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The Review

Marco Polo Top Hostel is in Budapest near the Danube, not so far from the main sights. It is open during the whole year. The price is not low for what the hostel offers, but if you're looking for a party hostel, you are on the right track.

The Location

The location is ok, but it can be better. It is quite close to the center, on the Danube and not far from the Buda Castle. Many sights are within walking distance. If you come by train, there is a shuttle that can pick you up for free from the train station. Walking from the train station to Marco Polo hostel is impossible -- you need to catch the metro. There are also good transportation options to the airport. We must say that there is plenty to see in Budapest so there is no perfect location for a hostel.

Rooms and Bathrooms

At Marco Polo Hostel, you can choose between dorms and private rooms; there are blankets and linens. The linens are replaced regularly. The rooms are not the cleanest and the coziest in the world. The beds are old and squeaky, and there is not much free space in the room. There are no lockers and not much furniture.

There are many bathrooms. That is not a problem. They are also clean and big but there is no space between them and you can see other people taking a shower. The showers are mixed so you can take a bath next to someone from the opposite sex. The toilets are separate, at least. They are not very comfortable.

Common Spaces

Other amenities include a wash machine and dryer; you do not have the best kitchen facilities but it is still ok. There is no Wi-Fi. You must check out by noon. You need to pay a deposit and it is a hard task to pay it in other currency than forint. So if this is your last day in Hungary, you will have to block a bit more money. The hostel is huge -- about a hundred fifty beds and several floors and there is a bar downstairs.

The atmosphere at Marco Polo Hostel is a nonstop party. The bar on the underground floor is open the whole night. The alcohol is not expensive but is ok and there are different kinds of music. Drinking is not a problem at all. So if you look for a peaceful place, try somewhere else. But even the hostel promotes itself as a party place and for a reason.


Overall, the hostel is overpriced unless you're looking for a party. You can find quieter places at a lower rate with a better location.
by George Traveller Staff Reviewer
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Nyár u. 6, Budapest, Hungary
47.557429, 19.092722 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+36 1 413-2555
+36 (0) 1 413 6058
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Excellent cheap place to rest peacefully
This hostel is perfect if you are looking a hostel close to the center of the city and a place to rest without noise. There're all necessaries services as laundry, dryer, private bathrooms, lockers in the rooms and a restaurant below the rooms with a very good breakfast.
Age 26, Spain
Marco Polo Hostel is a basic hostel located close to Keleti Station and within walking distance to many of Budapest's sights. The Location Exiting the Keleti Station, just follow the main road down a few blocks and turn right onto Nyar Utca and you will see the hostel. It's a short walk into central Pest and not too much further to the sights in Buda. The area is quite rundown but feels quite safe. The hostel is right on top of a loud bar, so if you want to party that's a bonus -- however, it's not that good if you want to go to bed before midnight. Rooms, Bathrooms and Common Spaces Although the dorms are big they feel quite private due to being split into smaller sections by dividers and curtains. Lockers are large. The bathrooms are big and shared, so not much privacy for a mixed-gender bathroom and there is nowhere to place clothes to stop them from getting wet. Cleanliness is average. The dorms are quite social due to the layout of pretty much having a common room in the dorm, however, there are no real other places to meet people and not too much is offered in terms of facilities. Summary The map of Budapest provided by the hostel provides tips on what strip clubs to visit, which hints that they do try and attract stag night crowds -- however, that was no issue during our visit. Facilities, service, location, security, and atmosphere can best be summed up as adequate and not much more.
Kristian Nilsson
Excellent rooms
Very nice hostel. The rooms were very clean. The staff were helpful and efficient. Only one problem -- the breakfast was in the bar downstairs.
Alex Berry
(United Kingdom)
  We loved this hostel -- as a couple who had just come to visit the city it was ideal. The staff were helpful and friendly and we got a good deal with flight/hostel through opodo. Breakfast was great and it is served until eleven which is ideal! The room was clean, comfortable, and the bathroom not too bad either! Would stay there again. The hostel is near the Jewish synagogue, etc., but to walk into central town is a fifteen-minute walk -- not too bad though as long as you are not in heels. A lovely city, worth a visit!
Watford, England
  The place is reasonably clean and organized as far as hostels go, yet one wonders if this is really the kind of facility to fit with wooden toilet seats. Being definitely not cheap -- just keep an eye on the market -- it is, however, reasonably central, with a convenient parking place in front. Quite dear, but handy in case you've made it to Budapest by car. Surroundings are far from welcoming -- and it is a longish, boring walk downtown -- whilst the club downstairs is the sort of watering hole where lost souls & drunken THSP supporter-types would be shipped in by taxi at every hour of the night. That's where you're having breakfast in the morning, by the way, after the few hours you've managed to sleep since they've finally resolved to put the sound system down, for it's been thumping away till the early hours. On top of this, the staff is on the whole not just unfriendly: it is downright hostile, so that you ask yourself what you've really done wrong from the moment you arrive, and that's unforgivable.
Giovanni Kezich
  This hostel was exceptionally good. The staff were really helpful and friendly. We booked in for a dorm room but ended up with a quad with en suite for the same price and it was clean and spacious. The Internet was broken but there's a place around the corner with fast computers that's less than 1 euro per hour. Highly recommended!
  Boys and girls were mixed together, I felt a little uncomfortable about that, most hostels are now single sex. Despite that the hostel was amazing, very clean and with very good facilities. Staff was quite friendly too. Breakfast was very good and the hostel has it's own bar to hang around in the evenings. I was overall impressed.
  If you're on the bottom floor dorm like we were you can't sleep because of the club in the basement, which is open most nights till 3-5 a.m. Our drains were blocked and the Internet didn't work. Staff were very unfriendly. To be fair it would have scored higher if it weren't for the noise. Generally in a hostel, it's fine as all you want do is sleep there. But when you can't even do that, it shouldn't even score. On karaoke night I could hear all the words to the songs it was so loud. Not recommended.

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