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The Review

The main thing about Baxpax Kreuzberg Hostel is the location. If you choose to stay in Kruzberg neighborhood, known for its nightlife scene, it will most probably fit your needs. The atmosphere is good, but might not overcome all the clear disadvantages.

The Location

Although it's located in popular Kreuzberg, the street where this hostel is located is quite calm -- maybe even too calm at night. A ten-minute walk will get you to plenty of restaurants, pubs, and clubs. If you are eager to stay in the center of events, you might consider choosing a different hostel. There are a couple of kiosks very close, which are open until late night, which can be helpful. A small subway station is also nearby.

Rooms and Bathrooms

Most bedrooms are crowded, with eight to sixteen guests in each. There is just enough space for every guest in the room, but only when there is order. A few messy guests will turn the tables, lead to a small chaos, with an inconvenient feeling to all the roommates. There are no lockers here, so the only security you have is the room key.

The place is usually clean, especially during daytime. The dorm beds are comfortable, with thick mattresses, and large pillows. There is a big disadvantage here, since you need to make the bed by yourself, and put the bedding in the basket when you check out. You might want to schedule these tasks, since it is quite hard doing these in the middle of the night, while it is dark, and you don’t really want to wake up the other roommates.

The toilets and bathrooms are the downside here. There are toilets and bathrooms for both genders, but there is a soap only in the ladies' room. The toilets get clogged frequently, and when there are only two for each gender, it might be problematic. An important issue is the temperature of water. Because you cannot choose between hot or cold in the showers or the sinks, the temperature gets higher and higher in time; therefore, short showers are mandatory. Cleaning your teeth with hot water is also not very pleasant.

Common Spaces

The common spaces include the lobby; a main room, which leads to all the bedrooms' doors; a kitchen; and a dining room. During most of the day, the lobby and the main room are pretty crowded. In the lobby there is a pool table, some chairs and sofas, a couple of computers, and a bar. There is a fee for using the computers with internet. The kitchen and the dining room are open only during part of the day.

The main room is usually a fun place to be, where people sit together and hang out, while movies are shown during the evenings. The Wi-Fi is very limited, however, and sometimes it is impossible to connect to the internet. The cellular reception is also problematic anywhere in this hostel. During nighttime, however, it is easier to relax in the main room, but when the hotel is at full capacity you can find people sleeping anywhere possible there, without any free seat.


Baxpax Kreuzberg is a place with a lot of potential, but you cannot ignore the disadvantages. You can sleep well, get to the hot locations in Kreuzberg in no time, and enjoy the company of other tourists. The downside, however, is that things can go wrong easily when the hostel is full, the toilets are clogged, or when you want to go to sleep, and suddenly remember you forgot to make the bed.
by Oron London Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Baxpax Kreuzberg Hostel" at Skalitzer strasse 104.)


