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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Mildura Oasis Backpacker Hostel" at 230-232 Deakin Avenue.)


230-232 Deakin Avenue, Mildura, Victoria, Australia
-34.193990, 142.152730 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+61 (4) 0734-4251
+61 (3) 5022-8200
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Bad hostel
a good place for parties but not good for working. There's work in the garlic factory but it's not reliable. The best advice I'll give is go there with a job in mildura, as Vince is a very crazy arrogant man! I was there 30 days and left because I was tired of the scams. I would say don't go here.
john smith
Age 29
Meet loads of amazing people
Spent five months here and had some of the best times I've ever had met loads and loads of amazing backpackers some of which will be friends for life. the jobs can come and go but when you get onto a good job it's easy to keep and you start making money. Mildura as a place is awesome to do regional work -- there's so much more to do as it's a town and unlike a lot of other rural working places there is a club which the hostel has buses running to every Friday night. The staff that work there are good and will help you if they can. All in all if your looking for a hostel with great banter and meeting people in the same position, this is the place to go.
Please, do not go!
Worse place ever, owner Vince is just a fatty pig that just want your money and dont care about you. Awful jobs, bad paid like in all area of Mildura. You will just lose all your money and have to stay there because you don t have money for change place. They will allow to work like a slave for just pay the hostel, even the food ... And you also don t get the second visa because the most jobs are cash in hand. Do not go there, worse experience ever, and also the hostel and the rooms are horrible!!! The wife of the fatty pig is a scammer ... She asked to some people money for have the name of the hostel, and she guaranteed them a well paid job. She just bring them to the Hell and they never had a good job.
Lies over lies
I arrived at this hostel the 10th of October after applying for a garlic factory position. It was supposed to be paid 20$ per hour and was advertised by "2nd year visa jobs" agency. At the time on the website of this agency something like 75 positions were advertised to be filled in order to start working the 13th of October. The fact that these openings were advertised by an agency that you had to pay 100$ fee for a membership made me think it has to be somewhat reliable thing. Before booking anyway I had from this agency the phone number of the hostel's managers so that I could ask them directly what the situation was. The phone number was given to me after I expressed my fears on some reviews I read about the place. Since the first time I talked to them it seemed to me the only thing they were interested in was to make me arrive there as soon as possible. The apparent reason was they were trying to organize the work groups/transport and they needed to do it some time before the work's starting date. Fortunately I decided anyway to arrive Friday the 10th, and I was lucky because nothing would have changed if I arrived earlier and in addition I should have also paid to them a 30$ day rent until Friday, which of course is more expensive than the 160$ week rent (they failed to tell me you can pay the week rent only on Fridays). Once there I was told I had to do a madec card and that the work was starting gradually for everybody from the end of the week or the beginning of the next one. The 15th I was told that the garlic had been delayed. "1 week later at least" because "it has been cold." Wednesday the 22th I asked again for updates, I was told "Monday to Wednesday everybody is going to get on." Nothing happened again. The 4th of November I asked again: they still "didn't know" because after all "it was not depending on them." In the 5 weeks I was staying there, a few people got the garlic factory job, and only by the 2nd or 3rd week of my visit. Some of them worked just 1 day and then they were put again on the waiting list. Everybody else got into very bad contract-rate-paid picking jobs (or similar). Hostel's managers don't intermediate between you and the employer, they're just interested in getting your transport fee (10$ a day). As a matter of fact some people weren't even told by the farmer how much they would have been paid. During all this time I just managed to get into a good job for just 10 days. When I refused to work in another farm because it was bad paid I was treated and addressed (also in front of other hostel's guests) as someone incapable of hard work. Another day, while trying to have a word with the manager I was addressed as "rompipalle," something like "pain in the ass" (the owner has Italian roots). For what I have seen in Oasis it was not just that the work situation was bad, but the management itself was lacking in professionalism and transparency. Priority is not given to people based on their arrival date. It was not unusual to see people acting like sycophants in order to get something, when the managers were around in the hostel (most of the time they were not). Facilities are essential. Pots, pans, cutlery, plates, and glasses are not provided in the kitchen so that you have to buy them. There is no wifi, and the 4 computers in the common room are not nearly enough for all the people who are living in the hostel. Among the good features it can be mentioned the private bathroom in every dorm (even if when you're living in a 6 bed dorm is often busy) and a small pool in the garden. Most of the people who were there during my stay were nice and in the same situation. However, the tables where people gather after dinner are in the front of the dormitories and sometimes it can be difficult to fall sleep with the noise coming from outside.
