Amalfi but a cuter and quieter town with its own free beach and a couple of great restaurants. Highly recommend!



Welcome to the "A' Scalinatella ", the hostel is located in the town of Atrani and only 5 minutes from the center of Amalfi.
Ideal starting point to all major attractions, from Pompeii, Vesuvius.

Even Trekking lovers can easily reach the Path of the Gods, the Emerald Grotto and more.

Guests can choose different kind of rooms, each equipped with every comfort.
Every morning breakfast will be served in the "Piazzatta" of the property directly by the owners.

The nearest beach is just one minute.

Location and Contact


• How to find us:
• * From Salerno train station, take Sita bus (every hour) for Amalfi.
• Get off in Atrani village, 100 mt. before Amalfi center.
• Please check out our web-site at



Address: Piazza Umberto 1, numbers 5-6, Minori, Campania, Italy

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Phone Number: +39 089 871492
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Facilities and Amenities

Party Hostel

Solo Traveller



City Tours

Luggage Storage


Wi-Fi in Lobby/Commons


Concierge/Info Desk


Hot Showers


Curfew: No Curfew


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