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7124 Nancy Green Drive, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
50.126300, -122.955678 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+1 (604) 932-3338
+1 (604) 932-8347
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Will it be as good???
I stayed in this hostel when I arrived in Whistler back in January 2004, so a wee while ago. Yes it has it's faults if you want to be picky, but it also has an amazing atmosphere that you just don't find in the sterile, modern, shiny, high-fangled this that and the next thing hostels. Some of the people I met during my extended stay in the Shoestring, I am still in contact with, and have met up with in the years since our stays. This was one of the most memorable hostels during my several years of travels -- and for the best of the place. If you like to complain, go elsewhere, and keep this hostel full of folk who like to have fun with minimal fuss! Be warned though, it is called The Shoestring Lodge for a reason. Oh, and yes, I'm hoping to go back there next weekend!!!
Liked it and would go back!
I stayed here about 6 years ago with my boyfriend and it was very memorable. I did like staying there but there were people outside the bar/club talking all night and it kept up awake most of the night. The price was cheap and we met a few cool people! I would go back! I miss the shoestring lodge!!!!
Erika Broxup
I stayed at this hostel with a group of friends. I stayed at the private room while my friends stayed at the semi-private I believe. The place was clean, and the staff were friendly. It's a great place to stay if you are a student or traveling on a low budget. It's a bit of a walk from the lift, but that's the price you pay for staying at low-budget place. I would definitely stay at this place again if i were to go back.
I remember this place -- it's a dump!
I stayed at the Shoestring Lodge in the summer about eight years ago with my family because it was the cheapest hotel we could find. The room smelled like smoke; there were cigarette holes burned through the thin, scratchy blankets; there were people in the parking lot making noise all night, our next door neighbour made noise all night and staff wouldn't do anything about it; and overall it just sucked. Now eight years later I'm looking for a hostel where I can stay and search for seasonal accommodation. I didn't know the Shoestring Lodge was a hostel, because I only stayed in one of their hotel rooms. But there's no way I'm ever going back there, I'll stay in Pemberton if I have to.
Had the time of my life here
Great place, and value for money, with a pub and restaurant, I highly recommend the gator burger at gators. The Boot Rocks hard, with the "ballet" twice a week. Had the time of my life here with some Brisbane boys I met there.
Big Kahuna
  What a dump. I loved my time here only cause I stayed with three awesome american fellas who I met the first night I stayed. I travelled halfway across the world to stay there -- and I almost contemplated (before I stayed there) staying for the whole winter. If I'd make it out without fungal infections and tetanus I would have been lucky. Don't even open the kitchen door, it's the most disgusting thing I've ever seen -- would rival a Calcutta sewer. The rooms, they are clean, as is the bathroom which is the only reason it didn't get one star. The staff were perfunctory and relatively unfriendly, and try to get a nice word out of them over the phone -- even when you're paying two dollars a minute to talk to them from the other side of the world. You'd think they'd be used to talking to people and taking bookings, it seemed like an innconvience more than a task. It's the cheapest place to stay in Whistler and feels like it to, this is a town of huge wealth so therefore don't exect much. don't go near the kitchen. Stay on the slope longer, and enjoy the nightlife in Whistler! Arrive back each night at the room plastered, it's easier to deal with it.
  For $29/night, this was a great deal. Remember, however, that it is a hostel. Therefore, expect mildew and Australians, neither of which are harmful unless poked, and can be perfectly charming. I've stayed in far worse and paid far more, so I was happy. You'll get a sheet and a towel, but as some roomates (2 bunk beds in shared rooms) prefer to keep the windows open for fresh air, remember to bring warm bedding. The rooms are otherwise very well heated. There is no longer a shuttle from the hostel to the Village. I had been told that there was, which was disappointing. However, it's nothing to get butt-hurt about (though this is the reason for the 4, rather than 5, star rating) as the municipality's bus stops right across the street. It's walking distance to the Village (past the backyards of some nice developments, make friends with the folks in hot tubs if you're charming enough), but with gear you're better off paying the $1.50 and having a seat. As for my personal experience, I was really pleased. I decided to make the trip up (from Vancouver) at the last minute, and after being told that no shared rooms had availability, a second phone call revealed that there was space. When I arrived, there seemed to be a minor miscommunication and my roommates thought the place was overbooked, but the guy at the front desk smoothed it over quickly. I would recommend and stay again.
  This was the best hostel I have ever stayed in. It was great fun, with everything you could need! It has the best atmosphere ever.

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