Age 28, Italian
Scam Hostel and has been for years. AVOID.
I has the unfortunate experience of spending a week in this hostel back in November 2007 and just reading the current reviews it seems people don't research the places they go to even to this day. I was skeptical before going there for work as i just wanted to get out of the city earn some money and move on to somewhere else, but after day one and speaking to others i knew pretty quick that this place was a scam and a dangerous town to be around if you were an outsider. Vince is a conman who lives off his reputation as a hardman and you certain rumours about him but unknown if they are true or just scare tactics so you wont challenge them when you ask for your refund back. Refunds are nonrefundable just so you know before you go there. There is no jobs for all the people who go there as there is a scam with the farmers if you do manage to get a few days work you wont get paid and so its a win win for the hostel and the farmers who actually use this place. When i was there, there was a few backpackers beaten up on Friday nights out by locals and this it seems was pretty common. Avoid this place like the plague there is no jobs to be found at the Garlic factory or this place a select few of insiders actually get the decent paying jobs and the rest are just the ants that come here to get used and abused by the owner and the locals. I spent my remaining months in Australia telling all that would listen to never go near the place but it seems people still get caught out. So stay away and dont listen to the others who say this place is great its not and the accommodation isn't the best either. AVOID AVOID AVOID.
Great people, Average jobs!
If your in a fortunate enough position where you just need your days signed off but don't need that much money then come to Oasis and you will have a great time and probably meet some of the best people you will ever care to meet. If on the other hand you think you can come here and save money then don't bother coming here, the only way you will save money here is if your lucky enough to be put in the garlic or bean factory straight away and they only put women in the bean factory for some reason. Most people struggle to pay the $160 weekly rent because they haven't been found enough work but luckily the caretaker Bob is a great man and will help you out. So if you want to come here and drink your body weight in goon and aren't to bothered about days signed off or saving money then this is the working hostel for you!!I had good a bad days here and didn't save that much or get all my days signed off but I wouldn't change a thing about it, its probably one of the best experiences you can have in Australia as a backpacker.
Age 24, England
I stayed here for about 5 days and it was absolute hell. You are promised the sun moon and stars workwise just to get you into the hostel. The reality is they just want to get money from you, they don't care if you need to do your regional work or whether or not you are spending your last few dollars on accommodation here. It's an absolute joke. After many complaints we managed to get one day pea picking, 1 day!!! And to top it off we didn't even get paid OR more importantly signed off for that day. Also you have to pay a weeks rent in advance. I demanded a refund for not having any work and the owner started punching the walls in anger. ABSOLUTE PSYCHO of a man!!! I am a female btw!! I eventually got my refund (after them telling me firstly that they don't do refunds) and got the hell out of there. The only good thing about the place is the caretaker, absolutely lovely man who is much too good for the place.
Age 25, Ireland
Perfect place to work and have fun
this place is a great place to get a job and have a lot of fun. I stayed there from October to Feb and I had the best time. When I arrived there, they promised me if I wait for a bit I can start in the garlic factory. It started 3 weeks after I arrived. Whilst I was waiting I had little jobs and I earned enough to pay my bills, anyway 3 weeks waiting for awesome job (wouldn't say the job -- packing garlic -- is awesome, but the pay) is a short time. Do never expect to get the perfect job in Australia as soon as you arrive. Well the manager are really keen to find you a job and if u are fair to them they help u out in every situation. The hostel is a nice, big, clean place to stay and close to the shops and night life. The rent has to be paid on Thursday and is $150 a week. Most rooms are 4 or 6 share with own ensuite which is awesome. They clean the rooms once week and they also wash your bed clothes. To sum up, just go there and have a great time.

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