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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Neverland Hostel" at Bogazkesen Cad. 96.)


Bogazkesen Cad. 96, Beyoğlu/İstiklal - New City, Istanbul (İstanbul), Istanbul Province, Turkey
41.030235, 28.979363 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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Bad vibes
My experience at Neverland was very unfortunate. The hostel, located in a wonderful part of Beyoğlu and nestled between the channel and Istiklal, is right next door to hookah cafes, bars, shopping, the metro, and everything else you could ask for in Istanbul. Inside is a cafe on the main floor, the walls plastered with aging activism flyers. The entire building has character to boot, and you could spend days eyeballing the walls without ever getting bored. Character is great and all, but it's pretty useless without a staff and atmosphere to match. The staff that I encountered were consistently negligent, cold, and aloof. When I arrived I wasn't given any information about the hostel, its policies, shown to my room, or even told which floor my room was on. I certainly hope whatever was keeping that particular staff member's attention on the computer screen was important, although I have a hunch they were browsing Facebook. It's one thing to charge a lot for laundry service, and another to do so and forget to put it in for eight hours before returning it still moist. On another occasion I was having an issue with connecting to the Wifi network (neither of my two devices were receiving a broadcast from the router, despite everyone else being able to connect just fine). When I brought this to the staff they were a bit busy and asked if I could wait a minute or two. Half an hour later, sitting five meters away and twiddling my thumbs, I returned to the staff (who had spent most of that time casually chatting with somebody else) to ask if they had found any answers. I was more-or-less given a simple "No" and left to my own devices to figure it out. From the moment I entered the door I felt unwelcome, that casually surfing the web took far more precedence over showing basic hospitality. I hope that my experience was irregular or that it was just a particularly rough couple of days for the staff (because it is a very cool building inside), but with the what I did experience I simply could not recommend the place to anyone who wishes to be shown a bit of humanity and treated with a modicum of dignity. I fear, too, that the whole "collectivist" image they try to throw in your face is nothing more than a marketing strategy.
Age 25, USA
Smoke and violence
Neverland is a bright, colorful hostel. It's a bit of a walk up/down a steep hill to get to the main street of Istiklal, but it's fairly quick. The free breakfast is amazing. But there are two major issues with this hostel. The first is that it's hard to breathe in the common area because of all the incense they like to burn constantly. And they allow smoking inside which fills the whole building with cigarette smoke. The other issue is that the posters and graffiti that cover the walls are really disturbing... they're mostly propaganda posters supporting all kinds of angry mindless violence, anarchy, communism/anti-capitalism, arson, world summit protests, eco-terrorism, fire-bombing, etc. Most guests ignore it, but it is really disturbing stuff once you start to notice it (and all the anti-capitalism propaganda is hypocritical coming from a for-profit hostel business). You can ignore it all and just stay in the hostel anyway, but it all makes you wonder what kind of seedy stuff is going on behind closed doors at this place and it make you not want to support this type of business since it's possible the money is going to support violence.

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