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The Review

The Point Mancora Beach is a lively, social, and comfortable hostel located right next to Máncora's main beach. It has great facilities and is perfect for those who want to strike a balance between chilling out on the beach and partying at night.

The Location

The hostel is located a thirty-second walk to the beach and has numerous cafes and other hostels nearby. It is located at the end of a long dirt road and is easy to find. It is around a twenty-five-minute walk from the main town/bus terminals and so there are numerous tuk tuks that wait outside the hostel to give people a lift. The road into town can be very quiet at night with stray dogs around and so most people will use them at this time.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The hostel is split over two floors into dormitory rooms, which have bunk beds. The rooms are relatively spacious and have small lockers in which to store valuables. Thin sheets are supplied; these can be a problem, as the nights in Máncora are quite cold. There aren't power sockets for each bed, but there are some located in the rooms by the lockers. The rooms mostly face outward to the main hostel and you can clearly hear the music coming from the hostel bar.

The bathrooms are relatively clean, but the water pressure is not great. With its location next to a beach, there is some sand tracked into the showers. The shower rooms contain hooks for your clothes and there is enough space to change in them. The shared sinks have mirror to use and soap dispenser.

Common Spaces

The bar is the central hub of the hostel and serves a lot of different good options including vegetarian, though the prices are a little higher than the main town. The bar area is very social and has lots of seating, a pool table, and a beer-pong table. There are plenty of drinks deals and the bar can get quite packed with those visiting from other hostels. This is a lively hostel and the music is quite loud and goes on until late most nights, so if you want an early night, this can be a challenge.

The hostel reception is directly in front of you as you walk in and there is also baggage storage. They have a pool with flotation devices, but the pool itself is quite cold. There are a couple of hammocks located away from the main bar for guests to use.


The Point is a very social and lively hostel where it's easy to meet fellow backpackers, and has easy access to the beach. If you're up for a party atmosphere, then this is the perfect location.
by Sab Staff Reviewer
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Balcony view

Location & Contact

Right on the beach of Playa El Amor, Playa El Amor, Máncora, Peru
Phone Number
+51 (073) 258 290
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87% Guest Reviews

Super unfriendly, stuck-up staff who were frankly incompetent. Unkind in every interaction, they even tried to give me a false/torn bill for change at their bar and then promptly refused to take responsibility. Severely overrated and you would do much better staying next door if you want to be treated as a human being.
Age 22, Canada
The Point Mancora Beach is a very nice-looking hostel with a relaxing attitude that instantly lets you know you've arrived in a surfers' beach town. The one major letdown with The Point is that it's so far removed from the rest of Mancora town. The Location It is located at the far south end of Mancora beach, and it's a fair walk between here and anything else of worthy of note in Mancora. The main part of town is twenty minutes' walk or a tuk-tuk ride away. Unfortunately, new developments have made walking along the beach all the way to town impossible at anything other than low tide and away from the beach the walk is through slum-like residential housing, which can be something of a labyrinth to newcomers. The best route is to walk along the beach then cut onto the main road, but both are too dangerous to walk at night. On the plus side, it is much less busy and isolated at this end, cheaper to stay, and the quiet beach out immediately in front of the hostel is safe both day and night. The Point is also the location of Mancora's monthly Full Moon Party, so this is the location to stay in Mancora at this time. Rooms and Bathrooms As well as the standard choice of dorms, guests also have the option to stay in one of the delightful, beachy-style huts. The dorms are made from bamboo, brick, and palm fronds and are basic, containing medium-sized lockers and bunk beds with sheets and pillows. There are much needed fly screens on the windows but no locks on the doors. Luckily, on nights such as the Full Moon Party, security is so intense for nonresidents that someone would have to try very hard to get into a room. They are cleaned and the beds are made every day. The beach huts do have locks on the doors, have two floors, their own en suite, a balcony, and a downstairs social area. They certainly feel more homey than dorms with decorations and furniture, and have a great view of the beach. The bathrooms are also cleaned everyday and are of good quality. Spacious and with murals, they are very pleasant to use and user friendly, too, with plug sockets for shaving and hooks to hang your clothes in the shower. Common Spaces The Point makes good use of its common spaces. It has a large, grassy courtyard with plenty of hammocks and chairs and tables for relaxing, as well as sun loungers dotted around the swimming pool, which is within falling distance from the open-air bar. There is also a beanbag-filled TV/DVD room and a restaurant, which although not cheap, offers decent meals (the largest empanada we've ever had), and a good free breakfast. There is free Wi-Fi throughout the hostel, but only one computer if you don't have your own. The Point also offer a laundry service, but it is more expensive than services offered in town. Impressively balanced, huge stone structures and guest painted murals give some colour to the area. Summary The Point is a great hostel. It's cheaper than most other hostels in Mancora, but is by no means any less in quality; its only major fault is its location. This does mean it's much quieter here and the beach is more private, but The Point is trying to be a fun party hostel and the lack of people combined with the distance from any other nightlife makes very difficult to compete in this department.
Sam Grocott

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