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Weiherburggasse 3, Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria
47.273815, 11.393555 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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43 0512 286515
43 0512 286515-14
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  Did not book, just showed up. St. Nikolaus, ha ha, let's rename it St. Ridiculous. What a goddamn hole! Staff cannot speak english, no one can tell you who the boss is or who is in charge. So instead I was greeted by a rather feminine and obese German man who kept raving on about how there would be some colossal party that night. Walked in, dining room smelt of ass and cigarette smoke, shady character sitting in the corner completely mute just staring at us. Other people staying there were also complaining. Tried to have a shower, was told that we would have to push the button five times before hot water would start coming out, we pushed it about twenty. After about fifteen minutes we decided to ask for our money back as this was just completely unacceptable. Shower floors were covered with grime, probably the remnants of some sort of dirty std disease. Water in sinks would not drain, the rooms were just as bad. Very cold, blankets were absolutely rancid, stains all over the curtains, floors looked like they had been shat upon. Need I say more? Alright, I can't help myself so I will. This hostel seems to be located in the seediest part of Innsbruck, run by the sort of people who should be running a goddamn brothel in Thailand. We were coaxed through the doors with promises of a party and were under the impression that the hostel was completely packed with other like minded travelers. Instead we were sharing with four other men, one who had a foot disease. Fat man charged us 15 euros per night, but the same night quoted 26 euros for a bunch of boys who wanted to stay. Can anyone say dodgy? We finally approached german man, lets call him heindrich harmut jerk, we asked for our money back in the nicest possible manner, he refused and said "not possible!" in an overtly rude manner. He just walked away and refused to speak with us. So, we left. Do yourself a favour and do not sleep here! You will catch something, honestly, that or you will probably wake up in a concentration camp with all your belongings flogged. Screw this hostel, I would rather sleep on the goddamn street. I wouldn't even let my dog sleep here. Sure, if you guys are in Austria to hang out with a bunch of forty-year-old Germans in a cesspool, breathing in constant cigarette smoke, and you are content with not showering, then rabid st. ridiculous is for you! I hate this hostel. What a joke.
sam and sarah
  Very disappointing, dirty, only one of three showers worked. I don't think the sheets had been changed from previous occupants. Owner was pleasant enough, only took cash, and I understand why. After seeing room we wanted our money back, but his policy is no refunds. You could probably do better somewhere else.
  Dirty showers (and only two of them), constant smoke stench, seedy characters in the bar playing darts, the mouse, the lack of security, average breakfast, and I dont even want to think about the sheets. However it was the only place in Innsbruck and the other people staying there were really cool -- the best I met through Austria.
  I should have trusted my instinct -- I don't trust websites with too many exclamation points. I should have slept in the street -- even though it was pouring rain, it would have been a more pleasant experience than this awful place. Maybe I'm biased because I stayed at a really fantastic hostel the previous night but everyone I met here agreed that we were in the lowest depths of hell. My first five minutes there were an early indication that I should have high-tailed it ouf of there. The "reception" was a dank, smoky, crappy pub with scary-looking individuals playing darts and listening to Abba. The owner/manager/whatever, Reinhard, a cranky old expletive, just stared at me until I finally asked him if I could check in with him. He complained that I had arrived too late and that he only kept my reservation until seven-thirty, even though I had expressly told him in my phone reservation that I would be arriving at eight-thirty (and actually arrived earlier than that). He assigned me a top bunk, even though I had also told him over the phone that due to a leg injury I would require a bottom bunk. I repeated this info and insisted on a bottom, so he put me in a room in which there were no others that night. The next morning at about eight a.m. someone burst into my room without knocking to inform me that I would have to switch rooms. People kept coming into my room repeatedly over the next several hours, which I couldn't prevent because there are no locks on the doors. I'll say it again -- it's filthy, the mattresses are all broken, the bathrooms reek, the showers -- those that work -- are inadequate and filthy. The entrance and parking lot says it all -- it looks like a vacant lot from some sort of horror film. The only way this place stays in business must be because church groups stay here. There are lots of churchy rules at this place, like no smoking and no alcohol in the rooms, which is complete hypocrisy because, hi, it's a pub with a few dank bunks thrown in! The rooms reek of smoke twenty-four/seven, which can be a real problem if you have allergies. All in all, avoid this place like the plague. I wish I'd been smarter and read the reviews on this website before booking.
  In fact, I want to give zero star (if I can ). I stayed in a room with six beds but actually I got one more roommate, that was a mouse! Besides, the bedcover thing was so dirty and have a strange smell. The shower room was another disaster, the "hot" water only last for three minutes and the shower room in fact was extremely terrible! One of the staff (a fat man) was really rude and unfriendly! I am sure that it is better to sleep at the train station than in this terrible hostel, at least I don't need to pay eighteen euros to share the room with a mouse.
  The location of the place is good and they have a bar, but that's about it for the positives. Otherwise, the place is a complete dump. I don't think they ever clean it. They don't wash the bedsheets between stays. The showers are really dirty, and there is virtually no hot water. There are no lockers, and the place reeks of cigarette smoke.
  Just got back from a weekend stay at the St. Nikolaus, and what a truly remarkable experience it was. We were in Innsbruck to give our dear friend a proper job of a send off as he enters married life. But sweet Jesus the St. Nikolaus didn't disappoint. Having read other reviews on this site, Team Stag were a little sceptical but the St. Nikolaus delivered. As expected the rooms were a little rough around the edges but this was more than compensated for by the owner's daughters, the Iglu bar and of all things an auction. Extradordinary scenes! Sadly the auction comes as a result of the hostels forthcoming closure (demolition to be followed by construction of new apartments).
Rupert Ramskill
  I thought this hostel was great! The staff are a bit blunt, but still friendly enough. The rooms are spacious and warm, and the washrooms are okay (not the cleanest, but okay). The breakfast is really good, and you can get dinner there for a decent price. There is Internet, although it is rather expensive, and it's best to find another Internet place in the city (there's a good one by the train station). I would stay here again!

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