Skalitzer strasse 104, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Berlin, Berlin State, Germany
52.499465, 13.427600 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+49 (30) 695 18322
+49 (30) 695 18372
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Good value for your money
I stayed here between 30/09/2015 and 07/10/2015. The location is exactly across from the Görlitzer Bahnhof, which makes traveling to and from the hostel extremely easy. Even though a lot of people pass through, it is relatively clean and has a good shower. You can buy lockets for the lockers for 2.50 and you have more than enough storage space for your laptop, chargers, a few normal sized rucksacks, not an entire backpack but there should be enough space for anything important. The cleaners come in every morning, the decorations of the walls are very pretty, there's a pool table and a foosball table, you can watch movies and lounge in the living area. The kitchen has essential equipment for you to cook your own meals. The showers were warm and clean, although I'd recommend wearing slippers. There are Welcometoberlin cards available for purchase at the reception, you can get a free map of the subway system/city at the reception. The staff works very hard and are willing to help you within reason. If somebody barfs in the night, you might be able to get a change of room. If you are the one who barfs in the middle of the night, you're expected to clean it by your own means. You can get your clothes cleaned for 7.00 euro, smoking is limited to the staircase and balcony. Overall, I felt like the hostel was a safe place to return to. Wifi however ... is free ... and therefor quite terrible, but if you have a good laptop, you're more likely to actually get wifi. But if you find you're disconnected from the internet, I welcome you to discover connections with actual humans and the city of Berlin. However if you're in a pinch, you can get an half hour of internet for 1.00 euro, which I find to be a good deal. And remember, this is a hostel, not a hotel, you'll have to bring your own flexible and good nature with a healthy amount of caution and proper communication skills.
Age 31, The Netherlands
Cozy and chill
Well, if you don't have much to do and wanna party choose somewhere else. The phrase I would describe this place is chill. Way too chill for me, but it's a great hostel for what it is. Really nice rooms, no in room lockers and the cleaning staff being stupid are problems -- lost a few thing -- but those are not out of the ordinary problems for hostels. The location is really good, you could walk to Warshauer Straße in 20 mins and mostly everywhere is less than 1 hour walking distance. Literally 1 min away from the hostel there is U-Bahn if you are a lazy person who doesn't like walking. There are very few people in the hostel at all times though, it really isn't for the hardcore solo traveler who is into partying. You will never see more than 5 to 10 people in the lounge ever. The staff is really nice and friendly and you can play pool anytime for free which is amazing. Happy hour prices are bullsh*t -- just 50 cents off, really -- but you can't win em all. If you want a cozy, warm and chill place, if you have other things planned out or if you are not into hardcore socializing this place is really great. But it really wasn't for me, yet they are great for what they do so I can't give them a bad score just because it wasn't what I was looking for. That's the score of what they deserve. It's really good.
Age 20, Turkey
The Baxpax had helpful staff and a convenient location in Kreuzberg but it was not a very social place and things definitely could have been cleaner. The showers are push-button and so are the sinks, which is fine except they only run hot, so after the kitchen closes at 10pm, there's no way to get cold tap water and you'll be brushing your teeth in the heat. If you're traveling in a group, the Baxpax might be a better bet, but I wouldn't recommend it for people traveling alone.
Age 22, USA
A crazy hostel in an exciting neighbourhood
When I visited friends in Berlin they recommended this hostel to me. And they were right! I was lucky and got the bed in the VW-beetle you can see on one of the photos on this site. It was the craziest sleep I've ever had. The bathrooms were clean and I met some nice guys in the public area.
Let's Party
Not a bad location and well priced. Close to shopping, clubs, and checkpoint charlie. Stayed in the VW beetle room the first night and everything was fine. The second night I stayed in a larger room where the window open next to the window of the lobby where they play blaring music 24/7. No AC makes it imperative that you have that window open too. And unlike the other BaxPax where you put your number on the bed you claim, in Kreuzberg you get awaken in the middle of the night by a gang of soccer fans pissed that your sleeping in their bed. Also at this hostile you might find two guys who seem to come to Berlin regularly to prey on the female tourist and drink red bull (an illegal drink in France).
Good location just outside of a metro stop, with large common areas including a pool table, kitchen, and balcony. The building is a refurbished factory, but it's now a nicely decorated hostel. €10 key deposit required, and an extra fee for sheets. They don't allow you to extend your stay at check-out time in the high season, so you must reserve a bed for your full stay ahead of time. They don't allow you to extend your stay at check-out time in the high season, so you must reserve a bed for your full stay ahead of time. The same people also manage Mitte's Backpacker hostel.
  This hostel is truly one of the best I've ever been to. The location itselve is great... My first impression was that the area around the hostel was a bit outdated. After staying in the hostel for a few days I discoveren that the surroundings have a lot to offer! Oranienburger Strasse turned out to bed one of the best streets for shopping, eating, pubhopping and clubbing in Berlin! Loads of 2nd hand shops and food outlets. I enjoyed myself in this small hostel, and the staff spoke all languages.
  Fantastic service- would com back anyday! Staff are al very nice and great management. Better than any hostel I have stayed at in EU. THANK YOU ALL!

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