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Aylen-Aike is one of those rare places you will never forget, and if you visit El Chaltén, don't miss out on this hostel. It will mean more to you than just a place to sleep and eat, and will make your stay in this town just a little bit better.

The Location<\b>
El Chaltén is not very big, and everything is pretty much within walking distance. The hostel is located in a quiet street where you'll hardly see any cars. There is a supermarket nearby.

Rooms and Bathrooms

There are four or five dormitories, with two to four bunkbeds. Beds are nice and warm. Sheets are clean, as are the rooms. There is a little locker for every guest, but you need to bring your own padlock.

Upstairs with the dorms, there is one bathroom with toilet and shower. Downstairs there is a male and a female bathroom with two toilets and two showers. These facilities are frequently checked, and if necessary, cleaned by the owner. The showers are not the best, but they have hot water and do their job. There are a couple hooks on which to hang clothes and towels. Also, there is soap available.

Common Spaces

Downstairs are the common areas. There is a big living room with a huge (music) DVD collection. You wil wake up and go to bed with rock 'n roll. It's not loud or obnoxious, and it just really contributes to the laid-back and fun atmosphere. Next to that, there is a big kitchen and lots of tables, so all guests have space to sit and enjoy dinner at the same time. There is no breakfast, however, and that is probably due to the limited offer of food in the supermarkets. There is Wi-Fi, but the signal is really bad, as is the case in the whole town.


Weather can be pretty bad in El Chaltén, and it's really windy most of the time. But Aylen-Aike is a warm and fun place and you'll miss it when you're gone. There is a great atmosphere, thanks to the awesome owner, and it's everything a backpacker needs. Oh, and bring the guy some really good coffee, because there is none to be found in El Chaltén!
by Margaret
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews

Friendly, comfortable, and clean!
This is a fun and interesting place to stay as there are climbers as well as walkers. It is small and friendly, with a welcome and advice if you need it from Sebastian. There is almost always music from the CD collection, adding to the atmosphere, and often a group watching movies at night but not loud enough to disturb sleepers. Beds are comfortable and bathrooms and kitchen are constantly cleaned. Great location next to the river with mountain views. I loved staying in this hostel.
Age 65, Australia
Clean, Comfy, and Casual!
Super clean! Beds are made every morning, towel is provided. Staff are constantly keeping it clean and tidy. Very casual and social atmosphere. Comfy beds. It was a great place to stay in El Chalten. No breakfast included, but there are plenty of restaurants and cafes nearby. Only downside, which is a downside of the entire town, is that the wifi is horrible. Very slow internet. Don't expect to do anything but check email when using the wifi.
Age 24, USA
Value for money
Comfy beds, fantastic bathrooms with hot showers & fluffy towels provided (and hand gel!) Some lockers available although not enough for everyone. Reasonable kitchen (although pretty crowded if more than one group wants to cook at once) and decent common area (although less pleasant when owner plays rock music videos). Reasonable location (not an issue in the small town). Internet is sketchy everywhere in town as it's via satellite rather than cable (small remote town) but particularly so in this hostel. The owner was friendly and really helpful but overcharged us, which left us with a bit of a bad taste. Turns out this also happened to a few others who stayed there so double check when paying your bill.
Age 25
Feeling good!
The Crew was really nice and helpful and there was a nice atmosphere in the hostel!

Sorry this hostel has closed.

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